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Monday, October 31, 2016


The penultimate rankings have been released, and here's your first look at the standings by region with first analysis on what is and what needs to be. In-depth analysis coming on the next "Central Region Now!" Podcast only from RVA Sports Network.

NOTE: VHSL Power Rating is based on number of accumulated Rider Points divided by number of games played against VHSL opponents.

6A SOUTH (Conferences 3/4, top eight make playoffs)
1) Manchester: 32.889 (8-1, vs. Cosby)
2) Colonial Forge: 32.556 (8-1, at Freedom-PW)
3) Thomas Dale: 31.0 (7-2, vs. Matoaca)
4) Riverbend: 30.7 (7-3, regular season concluded)
5) Freedom-PW: 29.0 (7-2, vs. Colonial Forge)
6) James River: 28.778 (6-3, vs. L.C. Bird)
7) Cosby: 26.333 (5-4, at Manchester)
8) CD Hylton: 26.111 (5-4, vs. Forest Park)
9) Forest Park: 25. 0 (4-5, at CD Hylton)

ANALYSIS: As expected, Manchester retakes the top spot over an idle Colonial Forge, but now both play fellow 6A South contenders Friday as the Lancers get 5-4 Cosby while Colonial Forge gets 7-2 Freedom-Prince William. Advantage Colonial Forge, as defeating a seven-win team earns you four more rider points than beating a five-win team. Manchester has 296 points, Colonial Forge has 293. A Forge win doesn't, however, clinch the #1 seed as you get points based on results of other game involving teams on your schedule. Thomas Dale (279 points) is ready to pounce should either team get upset Friday, but the Knights have their hands full with a 5A South Matoaca team fighting to stay alive in the postseason. James River seems to have enough separation from the teams below them that, even if they lose to L.C. Bird, the 23 points earned for that would be enough to keep them in the race. Cosby needs to beat Manchester, that sends the Titans to the playoffs, no matter what happens between Forest Park and CD Hylton. If Cosby loses, Forest Park also must lose, otherwise, the Titans could end up on the outside looking in.

5A SOUTH (Conferences 11/12, top eight make playoffs)
1) Highland Springs: 32.0 (8-1, at Varina)
2) L.C. Bird: 31.111 (8-1, at James River)
3) Douglas Freeman: 30.667 (9-0 vs. Hermitage
4) Hermitage: 30.444 (8-1, at Douglas Freeman)
5) Lee-Davis: 26.778 (7-2, at Patrick Henry)
6) Varina: 26.222 (5-4, vs. Highland Springs)
7T) Matoaca: 24.889 (5-4, at Thomas Dale)
       Henrico: 24.889 (5-4, vs. Hanover)
9) Meadowbrook: 24.444 (4-5, vs. Dinwiddie)
10) Deep Run: 24.222 (5-4, vs. Thomas Jefferson)
11) Mills Godwin: 23.556 (4-5, at John Marshall)

ANALYSIS: Highland Springs, thanks to strength of schedule, moves into the lead, but that doesn't mean a win at Varina clinches the #1 seed yet. The Springers have 288 points, then L.C. Bird is next with 280, followed by Douglas Freeman with 276 and Hermitage right behind at 274. Lee-Davis is well back of the top four, in fifth at 241. The Springers would earn 34 points with a win, Bird gets 38 points if they beat 6A school James River with six wins. Of course, Hermitage and Douglas Freeman face each other Friday. A Panthers win nets them 42 points, and a Rebel win nets them 40 points. So, it would be Highland Springs with 322, L.C. Bird with 318, and either Douglas Freeman at 316 or Hermitage at 316 before rider point bonuses from other games within your schedule count. Highland Springs, for example, will root for Dinwiddie to beat Meadowbrook, even though it costs them an extra point, because a Meadowbrook loss would cost L.C. Bird and Hermitage two extra points, since the Monarchs beat the Springers, but lost to the Skyhawks and Panthers. Highland Springs needs Norview to beat Liberty Christian in a game with a "private" school that does count now that LCA is a part of the VHSL. It also looks unlikely that Lee-Davis can catch anyone in the top four, so the Confederates on Friday need a Tomato Bowl win at Patrick Henry to clinch the #5 seed, meaning a road trip to the eventual fourth seed on November 11th. If Lee-Davis loses to Patrick Henry and Varina upsets Highland Springs, they'll switch positions. Varina starts with 236 points, five behind Lee-Davis. Matoaca and Henrico begin play at 224 points each, with Meadowbrook at 220 and Deep Run at 218. Mills Godwin, at 212, even with a win over 1-8 John Marshall, would at best earn 26 points for a win. They would need Henrico, Meadowbrook and Deep Run all to lose to have a prayer. Matoaca is in the best position, as they would earn 40 points for a win over Thomas Dale, but also 22 with a loss, meaning Godwin couldn't catch them. Deep Run can catch them with a win, however, and, of course, if Meadowbrook knocks off unbeaten Dinwiddie, all bets are off. First, the Monarchs would clinch a berth, getting 42 points off the bat for the win. Deep Run only can earn 32 against Thomas Jefferson, Henrico only 28 against Hanover. If no one on the outside leaps into the top eight, Matoaca earns the #7 seed with a win, even if Henrico wins, and possibly to #6 if Varina loses, or threaten Lee-Davis for #5 if they lose to Patrick Henry. The top four teams will make the playoffs, so will Lee-Davis, but their #5 seed is only theirs with a win.

5A NORTH (Top 16 In, All Conferences):
1) Brooke Point: 33.111 (9-0, vs. Massaponax)
2) Massaponax: 31.889 (8-1, at Brooke Point)
3) Stone Bridge: 31.667 (7-2, vs. Briar Woods)
4) Potomac Falls: 30.222 (7-2, at Thomas Edison)
5) Albemarle: 29.667 (7-2, vs. Western Albemarle)
6) Broad Run: 29.556 (7-2, at Tuscarora)
7) PH-Roanoke: 28.333 (7-2, at Carroll County)
8) North Stafford: 27.444 (6-3, at Mountain View)
9) Patrick Henry: 27.0 (7-2, vs. Lee-Davis)
10) Briar Woods: 26.889 (4-5, at Stone Bridge)
11) Tuscarora: 26.222 (5-4, vs. Broad Run)
12) Orange: 25.444 (5-4, vs. Fluvanna)
13) Atlee: 25.0 (4-5, vs. Armstrong)
14) Falls Church: 24.667 (6-3, at J.E.B. Stuart)
15) George Marshall: 23.444 (4-5, at TJ-Alexandria)
16) Potomac: 22.667 (3-6, vs. Stafford)
17T) R.E. Lee-Alexandria: 22.556 (4-5, vs. Wakefield)
        Mountain View: 22.556 (3-6, vs. North Stafford)
19) Stafford: 22.222 (3-6, at Potomac)
20) J.E.B. Stuart: 21.444 (4-5, vs. Falls Church)

ANALYSIS: Patrick Henry is in the playoffs, their focus now squarely on The Tomato Bowl, hoping a win over Lee-Davis, and a Mountain View win over North Stafford, is enough to get them back to the #8 seed, which would mean a first round home game November 11th, the first home playoff game for the Patriots in 15 years. If PH-Roanoke somehow lost to Carroll County, the #7 seed could be in play. For Atlee, it's not a done deal yet. Remember, beating an 0-9 Armstrong Friday at home only nets you 24 points, no bonus points for beating a winless team. Falls Church certainly leaps over the Raiders if they beat J.E.B. Stuart, so Atlee roots for Stuart there. Wins by TJ/Alexandria and George Marshall also benefit the Raiders, who will have to travel in round one if they make the Top 16.

4A EAST: (Conferences 19/20, top eight make playoffs)
1) Dinwiddie: 30.667 (9-0, at Meadowbrook)
2) Eastern View: 30.444 (9-0, vs. Kettle Run)
3) Chancellor: 30.333 (7-2, at Spotsylvania)
4) Louisa: 29.778 (8-1, at Charlottesville)
5) Monacan: 27.4 (8-2, regular season concluded)
6) Powhatan: 26.778 (7-2, at Monticello)
7) King George: 24.333 (6-3, vs. James Monroe)
8) Courtland: 23.222 (4-5, vs. Caroline)

ANALYSIS: While the eight teams seem set here (Huguenot is ninth, over two points behind but only place a one-win George Wythe team this week), it's all about seeding. Dinwiddie should clinch the #1 seed with a victory, as they know they'll get two points each for the other three Central District games. But they could use Caroline or Hanover to get an upset, or a James Monroe win over King George, to get a few extra points. Eastern View's opponent, Kettle Run is 3-6, a game worse than Meadowbrook. Chancellor finishes with one-win Spotsylvania, a big disadvantage. As for Monacan, all they can do is scoreboard-watch and wait. They need Charlottesville to upset Louisa, Glen Allen to defeat J.R. Tucker, and they root for Caroline as well. But it may not be enough. We'll run minimum and maximum numbers later this week to see if the Chiefs have any hope to host a first round game.

3A EAST: (Conferences 26/28, top eight make playoffs)
1) Hopewell: 24.778 (6-3, vs. Prince George)
2) Brentsville District: 24.0 (7-2, vs. Culpeper County)
3) James Monroe: 23.556 (7-2, at King George)
4) William Monroe: 20.444 (5-4, at Strasburg)
5) Thomas Jefferson: 19.625 (4-4, at Deep Run)
6) Petersburg: 19.111 (2-7, vs. Colonial Heights)
7) George Wythe: 18.111 (1-8, vs. Huguenot, Saturday)
8) Culpeper County: 17.444 (3-6, at Brentsville District)
9) Skyline: 16.444 (2-7, at Warren County)

ANALYSIS: Hopewell and Thomas Jefferson are in, Petersburg is in with a victory over Colonial Heights. George Wythe could be looking over their shoulder if Skyline defeats Warren County.

2A EAST: (Top 16 In, All Conferences)
1) Goochland: 25.333 (10-0, regular season completed)
2) Stuarts Draft: 25.111 (9-0)
3) Clarke County: 23.333 (7-2)
4) Central-Woodstock: 22.889 (7-2)
5) Buffalo Gap: 22.0 (7-2)
6T) Strasburg: 21.889 (7-2)
       East Rockingham: 21.889 (6-3)
8) Madison County: 19.778 (5-4)
9) King William: 19.667 (6-3)
10) Nandua: 19.5 (7-3, regular season completed)
11) Prince Edward: 18.0 (5-4)
12) Brunswick: 17.444 (3-6)
13) Washington & Lee: 17.333 (4-5)
14T) R.E. Lee/Staunton: 16.667 (3-6)
         Bluestone: 16.667 (4-5)
16) Nottoway: 16.111 (3-6)
17) Page County: 15.889 (3-6)
18) Amelia: 15.667 (4-5)
19) Arcadia: 14.889 (3-6)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

TOURNAMENT CENTRAL: Volleyball and Field Hockey

It's Region Tournament time for field hockey and Conference Tourney action for volleyball as October turns to November and the postseason for fall sports heats up!



Cosby 2, Colonial Forge 1
Riverbend 3, Clover Hill 1

Semifinals (Wednesday):
Frank W. Cox 8, Cosby 0

5A SOUTH REGION: (all matches at River City SportsPlex)

Prince George 5, Douglas Freeman 1
Deep Run 7, Matoaca 0

Prince George 3, Deep Run 0

Maury 2, Prince George 0


First Round:
Patrick Henry 1, Wakefield 0
Thomas Edison 2, Atlee 1 (OT)

Briar Woods 3, Patrick Henry 1 (2nd half)


Courtland 2, Midlothian 1
Eastern View 2, Powhatan 0



#4 Clover Hill 3, #5 Manchester 0

#1 James River 3, #4 Clover Hill 0
#3 Cosby 3, #2 Thomas Dale 2

#1 James River 3, #3 Cosby 0


Quarterfinals (Saturday at Lee-Davis HS):
#3 Deep Run 3, #6 J.R. Tucker 0
#5 Glen Allen 3, #4 Lee-Davis 2

Semifinals (Wednesday at Hermitage HS):
#1 Douglas Freeman 3, #5 Glen Allen 1
#3 Deep Run 3, #2 Mills Godwin 0

Championship (Thursday at Hermitage HS):
#3 Deep Run 3, #1 Douglas Freeman 0


Quarterfinals (Tuesday at predetermined sites):
#1 Atlee 3, #8 Highland Springs 0
#5 L.C. Bird 3, #4 Matoaca 0
#2 Patrick Henry 3, #7 Meadowbrook 0
#3 Prince George 3, #6 Varina 0

Semifinals (Wednesday at LC Bird HS):
#1 Atlee 3, #5 L.C. Bird 0
#2 Patrick Henry 3, #3 Prince George 0

Championship (Thursday at LC Bird HS):
#1 Atlee 3, #2 Patrick Henry 2


Quarterfinals (Monday at higher seed):
#4 Midlothian 3, #5 Dinwiddie 0

Semifinals (Tuesday at higher seed):
#1 Monacan 3, #4 Midlothian 1
#2 Hanover 3, #3 Maggie Walker 0

Championship (Thursday at higher seed):
#1 Monacan 3, #2 Hanover 0



Quarterfinals (Monday at higher seed):
#5 James River 3, #4 Thomas Dale 2
#3 Cosby 3, #6 Manchester 0

Semifinals (Tuesday at higher seed):
#1 Franklin County 3, #5 James River 0
#3 Cosby 3, #2 Clover Hill 0

Championship (Thursday at higher seed):
#3 Cosby 3, #1 Franklin County 2


Quarterfinals (Saturday at Lee-Davis HS):
#3 Glen Allen 3, #6 J.R. Tucker 0
#4 Douglas Freeman 3, #5 Lee-Davis 0

Semifinals (Tuesday at Hermitage HS):
#4 Douglas Freeman 3, #1 Mills Godwin 1
#2 Deep Run 3, #3 Glen Allen 1

Championship (Thursday at Hermitage HS):
#2 Deep Run 3, #4 Douglas Freeman 0


Quarterfinals (Tuesday at Matoaca HS):
#3 LC Bird 3, #6 Meadowbrook 0
#4 Varina 3, #5 Highland Springs 0

Semifinals (Wednesday at Matoaca HS):
#1 Matoaca 3, #4 Varina 0
#2 Prince George 3, #3 L.C. Bird 0

Championship (Thursday at LC Bird HS):
#1 Matoaca 3, #2 Prince George 1


Quarterfinals (Saturday at higher seed):
#3 Patrick Henry 3, #6 Orange 0
#4 Albemarle 3, #5 Halifax 0

Semifinals (Tuesday at higher seed):
#2 PH-Roanoke 3, #3 Patrick Henry 0
#4 Albemarle 3, #1 Atlee 2

Third Place Game (Thursday at higher seed):
#1 Atlee 3, #3 Patrick Henry 2

Championship (Thursday at higher seed):
#2 PH-Roanoke 3, #4 Albemarle 1


Quarterfinals (Monday at higher seed):
#4 Monacan 3, #5 Dinwiddie 0
#3 Midlothian 3, #6 Huguenot 0

Semifinals (Tuesday at higher seed):
#1 Powhatan 3, #4 Monacan 0
#3 Midlothian 3, #2 Hanover 1

Championship (Thursday at higher seed):
#3 Midlothian 3, #1 Powhatan 0


Quarterfinals (Tuesday at higher seed):
#3 George Wythe 3, #6 Petersburg 1
#5 John Marshall 3, #4 Thomas Jefferson 1

Semifinals (Wednesday at higher seed):
#1 Spotsylvania 3, #5 John Marshall 0
#2 Armstrong d. #3 George Wythe 

Championship (Thursday at Thomas Jefferson HS):
#1 Spotsylvania 3, #2 Armstrong 0


Semifinals (Monday at higher seed):
#4 Maggie Walker d. #1 Washington & Lee
#2 Bruton d. #3 Nandua

Championship (Wednesday at higher seed):
#2 Bruton 3, #4 Maggie Walker 0


#1 Dinwiddie 49, Petersburg 0

#2 Hermitage 42, Glen Allen 22

#3 L.C. Bird 70, Huguenot 8

#4 Highland Springs 49, #9 Patrick Henry 0

#5 Manchester 36, #7 Monacan 35

#6 Douglas Freeman 20, Mills Godwin 7

#8 Thomas Dale 29, Hopewell 18

#10 Goochland 56, Bluestone 13

#11 Lee-Davis 24, Henrico 23

Atlee 24, #12 Varina 21

Matoaca 63, Colonial Heights 17

Meadowbrook 22, Prince George 18

James River 28, Clover Hill 6

Cosby 57, George Wythe 18

Thomas Jefferson 20, J.R. Tucker 7

Deep Run 65, John Marshall 14

Hanover 45, Armstrong 8

Louisa 22, Orange 19

Powhatan 43, Fluvanna 12

King William 27, West Point 15

Collegiate 49, Norfolk Academy 7

Caroline 32, Spotsylvania 13

Poquoson 16, New Kent 14

Charles City 56, Mathews 6

Friday, October 28, 2016

LISTEN LIVE LINK: Game Of The Week: Henrico at #11 Lee-Davis

CLICK HERE to listen online to the Game Of The Week, as Henrico (5-3) and #11 Lee-Davis (6-2) battle for playoff positioning in 5A South! We go live at 6:30pm with the "On The Sidelines Pre-Game Show Powered By Sheehy Ford of Ashland" with Rob Witham and Marc Davis of NBC 12!

You can also listen on WHAN Radio, 102.9 FM and 1430 AM!


Just nine days remain in the 2016 high school football regular season, and, while some teams are playing to better their postseason seeding, others are playing for their playoff lives. Let's take a look at upcoming games and what effect they may have in the final push to the playoffs.

Petersburg (2-6) at #1 Dinwiddie (8-0), 7pm: The Crimson Wave are still in the 3A East playoff race, but have lost six in a row. The Generals lead 8-0 Eastern View by a half-point in the race for the #1 seed in their 4A East Region eight-team bracket from Conferences 19 and 20. Eastern View faces 4-4 Fauquier tonight. If both favorites win, it will come down to results of other games to determine whether Dinwiddie holds to the top spot heading into the final week of the regular season. Thus, for Bryce Witt and company, nothing is secure, except they know they'll be in the playoffs. But the Generals want to stay at home as long as humanly possible, maybe all the way through to the finals December 10th. The 4A State Championship will be held at Zable Stadium at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg. But first things first, Dinwiddie must take care of Petersburg.

#2 Hermitage (7-1) at Glen Allen (2-6), 7pm: Devin Flowers has been on a tear for the Jaguars of late, but the offense steps up in quality of opponent, significantly tonight, as Glen Allen holds Senior Night for the Class of 2017. As Glen Allen looks to building for the future, Hermitage is in a dogfight near the top of 5A South Central. Again. They enter this week tied for second with Highland Springs, less than a point behind current top seed L.C. Bird. The Panthers could win tonight and lose ground, as we'll explain in a moment. The Panthers have never lost to the Jaguars, and need to just take care of business and escape this week without injury, so they then can turn their focus to Douglas Freeman.

#3 L.C. Bird (7-1) at Huguenot (2-6), 7:30pm: The Skyhawks will be heavily favored, but playing a two-win team will likely hurt them in 5A South Central if results hold to form. L.C. Bird are big Patrick Henry fans tonight (see below) and are rooting for their former assistant's team, Glen Allen, to pull a shocker. L.C. Bird, too, wants an easy game, no injuries, and get through tonight, then they can prepare for a highly confident James River team with their own playoff aspirations.

#9 Patrick Henry (7-1) at #4 Highland Springs (7-1), 7pm: It's Senior Night at Kreiter Stadium for a pretty special group. You know that quarterback Juwan Carter and his senior teammates will be chomping at the bit to win their final regular season game at home. Head Coach Loren Johnson won't look past the Patriots to next week's rival trip to Varina, now the players need to follow his lead. A Springer win over a seven-win team could vault them into the top spot in 5A South Central with a week to go. But if there's anything we've learned this year, do not overlook Patrick Henry. The Patriots offensive line has not been tested, however by the likes of Tavien Blackwell, Aaron Motley and company, plus the closing speed of Rell Coley and company. Getting their running game going is an absolute must if Patrick Henry wants to pull off what would be considered an upset. The last time Patrick Henry went to Highland Springs? November, 2002, when the Patriots pulled off a last-minute 23-22 win in the old Group AAA, Division 5 Regional Playoffs.

#7 Monacan (8-1) at #5 Manchester (7-1), 7:30pm: It's the end of the regular season for the Chiefs, who still are trying to play their way into a top four slot in 4A East, Conferences 19/20, to try to host a first round game. But in their way are the Lancers, who themselves are trying to overtake Colonial Forge, who has a bye this week, and reclaim the top spot in 6A South, Conferences 3/4. The premise to a win is simple for both: which defense plays the best? Each team has plenty of playmakers, and the team that makes the big plays will get the big win. Manchester still has Cosby to deal with net week, while Monacan, win or lose, will watch from the sidelines next week to find out their first round destination. Both teams are going to the playoffs, it's just a matter of seeding now.

#6 Douglas Freeman (8-0) at Mills Godwin (4-4), 7pm: The schedule makers give us a great one in the Colonial District. First, it's Rivalry Night. Records never matter when the Rebels and Eagles meet. They've been battling since Eagle Nation was born at the end of the 1970's, over 35 years of great games. So, first, the Rebels will be sky high to win at Axselle Stadium. They won't be, or at least shouldn't be, overlooking Mills Godwin thinking of their showdown with Hermitage next week. If they do that, the Eagles could strike, even without Wesley Dugger. They put a bit of a scare into Hermitage before falling 35-20 last week. An Eagle loss doesn't completely close the door on the playoffs, but will certainly those chances. On the other hand, an upset of the Rebels could bring enough rider points that Godwin could catch, or surpass the loser of Henrico/Lee-Davis with a week to go. The Rebels, from Trey Laughlin to Tanner Dobrucky, will want to control the ball, the tempo, and wear down their rivals. A win likely clinches a top four seed, and a home game in the first round of the 5A South playoffs, as it's hard to see even a 7-3 Varina, with an upset of Highland Springs, overcoming well over three points in the standings.

#8 Thomas Dale (6-2) at Hopewell (6-2), 7:30pm: This is the sleeper game this week, a terrific Central District showdown between two playoff teams. The Knights moved up a notch to third in 6A South, Conferences 3/4, and are rooting for Monacan to knock off Manchester, since Thomas Dale is 1.5 points behind the Lancers entering tonight's action. But Merner Field is a tough place to play. Just ask Meadowbrook. Only Dinwiddie has handled the Blue Devils at home. Hopewell is playing to draw closer to clinching the #1 seed in 3A East Region, Conferences 26/28. A win here and a final win over Prince George next Friday, also at Merner, and they'll stay at Merner for at least two weeks, so long as they continue to win.

#10 Goochland (9-0) at Bluestone (4-4), 7pm (Radio: WZEZ, 100.5 FM): The Bulldogs go for an undefeated regular season, their first since 2011, when they started 14-0 and lost to Gretna in the state finals. The Bulldog defense has not allowed 20 points or more yet this season, and have pitched four shutouts. They are the cornerstone for this Joe Fowler team, and need to continue that streak, especially as the postseason begins. A reminder that Goochland is off next week, and their final VHSL rating will be based on nine games, not ten, as they faced VISAA member Fork Union early in the season.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Henrico (5-3) at #11 Lee-Davis (6-2), 7pm (Coverage: WHAN, 102.9 FM, 1430 AM, online HERE, on mobile at @Tunein App on "Radiall", 6:30pm airtime): We'll be keeping both @hanoversports and @henricosports plenty busy with our Game of The Week, as Lee-Davis and Henrico essentially play for a postseason berth. Tonight's winner may not officially clinch, but will definitely take a giant step forward towards the playoffs. It's certainly a more urgent situation for the Warriors, who gave up a surprising 56 points at home last week to Highland Springs. Henrico's defense is better than that, and we look for them to bounce back. But, to do so, they must stop Nathan Evans and the ball control running game of Lee-Davis. Evans, on his Senior Night, will want to simply ball. But sophomore quarterback Zach Lass may be the X-Factor here tonight. He's growing in confidence, and, if he can stretch the field and prevent Akeem Smith and company from keying on Evans, the Confederates could be looking at 7-2 ahead of the long-awaited trip to Ashland for The 58th Tomato Bowl next Friday, also our Game of The Week on WHAN and the RVA Sports Network.

Atlee (3-5) at #12 Varina (5-3), 7pm: The Blue Devils are ranked for the first time this year, a win away from their first winning season since 2013, and knocking on the door of a postseason appearance, also their first in three seasons. But standing in their way is a desperate team, the Atlee Raiders, who begin tonight in 14th place in 5A North, where it is a 16-team, all-conferences tournament. Atlee benefited from several teams near them in the standings also losing last week, allowing them to stay in 14th place. Wins over Varina, and Armstrong next week, though winless, could be enough to get a postseason bid. A loss tonight hurts. Severely. They'll then have to scoreboard watch. With a win, Varina draws close to a postseason bid, but it will likely come down to next week's annual showdown with Highland Springs, this year at home, to determine Varina's fate. A win tonight, coupled with losses by Mills Godwin (above) and Deep Run (below), would be huge. They know that the loser of our Game of The Week, Henrico and Lee-Davis, will stay below them as long as they are victorious.

Meadowbrook (3-5) at Prince George (4-4), 7:30pm: This is an elimination game in 5A South. The winner survives, and still needs help to navigate their way to the top eight, as the Monarchs begin tonight in 11th, over a point and a half behind #8 Matoaca, the Royals are 12th, and nearly two points behind. The Warriors, however, won't get bonus points with a win over a winless Colonial Heights tonight should they do so, so the winner here gains ground, and roots for Douglas Freeman to defeat Mills Godwin and John Marshall to shock Deep Run. Both teams have a rough Week 11 ahead, as Meadowbrook hosts Dinwiddie, and Prince George goes to Hopewell. But, with big obstacles come big rewards if you're able to pull off the upset, and Meadowbrook has already done it once, handing Highland Springs their only loss back in September. Prince George seeks a "signature" win this season, while Meadowbrook seeks some consistency, especially on offense.

Matoaca (4-4) at Colonial Heights (0-8), 7pm: As mentioned above, Matoaca begins tonight with the eighth and final playoff berth in 5A South Central, and hope to even move up with a win, even over a winless Colonials squad, since someone must lose between sixth-seeded Lee-Davis and seventh-seeded Henrico. But all the while, Terrance Whitfield and company will be looking over their shoulders for Deep Run, Mills Godwin and the winner of Meadowbrook/Prince George. Look for the Warriors to try to put this game away early and get the starters off the field as soon as possible, so the Warriors can start getting ready for Thomas Dale in what could be, again, could be, a must win game next week depending upon tonight's results. By the way, Matoaca fans are Manchester fans tonight, as a Lancer win over Monacan gives the Warriors one VHSL bonus rider points. Next Friday night, when the numbers are being crunched, you'll need every point you can get.

John Marshall (1-7) at Deep Run (4-4), 7pm: The very fact that we are talking about Deep Run football and playoffs, on October 28th, is a testament to the work of the Wildcats and new head coach Chad Hornik. The Wildcats finish with the Justices, then the Vikings of Thomas Jefferson, and have a winning season within sight, which would be their first since 2012. What works against the Wildcats is the soft end to their schedule, as the Justices and Vikings have a combined four wins so far. So Deep Run will need to win, and get help, like a Patrick Henry win over Lee-Davis next week, a Thomas Dale win over Matoaca, and so on. The problem there is the rider points you gain even when you lose. Right now, a Deep Run win over John Marshall yields 26 points. Next week, if Lee-Davis loses to Patrick Henry, they still get 20 points. The Wildcats have hope, and, on paper, the easiest ending to a season in 5A South. But will two wins be enough to overtake one of the top eight? Time will tell.

Thomas Jefferson (3-4) at J.R. Tucker (1-7), 7pm: The Tigers get their first win last Saturday at John Marshall, and look to finish strong in 2016 as the Vikings, still in the 3A East playoff race, visit Parham Road. With no playoffs for the Tigers, it's all about building for the future. The Vikings have a lot to play for, and need a win to ensure a postseason bid, if not this week, then next week in their finale, but that's at Deep Run, and we already know they'll have much to play for.

George Wythe (1-7) at Cosby (4-4), 7:30pm: Senior Night for the Titans, who see Forest Park over their shoulder. Cosby is favored, and needs the win to set up the final week of the season. Cosby will face Manchester while Forest Park battles CD Hylton, the current #7 seed who sit three-quarters of a point ahead of #8 Cosby at this moment. And, yes, the Bulldogs are still alive and well for a 3A East playoff berth. The combined records of the eight teams who will eventually make the 3A East top eight from Conferences 26 and 28 could be rough.

Clover Hill (1-7) at James River (5-3), 7:30pm: We don't think the Rapids will be overlooking this game, choosing to focus on L.C. Bird coming over the horizon next week. There's too much to play for, as James River sits in a fifth place tie with Freedom-Prince William entering action. Freedom plays Woodbridge (2-6) tonight, so wins by both them and James River will cause little separation in the standings going into the final week. Then, James River can go and give L.C. Bird its best shot and see what happens. 6-4 should earn James River a postseason bid in 6A South, Conferences 3/4. Clover Hill would love, however, to finally play the spoiler, and get a victory for momentum going into 2017, where a successful JV season this year could feed into the varsity program.

AFTERNOON: Collegiate (4-2) at Norfolk Academy (6-2), 3:30pm
Armstrong (0-8) at Hanover (1-7), 7pm
Powhatan (6-2) at Fluvanna (1-7), 7;30pm
Orange (5-3) at Louisa (7-1), 7:30pm
West Point (4-4) at King William (5-3), 7pm
Poquoson (5-3) at New Kent (4-4), 7pm

Roanoke Catholic (7-1) at Blessed-Sacrament Huguenot (2-5)
Fishburne Military (1-4) at Richmond Christian (3-3)

Benedictine (5-2) at Fork Union (2-6), 12pm
Woodberry Forest (6-1) at St. Christopher's 5-2), 1pm
Trinity Episcopal (3-4) at Bishop O'Connell (3-5), 1pm

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BASKETBALL: Atlantic 10 Women's Basketball Media Day

CLICK HERE to read our coverage, as posted by the Atlantic 10 conference on their website, of the annual Women's Basketball Media Day which took place Tuesday at the Richmond Marriott.

Highlights include the preseason poll, topped for the first time by Saint Louis, which showed VCU fifth and Richmond seventh, interviews with coaches, and notes from the Atlantic 10 Commissioner on the new, enhanced Atlantic 10 Tournament schedule. The quarterfinals, semifinals, and championship game return to the Richmond Coliseum the weekend of March 3 through 5.

RVA Sports Network is proud to be your exclusive home in Richmond for coverage of all fourteen Atlantic 10 teams all season long as we begin the "Road To RVA" for the fourth straight season!

Monday, October 24, 2016

New NBC12/RVA Sports Network "Big 12" High School Football Poll

No changes atop our poll, but reshuffling at the bottom and a new entry with just two regular season weeks to go!

1) Dinwiddie (8-0, was #1)
2) Hermitage (7-1, was #2)
3) L.C. Bird (7-1, was #3)
4) Highland Springs (7-1, was #4)
5) Manchester (7-1, was #5)
6) Douglas Freeman (8-0, was #6)
7) Monacan (8-1, was #8)
8) Thomas Dale (6-2, was #7)
9) Patrick Henry (7-1, was #10)
10) Goochland (9-0, was #9)
11) Lee-Davis (6-2, returning)
12) Varina (5-3, NEW)

Dropping Out: Benedictine (5-2), Henrico (5-3)
Also Receiving Votes: Hopewell (6-2)


With two weeks to go, and for some teams just one game, here are the new Virginia High School League football standings by region, with record and next opponent listed.

6A SOUTH (Conferences 3/4, top eight make playoffs)
1) Colonial Forge: 31.778 (8-1, BYE)
2) Manchester: 30.875 (7-1, vs. Monacan)
3) Thomas Dale: 29.375 (6-2, at Hopewell)
4) Riverbend: 29.222 (6-3, at CD Hylton)
5T) Freedom-PW: 28.125 (6-2, at Woodbridge)
      James River: 28.125 (5-3, vs. Clover Hill)
7) CD Hylton: 26.250 (5-3, vs. Riverbend)
8) Cosby: 25.5 (4-4, vs George Wythe)
9) Forest Park: 24.0 (3-5, vs. Gar-Field)

NOTES: The Colonial Forge lead over Manchester grows ever so slightly, about a tenth of a point. The Lancers can retake the top seed Friday with a win over 8-1 Monacan, while Colonial Forge is on their bye week. Forge gets Freedom-Prince William in the finale, while Manchester gets Cosby. If both win November 4th, it'll be a photo finish for the number one seed. Meanwhile, good news for Thomas Dale as they rise to third, gaining nearly a half-point to overtake Riverbend. Thomas Dale's tough Central District schedule continues Friday at Hopewell, while Riverbend gets CD Hylton, who are fighting to stay in the top eight, coming off a bye week that saw them actually move up in the standings, thanks to James River's win over Cosby. The Rapids get Clover Hill this week, while Freedom-PW gets 2-6 Woodbridge, whose playoff hopes are faint with 22.375 points, over three points out of eighth. It's Forest Park that Cosby must worry about, as they'll be favored to beat 1-7 Gar-Field, but Cosby is favored to knock off George Wythe on Senior Night. Forest Park has CD Hylton in the November 4th finale, and the Titans must contend with Manchester.

5A SOUTH (Conferences 11/12, top eight make playoffs)
1) L.C. Bird: 30.625 (7-1, at Huguenot)
2T) Hermitage: 29.875 (7-1, at Glen Allen)
      Highland Springs: 29.875 (7-1, vs Patrick Henry)
4) Douglas Freeman: 29.5 (8-0, at Mills Godwin)
5) Varina: 26.5 (5-3, vs. Atlee)
6) Lee-Davis: 25.25 (6-2, vs. Henrico)
7) Henrico: 25.125 (5-3, at Lee-Davis)
8) Matoaca: 24.375 (4-4, at Colonial Heights)
9) Deep Run: 23.375 (4-4, vs. John Marshall)
10) Mills Godwin: 23.125 (4-4, vs. Douglas Freeman)
11) Meadowbrook: 22.75 (3-5, at Prince George)
12) Prince George: 22.5 (4-4, vs. Meadowbrook)

NOTES: As we expected on our "Central Region Now!" podcast Friday night, L.C. Bird's lead in this sub-region shrunk by over a point as the Panthers, Springers and Rebels all defeat teams with at least .500 records last Friday, while the Skyhawks beat George Wythe. It all happens again this Friday, as L.C. Bird is favored against a two-win Huguenot team, while Hermitage plays 2-6 Glen Allen. Douglas Freeman gets archrival 4-4 Mills Godwin, who will be playing for their playoff lives, but the big winner, if they win, could be 7-1 Highland Springs as they welcome 7-1 Patrick Henry in for Senior Night. If all four teams win, it will come down to other games to determine the order of the top four going into Week 11. But, off the bat, Highland Springs will get 38 points with a win, while Hermitage and L.C. Bird would get 28, Douglas Freeman 32. For Varina to catch that top four, they need Patrick Henry to beat Highland Springs, then they need to beat them November 4th. A Godwin upset of Freeman, then a Hermitage win over Freeman November 4th would help, but Varina must win out for a shot at a home game in the first round. Should Varina fall to an Atlee team who must win their final two games for a legitimate shot at the 5A North Region playoffs, then suddenly they'll be fighting the winner of our Game of The Week, Henrico at Lee-Davis, for that #5 seed a week from now. The loser of that game needs Douglas Freeman to win, but will likely have to contend with both Deep Run and the winner of, essentially, an elimination game between Meadowbrook and Prince George in a dogfight to the finish. And then there's Matoaca, favored this week, but ahead of them, their traditional finale against Thomas Dale, and even at 5-4, that game could make or break the Warriors' postseason hopes, depending on other finishes. At this point, the one team who can likely count on playing at home November 11th is L.C. Bird, even if they're not the top seed. But James River would like to have a say about that, because a Rapids win at home over the Skyhawks finale night would do wonders for them in 6A South.

5A NORTH: (Top 16 make playoffs, all conferences)
1) Brooke Point: 32.75 (8-0, at Potomac)
2) Potomac Falls: 30.875 (7-1, vs. Stone Bridge)
3) Massaponax: 30.5 (7-1, vs. North Stafford)
4) Stone Bridge: 30.125 (6-2, at Potomac Falls)
5) Albemarle: 29.0 (6-2, vs. Monticello, Thursday)
6) North Stafford: 28.0 (6-2, at Massaponax)
7) Broad Run: 27.875 (6-2, vs. James Robinson)
8) Patrick Henry: 27.125 (7-1, at Highland Springs)
9) PH-Roanoke: 26.875 (6-2, at Blacksburg)
10) Briar Woods: 26.222 (4-5, BYE)
11) Tuscarora: 25.667 (5-4, BYE)
12) Orange: 25.5 (5-3, at Louisa)
13) Falls Church: 24.875 (6-2, vs. Oakton)
14) Atlee: 23.0 (3-5, at Varina)
15) Stafford: 22.75 (3-5, vs. Mountain View)
16) Potomac: 22.25 (3-5, vs. Brooke Point)
17T) R.E. Lee/Springfield: 21.75 (3-5, at Thomas Edison)
        J.E.B. Stuart: 21.75 (4-4, at George Marshall)
19) George Marshall: 21.625 (3-5, vs. J.E.B. Stuart)
20) Mountain View: 21.125 (2-6, at Stafford)

NOTES: As we expected, Patrick Henry moves up one slot to #8. The good news is, that seed hosts a first round playoff game, and, as we've discussed on the podcast and on the Game of The Week, Patrick Henry last hosted a postseason game in 2001, when Anthony Martinez reigned at quarterback and the Patriots last made a state championship game. Now the Patriots must deal with defending state champion Highland Springs. Now, a win there Friday and next Friday in The 58th Tomato Bowl at home against Lee-Davis would give the Patriots a shot, depending on other results, to go as high as the fourth or fifth seed. It will be hard to catch any of the top three, and frankly, Patrick Henry needs Massaponax to beat North Stafford to help Patrick Henry climb over them. If the Patriots fall Friday, they wouldn't fall far in the standings, as the #10 and #11 seeds each have byes. As for Atlee, they are lucky to be hanging on as the #14 seed for the second straight week. Other teams around them losing helped make that happen. With #15 Stafford looking to essentially eliminate Mountain View from contention this week, and #16 Potomac having to face the juggernaut that is Brooke Point, it's a 50-50 split for Atlee. The Raiders must beat Varina to keep teams below them at bay, but if Potomac pulled the major upset, they'd leap over Atlee no matter what. The Raiders also can't afford to be in a race for 16th come November 4th because they will face currently winless Armstrong. No bonus points there.

4A EAST (Conferences 19/20, top eight make playoffs)
1) Dinwiddie: 30.0 (8-0, vs. Petersburg)
2) Eastern View: 29.5 (8-0, vs. Fauquier)
3) Chancellor: 28.625 (6-2, vs. King George)
4) Louisa: 28.5 (7-1, vs. Orange)
5) Monacan: 27.222 (8-1, at Manchester)
6) Powhatan: 26.625 (6-2, at Fluvanna)
7) King George: 24.375 (6-2, at Chancellor)
8) Courtland: 23.5 (4-4, at James Monroe)
9) Huguenot: 20.25 (2-6, vs. L.C. Bird)
10) Midlothian: 20.111 (2-7, BYE)

NOTES: Well, first we saw Eastern View drawing closer to Dinwiddie after Friday's action, then we thought the Generals might gain some ground. In the end, Eastern View cut Dinwiddie's margin in half. Dinwiddie gets 2-6 Petersburg Friday while Eastern View gets 4-4 Fauquier. If both win, the margin could shrink further. Louisa finally gets a home game, Senior Night, facing rival Orange, both teams fighting for playoff position in their respective regions. Chancellor, on the strength of other results involving teams on their schedule, overtakes Louisa for third, and could help strengthen their hold on third with a win over King George, upset victims of Courtland last week in a game that almost set, though not the order, the list of eight teams who will make the playoffs. Huguenot's chances are remote, having to face L.C. Bird, and Midlothian has but one game left. As for Monacan, it's simple. Beat Manchester and gain serious ground in their race to the top four as they conclude their regular season. The Chiefs will be in street clothes next Friday when their first round fate, either home or away, will be determined. Absolutely nothing, in terms of seeding, is known right now. Anything could happen with two weeks left.

3A EAST (Conferences 26/28, top eight make playoffs)
1) Hopewell: 24.0 (6-2, vs. Thomas Dale)
2) Brentsville District: 22.875 (6-2, vs. Liberty-Bealton)
3) James Monroe: 21.75 (6-2, vs. Courtland)
4) William Monroe: 19.125 (4-4, vs. Culpeper Co.)
5) Petersburg: 18.375 (2-6, at Dinwiddie)
6) Thomas Jefferson: 18.286 (3-4, at J.R. Tucker)
7) Culpeper County: 17.625 (3-5, at William Monroe)
8) George Wythe: 17.5 (1-7, at Cosby)
9) Skyline: 16.0 (2-6, at Sherando)
10) Spotsylvania: 15.875 (1-7, at Caroline)

NOTES: Great work by Hopewell over the past two weeks, getting contributions from lots of players to win big battles and, by taking advantage of Brentsville District's losses, take over the top spot in their sub-region with two weeks to go. But it gets no easier Friday when Thomas Dale comes to Merner Field, themselves fighting for postseason home advantage in 6A South. A loss to the Knights, coupled with a BD victory could flip the script again up top. Petersburg is running out of time to end their losing streak. After a 2-0 start, the Crimson Wave have lost six straight, but remain in the playoff hunt. A trip to Dinwiddie looms, but, even with a loss, there are eight extra points there for Petersburg. Thomas Jefferson is stumbling to the finish, with a trip to J.R. Tucker upcoming. The Wave, Vikings and George Wythe all should be scoreboard watching Skyline, who got a key win last week to take over the ninth spot in the race, just 1.5 points behind the Bulldogs for that eighth and final playoff berth. They battle 4-4 Sherando of 4A this week. A win could change everything at the bottom of the bracket.

2A EAST (Top 16 make playoffs, all conferences)
1) Goochland: 24.25 (8-0, 9-0 overall, at Bluestone)
2) Stuarts Draft: 24.0 (8-0, vs. Luray)
3) Central-Woodstock: 23.25 (7-1, vs. Strasburg)
4) Clarke County: 22.25 (6-2, at Warren County)
5) East Rockingham: 21.25 (5-3, at Wilson Memorial)
6) Buffalo Gap: 21.0 (6-2, vs. Page County)
7) Strasburg: 20.125 (6-2, at Central-Woodstock)
8) Madison County: 19.0 (4-4, vs. George Mason)
9) Nandua: 18.444 (6-3, vs. Northampton)
10) King William: 18.0 (5-3, vs. West Point)
11) Washington & Lee: 17.875 (4-4, at Essex, Saturday)
12) Prince Edward: 17.333 (5-4, BYE)
13) R.E. Lee/Staunton: 16.25 (3-5, at Harrisonburg)
14) Bluestone: 16.125 (4-4, vs. Goochland)
15T) Page County: 15.75 (3-5, at Buffalo Gap)
        Brunswick: 15.75 (2-6, at Surry)
17) Amelia: 15.375 (4-4, at Central-Lunenburg)
18) Nottoway: 15.25 (2-6, vs. Cumberland)
19) Arcadia: 14.75 (3-5, vs. Kent, MD)

NOTES: Goochland reclaims the top spot this week, and end their regular season Friday. Remember, their final rating will be their rider points divided by nine games, not ten, as their early season game with Fork Union Military Academy, a VISAA school, does not count. Stuarts Draft faces 5-3 Luray this week, and has a game in hand. King William continues to rise as their winning streak continues, and they have a top eight seed, and a first round home game, in their sights. But first it's a matchup with West Point, who (see below) are fighting for their playoff lives in 1A East. For Amelia, just outside the top sixteen just less than a half point behind Page County and Brunswick, could use an upset win over Central-Lunenburg to vault back into the playoff race, knowing time is running out for them.


NOTE: In 1A East, Essex is currently the seventh seed at 18.5 points, 1.25 points out of sixth, while Luray and Chincoteague are 8th and 9th, within 1/2 point of Essex. The top eight teams host a first round game November 11th. West Point is tied with Northampton in 15th, both with 14.0 points, while Charles City, at 13.875, is just .125 behind, but in 17th place, and must make the Top 16 to reach the postseason.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Super 6 Polls: Volleyball and Field Hockey

There are no changes in the penultimate RVA Sports Network Super 6 Polls in volleyball, who ends their regular season this Thursday, and field hockey, which begins conference tournament play Monday.


1) Atlee (was #1)
2) James River (was #2)
3) Douglas Freeman (was #3)
4) Monacan (was #4)
5) Patrick Henry (was #5)
6) Thomas Dale (was #6)


1) Powhatan (was #1)
2) Deep Run (was #2)
3) Mills Godwin (was #3)
4) Goochland (was #4)
5) Hanover (was #5)
6) Matoaca (was #6)


1) Deep Run (was #1)
2) Midlothian (was #2)
3) Prince George (was #3)
4) Cosby (was #4)
5) Clover Hill (was #5)
6) Douglas Freeman (was #6)

Saturday, October 22, 2016


#1 Dinwiddie 69, Colonial Heights 14
#2 Hermitage 35, Mills Godwin 20
#3 L.C. Bird 75, George Wythe 8
#4 Highland Springs 56, #12 Henrico 20
#5 Manchester 40, Clover Hill 20
#6 Douglas Freeman 31, Deep Run 0
#7 Thomas Dale 18, Meadowbrook 6
#8 Monacan 45, Midlothian 13
#9 Goochland 28, Central-Lunenburg 14
#10 Patrick Henry 26, Atlee 14
Hopewell 46, Matoaca 35
Prince George 30, Petersburg 0
Lee-Davis 69, Hanover 31
Varina 55, Armstrong 0
James River 38, Cosby 21
Albemarle 35, Powhatan 28
Louisa 26, Monticello 12
Glen Allen 55, Thomas Jefferson 13
King William 42, Middlesex 14
Nottoway 28, Amelia 18
Essex 56, Lancaster 22
Collegiate 49, Fork Union 7
Charles City 68, King & Queen 0
New Kent 42, Warhill 28
Chancellor 63, Caroline 14

J.R. Tucker at John Marshall, 1pm
#11 Benedictine at Woodberry Forest, 2pm
Bishop Ireton at St. Christopher's, 3pm

Thursday, October 20, 2016


In just two short weeks, we will know who's in and who's out in high school football. Here's a preview of all the games across the Central Region Friday and how they can affect the postseason race.

Colonial Heights at #1 Dinwiddie, 7pm: The Generals play their first game as the top team in the NBC12/RVA Sports Network Big 12 High School Football Poll, their second without standout Joseph Tyree. But there is more than enough firepower for Dinwiddie to move to 8-0, and keep their standing atop their 4A East eight-team subregion in Conferences 19 and 20....except for one thing. Eastern View, just behind Dinwiddie and also 7-0, will pick up eight extra VHSL rider points with a win over 4-4 Fauquier. Since they begin tonight eight points behind the Generals, it will be up to how other opponents of both Dinwiddie and Eastern View perform as to who will be number one with two weeks to go.

#2 Hermitage at Mills Godwin, 7pm: The road to the playoffs has hit a bumpy stretch for the homestanding Eagles, who now must finish the season without standout running back Wesley Dugger. Mills Godwin begins play in ninth place in 5A South Central, a point behind #8 Lee-Davis in VHSL rider point average. The Panthers, coming off perhaps their best performance of the year in the victory over Manchester, begin play two points behind top-seed L.C. Bird in 5A South Central. They can close the gap with a victory, while the Eagles are in must-win mode, as Deep Run, Meadowbrook, and Prince George are just behind Mills Godwin, all in must-win mode trying to break into the top eight.

George Wythe at #3 L.C. Bird, 7:30pm: The Skyhawks have a simple formula for this week: win and avoid any injuries. This mode will stay in effect next week against Huguenot before they travel to James River in two weeks for a game that could mean in or out in the postseason in 6A South for the Rapids. L.C. Bird knows that, even with a win tonight, victories by Hermitage, Highland Springs and Douglas Freeman will pull them even closer to the top in 5A South Central. The #1 seed is up for grabs, and four different teams could take it. This is when the weaker part of their Dominion District begins to hurt the Skyhawks.

#4 Highland Springs at #12 Henrico, 7pm: The lone battle of Big 12 Poll teams takes place on Azalea Avenue as teacher meets pupil again. Warriors head coach Gerald Glasco continues to seek his first win over his former boss, Highland Springs head coach Loren Johnson. But that is a sidebar to this game, which is rife with 5A South Central playoff implications. The Springers, at 6-1 and just behind Hermitage in 3rd place in the sub-region, are, again, trying to claim the top seed with one loss, just like last year. Henrico hoped to be 6-1 coming in, but a secondary breakdown on a fourth down at Atlee last week cost them the game. At 5-2 the Warriors suddenly are fighting with Varina, whom they've beaten, Matoaca, and Lee-Davis, who they play next Friday, for a 5A South Central playoff bid. The Warriors really hoped this season would be the year for them to host a first round game. They need to win tonight to rekindle those hopes. If they lose, next week's battle in Mechanicsville on our Game of The Week broadcast will be vital.

#5 Manchester at Clover Hill, 7:30pm: The Lancers look to bounce back after their first loss, and are favored on the road. But this is a perfect "trap" game if Manchester doesn't come in prepared. They struggled to beat James River when favored, and there's a huge battle with Monacan looming next Friday. The Cavaliers would love nothing better than a late season signature win to help build their program for 2017 and beyond, and give the Clover Hill faithful a night to remember. Coach Tom Hall will do everything possible to avoid that. We expect this one to have plenty of offensive fireworks.

Deep Run at #6 Douglas Freeman, 7pm: NBC12 will be live at William E. Long Stadium as the Rebels look for back-to-back 8-0 starts, but this year, the Wildcats don't come in disheartened and defeated, they come in fiery after their win over another rival, Mills Godwin, last week to put Deep Run square into the 5A South Central playoff talk. The Wildcats begin tonight 1.250 points behind #8 Lee-Davis, tenth in their sub-region, and a win over a seven-win Rebel squad propels them further into playoff contention, especially with Lee-Davis facing a one-win team and Varina playing winless Armstrong. But Tanner Dobrucky may be the best football player in the Central Region you haven't heard of. All he does, like they used to say on ESPN about the great Cris Carter, is score touchdowns. Whether on the ground, in the air, or on special teams, Dobrucky has done it all as the blue-collar Rebels continue to take care of everywhere in their way. They hope to continue it tonight, as Douglas Freeman harbors hopes of a 10-0 season, the Colonial District mythical title (which returns next year), and the #1 seed in 5A South Central.

#7 Thomas Dale at Meadowbrook, 7pm: This is one of three, count them, three big Central District games tonight which will help make, or break, teams' postseason hopes. The visiting Knights are in nice shape in their sub-region in 6A South, but nothing is clinched. Last week, they watched Riverbend knock off Freedom-Prince William, seeing the winner move past them, the loser fall below them, in the VHSL standings. The teams ahead of Thomas Dale: Colonial Forge, Manchester and now Riverbend, all will be favored tonight. The Knights need to take care of business, but it won't be easy. Meadowbrook begins tonight in 11th in 5A South Central, and with a win, they vault right back into the race. With a loss, and a date with Dinwiddie down the road, the hill to climb to the playoffs becomes a mountain. The Monarchs will undoubtedly give the Knights their absolute best shot. But will we see the Meadowbrook who upset Highland Springs or the Meadowbrook who committed five turnovers in a shutout loss against Hopewell?

Midlothian at #8 Monacan, 7:30pm: The next to last game for the 7-1 Chiefs, who finish their season next week with Manchester. They begin play in sixth place in 4A East, and will likely need a pair of wins to guarantee a home game in the first round of the playoffs. Caroline likely won't upset Chancellor, but Powhatan will have their hands full with Albemarle. A Patriot win helps Monacan get closer to the top four. But first things first, Midlothian has improved as the season has gone on, and know that tonight's game is their last best chance to finally find a way to catch Courtland for the eighth and final playoff bid in 4A East (Conferences 19/20). They need #6 King George to beat #7 Courtland, as well as the upset of the Chiefs. That will be difficult, since Monacan, even at 7-1, has much work to do. If Monacan had a home game in the first round already clinched, maybe you catch them on an off night. Now, you have to hope you do. Also hurting Midlothian is Courtland having a game in hand.

Central-Lunenburg at #9 Goochland, 7pm: The Bulldogs are on a roll, plain and simple, but can't seem to wrestle the top seed in 2A East from Stuarts Draft, entering tonight in second place. Remember, Goochland's final numbers will be divided by nine games, not ten, as their game against Fork Union early on doesn't count in the VHSL standings. Tonight, a 6-1 Lunenburg squad comes calling, themselves in a dogfight in 1A East, currently in fourth place. A great test for Goochland as the playoffs approach. We'll be watching this one closely.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Atlee at #10 Patrick Henry, 7pm (Airtime 6:30pm on WHAN, 102.9 FM/1430 AM, online by CLICKING HERE, and on TuneIn Radio App on "Radiall"): This game has so many implications in the 5A North Region. First, for the visitors. Atlee, in all likelihood, saved their season with the comeback win over Henrico last week at Homecoming. They moved from 19th to 14th place in 5A North, where the top sixteen make the playoffs regardless of conference affiliation. But they need more, including a victory tonight. Just behind them are Stafford and Potomac, both playing upper echelon teams in the region in #1 Brooke Point and #6 North Stafford respectively. Upset wins by either, or both, coupled with an Atlee loss, and the Raiders could be back on the outside looking in with just Varina and winless Armstrong left on the schedule. We believe 6-4 would get Atlee in the postseason, barring major upsets elsewhere. But Patrick Henry has no interest in that; in fact, tonight they look to beat Atlee for the first time since 2008, which, by the way, was the last time the Patriots won at least seven games, going 8-2. In the Raiders' seven-game win streak, last year's 34-20 loss was the closest game in the series during that time. But Patrick Henry needs wins to not only clinch a playoff bid, but they still harbor hopes of hosting a first round game, something the Patriots haven't done in 15 years. Defense and special teams are key for both teams in what should be an excellent game.

#11 Benedictine at Woodberry Forest, Saturday, 2pm: This will be the Cadets' toughest remaining test of the regular season, as Woodberry Forest enters this game on a roll. They don't play, however, in the VISAA postseason, so the Cadets, who enter the game tied for first with Flint Hill in Division I, can take a loss and still be comfortable with upcoming postseason positioning. A Benedictine win would help them draw a lot closer to home field advantage in their state championship quest.

James River at Cosby, 7:30pm: Again, this rivalry matchup has major, major 6A South Region postseason implications. Two years ago, the Rapids went to Cosby and won 13-6. Last year, Cosby returned the favor in The Swamp by a 20-2 count. Tonight, James River enters play 6th in the eight-team sub-region of Conferences 3 and 4, only .571 of a point ahead of #7 Cosby. The winner takes a major step towards the postseason, while the loser suddenly is fighting with idle #8 CD Hylton for the final berth, and, if Forest Park can upset Freedom-Prince William, suddeny, it's three teams for two berths. A Forest Park loss tonight, and both teams here can breathe. A bit. Both have major tests in two weeks as James River hosts L.C. Bird, while Cosby has a trip to Manchester.

Varina at Armstrong, 7pm: The Blue Devils are significantly behind the top four teams in 5A South Central, and won't make much hay with a win over a winless Wildcats squad. But a win tonight does draw them closer to their first playoff bid since 2013, and, right now, that's all Stu Brown and company care about. Get a win, keep everyone healthy, and get ready for Atlee, and then, incoming Highland Springs in two weeks.

Hopewell at Matoaca, 7pm: How many times have we used the terms "big" or "huge". This is the second of three major Central District affairs, as Hopewell is fighting for the #1 seed in their eight-team bracket in 3A East, as the homestanding Warriors enter tonight in the 5A South Central top eight, just a point out of fifth place (Varina). If Matoaca wins tonight, Highland Springs beats Henrico, and Varina wins, Matoaca could suddenly find themselves in 5th place with two games to play. Another MVP candidate this year in the Central Region is, no doubt, Terrance Whitfield. He simply makes big plays, and will need to do so again tonight. When it comes to making the postseason, plain and simple, Matoaca needs this win a lot more than Hopewell. Hopewell is playing for seeding, and home field, while the Warriors are playing to stay in, and improve their position in, their race.

Hanover at Lee-Davis, 7pm: The Confederates play from outside of our Big 12 Poll for the first time, facing a rival who has had absolutely nothing seemingly go right this season, save a fourth quarter comeback win in Game #2 at J.R. Tucker. Now, the Hawks, at 1-6, have to finish the season without all-everything quarterback Clayton Cheatham, out for the season after being injured last week against Varina. It's time for the Hawks to plan for the future. Lee-Davis will look to restart the running game, shut down last week by Highland Springs. A healthy dose of Nate Evans and ball control is the formula Lee-Davis needs, and the Confederates need this win. One upset victory tonight by Mills Godwin, Deep Run, or Meadowbrook, and Lee-Davis may find themselves 6-2 and out of the top eight in 5A South Central with Henrico and the 58th Tomato Bowl at Patrick Henry still to come.

Prince George at Petersburg, 7:30pm: Prince George must win to keep its slim playoff hopes alive in 5A South Central, and they need no upsets, no Deep Run, Meadowbrook, or Mills Godwin victories. The Royals need things to hold to form, and a win, or hopes may die. For Petersburg, after a 2-0 start, they need a win for confidence as the playoffs approach. It's possible the Wave could end 2-8 and still grab a bid in 3A East, but each loss brings them closer to the bottom of the eight-team sub-region race. The Royals are desperate, the Wave are in great need. Not much difference.

Thomas Jefferson at Glen Allen, 7pm: The Jaguars got their first win last week, now look for a winning streak as the Vikings come calling, but TJ has SO much to play for. A win tonight could draw Thomas Jefferson not only into the 3A East Playoffs (Conferences 26/28), but they could be playing for a HOME game in the first round of the postseason. We're honestly not sure the last time Thomas Jefferson hosted a playoff game, most likely it happened during the "consolidation" era back in the 1980's when they played as "Jefferson-Huguenot-Wythe". Jaguar fans need to understand this is not your typical Thomas Jefferson team. They will be ready, for they have much to play for. Glen Allen, much like Clover Hill above, are playing to build for 2017 and beyond.

J.R. Tucker at John Marshall, Saturday, 1pm: Two teams, 0-7 and 1-6, just needing a win for a positive push towards the end of the season, though the Justices still hold out hope, yes, for a playoff berth in 3A East. They're rooting for Prince George to beat Petersburg, L.C. Bird to win, and a Culpeper County loss all on Friday night.

Albemarle at Powhatan, 7:30pm
Louisa at Monticello, 7:30pm
Collegiate at Fork Union, 7:30pm
Bishop Ireton at St. Christopher's, 3pm Saturday
King and Queen Central at Charles City, 7pm
New Kent at Warhill, 7pm


Conference tournaments begin, for the last time, in field hockey on Monday. Here's the schedules, brackets and results as we have them. Bookmark this page and refer to it for the next week as they road to regional play begins!

CONFERENCE 3 (all matches played on Field #5 of River City SportsPlex, finalists advance to 6A South Region Tournament)

Monday 10/24:
Quarterfinal: #4 James River 6, #5 Thomas Dale 1

Tuesday 10/25:
Semifinal: #1 Cosby 3, #4 James River 2
Semifinal: #2 Clover Hill 3, #3 Manchester 0

Wednesday 10/26:
Championship: #1 Cosby 2, #2 Clover Hill 1

CONFERENCE 11 (all matches played at Douglas Freeman High School, finalists advance to 5A South Region Tournament)

Monday 10/24:
Quarterfinal #1: #3 Lee-Davis 2, #6 J.R. Tucker 1
Quarterfinal #2: #4 Mills Godwin 3, #5 Glen Allen 0

Tuesday 10/25:
Semifinal #1: #1 Deep Run 2, #4 Mills Godwin 0
Semifinal #2: #2 Douglas Freeman 3, #3 Lee-Davis 1

Thursday 10/27:
Championship: #1 Deep Run 4, #2 Douglas Freeman 0

CONFERENCE 12 (all matches played at River City SportsPlex, finalists advance to 5A South Region Tournament)

Monday 10/24:
Quarterfinal: #4 Highland Springs 4, #5 Varina 0

Tuesday 10/25:
Semifinal #1: #1 Prince George 15, #4 Highland Springs 0
Semifinal #2: #2 Matoaca 3, #3 L.C. Bird 0

Wednesday 10/26:
Championship: #1 Prince George 4, #2 Matoaca 0

CONFERENCE 16 (all matches played at higher seeds; top three schools advance to 5A North Region Tournament)

Monday 10/24:
Semifinal: #1 Albemarle 2, #4 Orange 0
Semifinal: #3 Patrick Henry 2, #2 Atlee 1

Wednesday 10/26:
Championship: #1 Albemarle 3, #3 Patrick Henry 0
Third Place Game: #2 Atlee 1, #4 Orange 0

CONFERENCE 20 (all matches played at River City SportsPlex, Field #7)

Monday 10/24:
Semifinal #1: #1 Midlothian 6, #4 Monacan 2
Semifinal #2: #2 Powhatan 6, #3 Hanover 0

Tuesday 10/25:
Championship: #1 Midlothian 2, #2 Powhatan 1 (OT)

(Tournaments below part of the new Class "1A--3A" Tournament that has broken away from 4A, who now has their own state championship tournament in November)

CONFERENCE 25/26 (NOTE: Semifinals, Championship at Poquoson Middle School)

Monday 10/24:
Quarterfinal: #5 Colonial Heights 1, #4 Hopewell 0
Quarterfinal: #6 Spotsylvania 1, #3 New Kent 0
Quarterfinal: #2 Warhill 6, #7 Southampton 0

Tuesday 10/25:
Semifinal #1: #1 Poquoson d. #5 Colonial Heights
Semifinal #2: #2 Warhill 1, #6 Spotsylvania 0

Thursday 10/27:
Championship: #1 Poquoson 6, #2 Warhill 1

CONFERENCE 33/35/41/43 (all matches at higher seed)

Monday 10/24:
First Round: #4 Bruton 3, #5 Northumberland 0

Tuesday 10/25:
Semifinal #1: #1 George Mason 2, #4 Bruton 0
Semifinal #2: #2 Maggie Walker GS, #3 Northampton 0

Thursday 10/27:
Championship: #2 Maggie Walker GS 2, #1 George Mason 0

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

LISTEN LIVE LINK: Game of The Week Boys Volleyball: Lee-Davis at Hanover

CLICK HERE to listen live as the Confederates battle the Hawks tonight at 7pm only on RVA Sports Network's Tuesday Night Volleyball Game of The Week!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dinwiddie Atop NBC12/RVA Sports Network Big 12 High School Football Poll

After being the bridesmaid for several weeks, the Generals grab the top spot in the newest NBC12/RVA Sports Network Big 12 High School Football Poll released tonight on NBC12 News at Six. Two teams who were in the survey previously make their return, while Hermitage is rewarded with their big win over previous #1 Manchester back on Friday.

1) Dinwiddie (7-0, was #2, vs. Colonial Heights)
2) Hermitage (6-1, was #4, at Mills Godwin)
3) L.C. Bird (6-1, was #3, vs. George Wythe)
4) Highland Springs (6-1, was #5, at #12 Henrico)
5) Manchester (6-1, was #1, at Clover Hill)
6) Douglas Freeman (7-0, was #6, vs. Deep Run)
7) Thomas Dale (5-2, was #8, at Meadowbrook)
8) Monacan (7-1, was #7, vs. Midlothian)
9) Goochland (8-0, was #12, vs. Central-Lunenburg)
10) Patrick Henry (6-1, returning, vs. Atlee) (Game of The Week on WHAN 102.9 FM/RVA Sports Network)
11) Benedictine (5-1, returning, at Woodberry Forest, Saturday)
12) Henrico (5-2, was #9, vs. #4 Highland Springs)

Dropping Out: Lee-Davis (5-2, was #10)
Also Receiving Votes: Varina (4-3)

(#4 Highland Springs defenders bring down Lee-Davis tailback Nate Evans in Springers' 49-21 win last Friday on the Game of The Week.)

New VHSL Football Standings

Week 8 produced some significant changes in several regions as the new Virginia High School League (VHSL) Rider Point standings are released Monday afternoon. They are listed below with a synopsis of each region.

Coming Tuesday afternoon, Rob Witham will have the most in-depth analysis of each region, and each team in RVA fighting for the postseason on a new edition of our "Central Region Now!" podcast, exclusively from RVA Sports Network.

NOTE: Point averages are determined by number of points earned divided by VHSL games played.


6A SOUTH (Conferences 3/4, top eight teams qualify)

1) Colonial Forge 31.375 (7-1, vs. Woodbridge)
2) Manchester 30.571 (6-1, at Clover Hill)
3) Riverbend 28.5 (5-3, vs. Gar-Field)
4) Thomas Dale 28.143 (5-2, at Meadowbrook)
5) Freedom-PW 27.286 (5-2, at Forest Park)
6) James River 26.571 (4-3, at Cosby)
7) Cosby 26.0 (4-3, vs. James River)
8) CD Hylton 25.750 (5-3, BYE)
9) Forest Park 23.571 (vs. Freedom-PW)
10) Woodbridge 21.857 (at Colonial Forge)

NOTES: The Lancers lose almost half a point, as Colonial Forge's win over CD Hylton was enough to send them to first place with three weeks left, but, Forge only has two games left, this Friday at home to Woodbridge, and at Freedom-PW November 4th. A Manchester win over Monacan next Friday could return them to the top spot. Overall in 6A South, Oscar Smith leads by 1.3 points over Colonial Forge, with Cox next, then Manchester. Thomas Dale holds steady at fourth position even by gaining a point. Riverbend's win over Freedom-PW was huge, vaulting them from fifth to third. And, here we go again! Friday's James River at Cosby matchup will have significant playoff implications. The loser could fall below CD Hylton, even though they have a bye, depending upon how many rider points they earn on the sidelines by teams they have defeated. A Forest Park upset of Freedom-PW changes everything in the bottom half. If Woodbridge shocks Colonial Forge, all bets are off.

5A SOUTH (Central Sub-Region, Conferences 11/12, top eight teams qualify)

1) L.C. Bird 30.571 (6-1, vs. George Wythe)
2) Hermitage 28.571 (6-1, at Mills Godwin)
3) Highland Springs 28.429 (6-1, at Henrico)
4) Douglas Freeman 28.286 (7-0, vs. Deep Run)
5) Varina 25.714 (4-3, at Armstrong)
6) Henrico 25.286 (5-2, vs. Highland Springs)
7) Matoaca 24.714 (4-3, vs. Hopewell)
8) Lee-Davis 24.0 (5-2, vs. Hanover)
9) Mills Godwin 23.0 (4-3, vs. Hermitage)
10) Deep Run 22.857 (4-3, at Douglas Freeman)
11) Meadowbrook 22.429 (3-4, vs. Thomas Dale)
12) Prince George 21.286 (3-4, at Petersburg)

NOTES: Look for L.C. Bird's lead, which grew from 1.3 points to 2 points this week, to shrink even with a win over one-win George Wythe. Hermitage gets a four-win Mills Godwin, Highland Springs gets 5-2 Henrico, and Douglas Freeman gets a Deep Run team suddenly 4-3. The past two years, this game hurt the Rebels, as the Wildcats weren't nearly as successful. In fact, Deep Run harbors hopes of an upset which would vault them into the race with two weeks to go. The Eagles harbor the same hopes to knock off the Panthers. Overall in 5A South, the Skyhawks are tied with Hampton at #1, Salem-Virginia Beach is third, over one-half point ahead of Hermitage. It is Varina's turn to face winless Armstrong in the Capital this week, which gives Matoaca a chance to rise with a win over a 5-2 Hopewell squad. Lee-Davis usually gets a shot at big points with a win over Hanover, but this year, the Hawks are 1-6. The Confederates need Hermitage, Douglas Freeman, and Thomas Dale to win, and they wouldn't mind a Hopewell win over Matoaca and a Highland Springs win over Henrico to position Lee-Davis to grab big points the final two weeks, hosting Henrico, then heading to Patrick Henry for The Tomato Bowl. Prince George must win at Petersburg to stay in the conversation next week, and Meadowbrook's fate is almost as tenuous, though their strength of schedule will help them have a prayer even with a loss to Thomas Dale Friday.

5A NORTH (Top 16 teams qualify, all conferences in)

1) Brooke Point 32.0 (7-0, at Stafford)
2T) Massaponax 29.571 (6-1, vs. Mountain View)
       Potomac Falls 29.571 (6-1, at J.E.B. Stuart)
4) Stone Bridge 28.429 (5-2, vs. Tuscarora)
5) PH-Roanoke 27.286 (6-1, at Salem)
6T) Albemarle 27.143 (5-2, at Powhatan)
       North Stafford 27.143 (5-2, vs. Potomac)
8) Broad Run 26.857 (5-2, at Oakton)
9) Patrick Henry 26.286 (6-1, vs. Atlee)
10) Tuscarora 26.125 (5-3, at Stone Bridge)
11) Briar Woods 24.250 (3-5, at Chantilly)
12) Falls Church 24.0 (5-2, vs. Thomas Edison)
13) Orange 23.714 (4-3, vs. Charlottesville)
14) Atlee 23.143 (3-4, at Patrick Henry)
15) Stafford 22.571 (3-4, vs. Brooke Point)
16) Potomac 22.286 (3-4, vs. at North Stafford)
17) J.E.B. Stuart 21.857 (4-3, vs. Potomac Falls)
18) Mountain View 20.857 (2-5, at Massaponax)
19) R.E. Lee/Staunton 19.714 (2-5, vs TJ/Alexandria)

NOTES: Atlee returns to the top sixteen thanks to the Homecoming Miracle of 2016, beating Henrico. The Raiders would love Henrico to beat Highland Springs, which would give them a critical bonus rider point. It's beginning to look like the one team outside the top sixteen with the best chance of getting back in, and ruining someone's season, is J.E.B. Stuart, but they face a tall task Friday hosting Potomac Falls. For Patrick Henry, a win over winless Armstrong hurts, as the strength of schedule up north is now flexing its muscle, with teams like Massaponax, Potomac Falls and North Stafford distancing themselves, making it harder for the Patriots to finish in the top eight. A Powhatan win over Albemarle, and a struggling Potomac beating North Stafford helps Patrick Henry if they can beat Atlee. If Potomac wins and Atlee loses, bad news for the Raiders. Patrick Henry last hosted a playoff game in 2001. Their last eight playoff games, dating back to the 2001 Group AAA State Semifinals, have been on the road.

4A EAST (Conferences 19/20, top eight teams qualify)

1) Dinwiddie 30.0 (7-0, vs. Colonial Heights)
2) Eastern View 28.857 (7-0, at Liberty-Bealton)
3) Louisa 28.143 (6-1, at Monticello)
4) Chancellor 27.857 (5-2, vs. Caroline)
5) Powhatan 26-857 (6-1, vs. Albemarle)
6) Monacan 26.750 (7-1, vs. Midlothian)
7) King George 24.857 (6-1, at Courtland)
8) Courtland 21.429 (3-4, vs. King George)
9) Midlothian 19.875 (2-6, at Monacan)
10) Huguenot 19.750 (2-6, BYE)

NOTES: Dinwiddie finally gets the top spot thanks to Western Albemarle's upset of Louisa, who only drop to third. Monacan gains over a half-point but fall two places, with the Chiefs beating a one-win George Wythe team while Chancellor defeated a five-win James Monroe team and Powhatan defeated a four-win Charlottesville squad. Dinwiddie is favored against Colonial Heights this Friday and Petersburg next Friday, then have to go to Meadowbrook November 4th in a game where the Monarchs could be playing for their playoff lives. Eastern View has their last road game Friday, at Liberty-Bealton (3-4), hoping the Generals will slip somewhere. King George can permanently separate themselves from Courtland for at least the seventh seed when they meet each other Friday. Midlothian hopes for a titanic upset of Monacan, which should take them over Courtland, unless they upset King George. Huguenot's comeback win over Clover Hill draws them almost even with Midlothian, and not out of the conversation, but their schedule is unfavorable with a bye, L.C. Bird, then 1-6 George Wythe to finish the season.

3A EAST (Conferences 26/28, top eight teams qualify)

1) Brentsville District 23.571 (6-1, at Kettle Run)
2) Hopewell 22.714 (5-2, at Matoaca)
3) James Monroe 21.143 (5-2, at Spotsylvania)
4) William Monroe 19.286 (4-3, at Central-Woodstock)
5) Thomas Jefferson 18.8333 (3-3, at Glen Allen)
6) Petersburg 17.714 (2-5, vs. Prince George)
7) George Wythe 16.857 (1-6, at L.C. Bird)
8) Culpeper County 16.571 (2-5, vs. Manassas Park)
9) Spotsylvania 15.286 (1-6, vs. James Monroe)
10) John Marshall 15.0 (1-6, vs. J.R. Tucker, Saturday, 1pm)

NOTES: Hopewell cuts Brentsville's advantage at the top almost in half to under a point with three weeks to go. A Blue Devils win at Matoaca, even with a Brentsville win over two-win Kettle Run, could shave that advantage down even further. James Monroe's loss Friday strengthens Hopewell's position in second place, gaining over a point. Thomas Jefferson drops a spot from fourth (a home game in round one) to fifth (a road game). They go to Glen Allen, but at a bad time, as the Jaguars will have momentum finally coming off their first win of the season. Petersburg can possibly move up with a home win over Prince George, plus, they need to end their five-game winning streak. Spotsylvania overtakes John Marshall for ninth as John Marshall's playoff hopes begin to fade.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: In 2A East, Goochland is now #2 at 22.571 points, behind Stuarts Draft (23.143). Both teams, for #VHSL purposes, are 7-0. Goochland's win over Fork Union earlier this year does not count in the standings since Fork Union is a VISAA school.

King William, now 4-3, has risen to 11th in 2A East at 16.714 points, just two points out of eighth place. The top eight teams in 2A East host first round games, as the region is a 16-team "all in" bracket regardless of conference. Amelia is tied for 14th with Robert E. Lee/Staunton at 16.143 points.

In 1A East, Essex is now in 10th place with 17 points and a record of 2-5. Charles City is in the 16th and final playoff slot at 12.857 points, just ahead of both West Point and Mathews, both at 12.714 points.

LISTEN LIVE LINK: #1 Atlee at Mills Godwin Boys Volleyball

CLICK HERE to listen live to a huge late-season boys volleyball encounter when #1 Atlee begins a busy week at Mills Godwin on a special Monday edition of the RVA Sports Network High School Volleyball Game of The Week, airtime tonight at 7pm!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

THE WEEK AHEAD: Biggest Games in Fall Sports

As field hockey winds down, volleyball hits the homestretch, and football gets to Week 9, here's a look at some of the bigger matchups in the week ahead in the Central Region.


Boys Volleyball:
#1 Atlee at Mills Godwin, 7pm (LISTEN LIVE HERE on RVA Sports Network)
#2 James River at #6 Thomas Dale, 7:15pm

Field Hockey:
#1 Deep Run at #6 Douglas Freeman, 6:45pm


Boys Volleyball:
#1 Atlee at #5 Patrick Henry, 7pm
Colonial Heights at #4 Monacan, 6pm
Lee-Davis at Hanover, 7pm (LISTEN LIVE HERE on RVA Sports Network)

Field Hockey:
#1 Deep Run at Mills Godwin, 6:45pm

Competition Cheer:
Conference 12 Tournament, 7pm, Prince George HS


Boys Volleyball:
Colonial Heights at Hanover, 6pm

Field Hockey:
#5 Clover Hill at #2 Midlothian, 7pm
Lee-Davis at Glen Allen, 6:45pm

Competition Cheer:
Conference 11 Tournament, 7pm at Deep Run HS


Boys Volleyball:
#4 Monacan at Cosby, 7pm

Field Hockey:
#3 Prince George at #4 Cosby, 7pm


Hermitage at Mills Godwin, 7pm
Highland Springs at Henrico, 7pm
Deep Run at Douglas Freeman, 7pm
Thomas Dale at Meadowbrook, 7pm
Atlee at Patrick Henry, 7pm
Hopewell at Matoaca, 7pm
James River at Cosby, 7:30pm

Latest Super 6 Polls: Volleyball and Field Hockey

With one week left in field hockey's regular season, and two weeks left in volleyball, there are some changes in our latest RVA Sports Network Super 6 Polls.


1) Atlee (was #1)
2) James River (was #2)
3) Douglas Freeman (was #3)
4) Monacan (was #6)
5) Patrick Henry (returning)
6) Thomas Dale (new)

Dropping Out: Clover Hill, Mills Godwin


1) Powhatan (was #1)
2) Deep Run (was #2)
3) Mills Godwin (was #3)
4) Goochland (was #4)
5) Hanover (was #5)
6) Matoaca (returning)

Dropping Out: Atlee


1) Deep Run (was #1)
2) Midlothian (was #2)
3) Prince George (was #4)
4) Cosby (was #5)
5) Clover Hill (was #3)
6) Douglas Freeman (was #6)

Friday, October 14, 2016


#4 Hermitage 28, #1 Manchester 7

#2 Dinwiddie 48, Prince George 12

#3 L.C. Bird 35, Cosby 6

#5 Highland Springs 49, #10 Lee-Davis 21

#6 Douglas Freeman 34, J.R. Tucker 19

#7 Monacan 67, George Wythe 0

#8 Thomas Dale 42, Petersburg 12

Atlee 28, #9 Henrico 25

Western Albemarle 38, #11 Louisa 30

#12 Goochland 45, Nottoway 16

Glen Allen 55, John Marshall 6

Matoaca 33, Meadowbrook 28

Deep Run 21, Mills Godwin 14

Varina 41, Hanover 0

Patrick Henry 55, Armstrong 12

James River 27, Midlothian 12

Hopewell 55, Colonial Heights 28

Collegiate 41, St. John Paul the Great 6

St. Christopher's 35, Paul VI 0

Huguenot 42, Clover Hill 35

Amelia 31, Buckingham 8

King George 35, Caroline 0

Colonial Beach 23, Essex 15

Powhatan 28, Charlottesville 15

King William 49, Mathews 12

Roanoke Catholic 50, Richmond Christian 6

Smithfield 21, New Kent 14

Out-Of-Town Playoff Scoreboard

Colonial Forge 28, C.D Hylton 27
Riverbend 28, Freedom-PW 13

Eastern View 37, Brentsville District 14
Chancellor 24, James Monroe 7
King George 35, Caroline 0
Courtland 64, Spotsylvania 0

Eastern View 37, Brentsville District 14
Chancellor 24, James Monroe 7
Liberty 21, Culpeper County 6

Brooke Point 62, Mountain View 41
Massaponax 37, Potomac 7
Orange 56, Monticello 35
Potomac Falls 17, Briar Woods 14
North Stafford 17, Stafford 7
Falls Church 48, TJ/Alexandria 0
Albemarle 41, Fluvanna 20
R.E. Lee-Staunton d. George Marshall
J.E.B. Stuart d. Wakefield

LISTEN LIVE LINK: #10 Lee-Davis at #5 Highland Springs

CLICK HERE to listen live starting at 6:30 as #10 Lee-Davis battles #5 Highland Springs on our Game of The Week! Also heard on WHAN Radio, 102.9 FM and 1430 AM and on the TuneIn Radio App on "Radiall"!

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Obviously, two "Big 12 Poll" showdowns loom large this week, but there are some other games that, in the scheme of the race to the playoffs, could turn out to be season makers or season-breakers, as we break out the jackets and sweatshirts for our first Friday night of action that will be played in actual football weather, as temperatures will fall through the 50's as you enjoy your game!

WHAN Radio/RVA Sports Network Game of The Week: #10 Lee-Davis (5-1) at #5 Highland Springs (5-1), 7pm

(LISTEN LIVE on 102.9 FM/1430 AM, online by clicking HERE, on @TuneIn App on "Radiall")

Last year, when 6-0 and sky high, Lee-Davis welcomed Highland Springs to Mechanicsville, and the Springers rolled to a 42-0 victory. The Confederates learned from the experience, and, when finding themselves going to Kreiter Stadium for the second round of the 5A South playoffs a month later, made the rematch a heavyweight slugfest, matching the Springers score for score before falling short at 41-34. Lee-Davis quarterback Zach Lass steps on Kreiter's field for the first time, but tailback Nate Evans and most of his offensive line do not. They know what it takes to stay with the defending state champions. But Juwan Carter and his latest group of talented skill players are looking to continue their push towards the top of the 5A South Central playoff race. Look for Aaron Motley, Tavien Blackwell, and the Springer front seven on defense to decide this one. They want to stop Evans and force Lass to the passing game.

NBC12 Game of The Week: #1 Manchester (6-0) at #4 Hermitage (5-1), 7pm

First, kudos to both Manchester head coach Tom Hall and Hermitage head coach Patrick Kane and their respective schools for agreeing to this regular season series, made available when the Virginia High School League (VHSL) allowed schools within districts two or more classifications apart to cease playing each other if it were in the best interests of both schools. After 2014, Hermitage dropped Thomas Jefferson, and were able to add Manchester, whom they defeated in the 2014 5A South Central playoffs, ending Manchester's perfect season two years ago. The Panthers also won the first regular season meeting in the series last year. Woody Winborn leads Hermitage, improving with each game at quarterback. In fact, those eighteen new starters, as a unit, are much better than they were opening night. But so is Manchester, who fought off a pesky Midlothian squad last week, pulling away for a 54-26 victory. If the Lancers really want to show they are serious contenders for a 6A State Championship, the way to do it is go to Chester Fritz Stadium and win. Bryce Hall, Frank Boyd and company will look to do just that. This game could be everything from a shootout to a 14-13 grinder. Turnovers will be critical. Limit them, and you'll likely win.

Matoaca (3-3) at Meadowbrook (3-3), 7pm

Neither team is ranked, but this game is huge when it comes to the playoff race in 5A South Central. Matoaca's win over Petersburg vaulted the Warriors over Mills Godwin and into the eighth and final postseason spot, while Meadowbrook's shutout loss at Hopewell last week sent the Monarchs tumbling from sixth to tenth place. This Central District battle is simple: win and you take a step closer to the playoffs, lose and the hill to climb to the playoffs becomes a mountain, especially if Varina and Mills Godwin also win this week. Meadowbrook must keep the football, something they couldn't do at Merner Field last Friday. Terrance Whitfield needs to see the ball for Matoaca, as he can change the complexion of a game on a single play.

Mills Godwin (4-2) at Deep Run (3-3), 7pm

This is another huge 5A South Central matchup, as well as a good ol' fashioned West End rivalry. The 2006 Region Championship team will come home for recognition, and a new generation of Wildcats will look to make them proud, as Deep Run, though entering the game 12th in 5A South Central, could vault into the playoff discussion with a victory. The formula is simple: stop the Mills Godwin rushing attack, specifically, Wesley Dugger, who is approaching 1,300 yards of rushing offense going into his seventh game. Note, last week, even though Dugger rushed for 200 plus yards at home against J.R. Tucker, the Tigers held the Eagles to just 13 points. Bend but not break should be the Wildcat defensive mantra, keeping the game between the 20's when on defense. For Mills Godwin, a win is necessary because of the weakness of the Colonial District when compared to other 5A South Central teams who play in districts with better strength of schedules, like Lee-Davis and Varina in the Capital, Matoaca, Meadowbrook, and Prince George in the Central.

#2 Dinwiddie (6-0) at Prince George (3-3), 7:30pm

The Generals begin life without Joseph Tyree, out for the year with an injury suffered in the Generals' hard-fought 28-19 win over #8 Thomas Dale last week. Bryce Witt is playing the best football of his tenure as Dinwiddie quarterback, and will need to continue to perform at a high level. An opportunistic defense will want to force turnovers for the Generals, while, for the Royals, they must play close to a perfect game if they want to pull off a massive upset, and, by doing so, send the 5A South Central playoff race into a tizzy. Prince George is, too, on the outside looking in like Mills Godwin, Meadowbrook, and Deep Run, but a win over a 6-0 Generals team changes everything.

Cosby (4-2) at #3 L.C. Bird (6-1), 7:30pm

The Titans try, again, for that elusive win over the Skyhawks, but even more important for Cosby is trying to solidify their positioning in the 6A South Region playoffs. In Conferences 3/4, the Titans enter the game in sixth place in an eight-team race at 26.0 points, with C.D. Hylton (25.714) and James River (25.0) nipping at their heels. A loss in Chester makes the rivalry game next week at home against the Rapids monumental in 6A South. Meanwhile, the Skyhawks have first place in the rugged 5A South Central sub-region, and do not want to let it go. They know how crucial it is to be hosting on frigid Friday nights in November, and another loss would likely eliminate that possibility. So, expect plenty of Shedrick McCall with the ball, and a stingy Bird defense making life tough for Joe Hunt and the Titans. The Titans' offensive line must win the war to give Hunt holes, and Cosby a chance.

#6 Douglas Freeman (6-0) at J.R. Tucker (0-6), 7pm

The Rebels won't take the Tigers lightly. Tucker should have a home win over Hanover, but let it slip away back in early September. They almost pulled the shocker at Mills Godwin's homecoming last Friday. They'd love nothing more than give Douglas Freeman their first loss. Look for Tanner Dobrucky, who isn't getting nearly the press and recognition that he deserves, to be a key for the Rebels. Ball control, long drives, and cashing in with Dobrucky and company whenever you're in the red zone. That's the key to moving the Rebels to 7-0 and closer to their eventual showdowns with arch rival Mills Godwin in two weeks and Hermitage in the regular season finale. They're rooting for Cosby to shock L.C. Bird, too, so they could return to the top seed in 5A South Central.

George Wythe (1-5) at #7 Monacan (6-1), 7:30pm

Monacan bounced back from their loss at L.C. Bird by dismantling James River, which was a surprising result given the recent success of the Rapids. The Chiefs reminded everyone that they will have much to say about the results of the upcoming 4A East Region playoffs, where they are currently seeded fourth behind three unbeatens: Louisa, Dinwiddie, and Eastern View. The Chiefs should have no problem at home Friday. Their biggest concerns are continuing to execute crisper and avoid injuries.

Petersburg (2-4) at #8 Thomas Dale (4-2), 7pm

The Knights have lost to two of the top three teams in our poll: Dinwiddie and L.C. Bird. Remember, the Knights were the last team from RVA playing in 6A South, making it to the state semifinals a year ago, and they have the talent to do that again, as a matchup between Thomas Dale and Manchester would be fascinating. But, first things first, the Knights need to start a new winning streak by holding serve at home against a Petersburg team that, while they are still in the 3A East playoffs if they were to start today, has lost four straight games, and need a win mentally more than anything else. A win over Thomas Dale would also give them the significant bonus points in the VHSL standings needed to be in the discussion for at least one home playoff game.

#9 Henrico (5-1) at Atlee (2-4), 7pm

Henrico wants this game, as they are in a dogfight for a top four seed, and thus, a home game in the first round of the 5A South playoffs, but Atlee needs this game. Having lost two straight, the Raiders celebrate homecoming with an air of desperation, really needing to go 3-1 in their last four games to make a run at a 5A North playoff berth. After this game, Atlee goes to Patrick Henry, then faces Varina before ending with winless Armstrong. This is the toughest of the contests, but if Atlee's defense can contain Henrico QB Jalon Jones, and if their freshman QB Tyler Warren can be more accurate in the passing game, that will force Henrico to defend the whole field, and not try to simply bottle up the Atlee running game. Turnovers will loom large here, too. A quick note for Raider fans, Reid Childers' 35 yard field goal against Lee-Davis last week was important. He can be an option with the game on the line as long as you make the red zone.

#11 Louisa (6-0) at Western Albemarle (2-4), 7:30pm

The Lions get the big win at Powhatan last week, stay unbeaten, but have Dinwiddie catch them in the VHSL standings in 4A East, Conferences 19/20. Wins by both teams tonight and Dinwiddie will surpass them in next week's standings, thanks to the Generals playing a higher classification team (Prince George in 5A) with three wins instead of the two Western Albemarle holds. Western is in a fight for the playoffs in 3A, so an upset at home over an unbeaten Lion squad could save their season. Louisa must make sure this doesn't become one of those "trap" games after a big victory.

#12 Goochland (7-0) at Nottoway (1-5), 7pm

The Bulldogs are rolling, but can't seem to shake Stuarts Draft to get that top seed in 2A East. They'll try again this week at a Nottoway squad who is struggling through their James River District schedule.

Armstrong (0-6) at Patrick Henry (5-1), 7pm

Homecoming is tonight in Ashland, and the Patriots can work on a new winning streak and trying to keep themselves in the top eight in 5A North as they face the winless Wildcats. This is a game where you want to take care of business early, allow your starters to come out, avoiding injury, enjoy a running clock in the second half, and get out with a win, unscathed, so you can start to focus on the homestretch, hosting Atlee, going to Highland Springs, then hosting Lee-Davis in The 58th Tomato Bowl.

Glen Allen (0-6) at John Marshall (1-5), 4pm

The Justices have been in ninth place in 3A East, Conferences 26/28 for three weeks now. They need a win to draw closer to a playoff bid. This is their best chance. It can also be argued, however, that this is Glen Allen's best remaining chance to get their first win of the season, though big rival J.R. Tucker remains ahead as well.

Varina (3-3) at Hanover (1-5), 7pm

It's homecoming at Hanover, too, but it's also been a difficult season for the Hawks, who likely will miss the postseason for the first time in eleven years barring a surprising late-season run. Now, a win at home over Varina could jump start it all, and Hanover does get WR Kirk Shaffner back from injury. Shaffner was their second leading receiver in 2015, and has been on the bench all year, along with leading returning receiver Jack Chenault, due to injury. Clayton Cheatham needs more weapons, and gets one back. But will it be enough if Hanover's defense can't stop the dual threat of C.J. Jones and R.J. Coles for Varina, who is playing to keep their current playoff position in 5A South Central?

Midlothian (2-5) at James River (3-3), 7:30pm

This is a HUGE game! The Swamp will be rocking with a game rife with playoff implications. Jack Dash and company need a win to keep ahead of Forest Park for the eighth and final postseason spot in 6A South, while, with a win over a 6A, three-win team, Midlothian could finally catch Courtland for the eighth and final playoff spot in 4A East, Conferences 19/20. Add in the rivalry factor, and this could be the game with the most raucous, most tense atmosphere of the night, especially if the game hangs in the balance in the final minutes.


Hopewell (4-2) at Colonial Heights (0-6), 7pm
Powhatan (5-1) at Charlottesville (4-2), 7pm
King William (3-3) at Mathews (3-3), 7pm
New Kent (3-3) at Smithfield (4-2), 7pm
Clover Hill (1-5) at Huguenot (1-6), 7:30pm

Richmond Christian at Roanoke Catholic, 7pm
St. Christopher's at Paul VI, 7pm
Collegiate at St. John Paul the Great, 7pm


Benedictine at Bishop Ireton, 2pm
Woodberry Forest at Trinity Episcopal, 2pm