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Thursday, September 28, 2023



Hopewell 28, Colonial Heights 0
Nottoway 48, Cumberland 24


Patrick Henry 27, Hanover 21
Glen Allen 35, Douglas Freeman 7
Mills Godwin 28, J.R. Tucker 6
Hermitage 36, Deep Run 0
Varina 60, Mechanicsville 0
Henrico 17, Armstrong 0
Thomas Dale 31, Dinwiddie 28

Cosby 49, Richmond School For The Arts 0
Huguenot 26, James River 0
Manchester 47. Monacan 20
L.C. Bird 17, Powhatan 10
Midlothian 44, Clover Hill 8

Petersburg 7, Prince George 0
Matoaca 49, Meadowbrook 6
Thomas Jefferson 62, John Marshall 0
Benedictine 35, St. Christopher's 5
Episcopal 28, Collegiate 7
Goochland 49, Charlottesville 20
Tabb 34, New Kent 0
Caroline 29, Culpeper County 20
Louisa 21, Monticello 7
Central-Woodstock 28, King William 14
Amelia 28, Nandua 12
Central-Lunenburg at Prince Edward, 7pm
Buckingham 52, Randolph-Henry 0
West Point 33, Colonial Beach 14
Essex 51, Charles City 0
Brunswick at Windsor, 7pm
Westmoreland at Madison County, 7pm
Franklin 36, Roanoke Catholic 30
Albemarle 45, Fluvanna 24
Chancellor 21, James Monroe 0
King George 21, Courtland 14
Eastern View 27, North Stafford 8
PH-Roanoke 48, Pulaski County 22
Brookville at Franklin County, 7pm
Halifax at William Fleming, 7pm
Landstown at Salem (VB), 7pm
Grassfield 13, Great Bridge 0
Nansemond River 28, Western Branch 21


Col. Richardson at Lancaster, 1pm
Surry at Greensville, 1pm
Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot at Broadwater Academy, 2pm



Mills Godwin 4, Prince George 0
Atlee 3, Thomas Dale 0
Albemarle 6, Louisa 0
Jamestown d. New Kent
Walsingham Academy 8, Saint Gertrude 1
Northumberland at Caroline, 5pm


Mechanicsville 3, Varina 0
Hermitage at Douglas Freeman, 7pm
J.R. Tucker at Hanover, 7pm
Deep Run at Maggie Walker GS, 7pm
Atlee 3, Henrico 0
Midlothian at L.C. Bird, 7pm
Manchester 3, James River 1
Colonial Heights at Meadowbrook, 7:15pm
Matoaca 3, Dinwiddie 0
Thomas Dale 3, Petersburg 0


Colonial Heights 3, Meadowbrook 0
Thomas Dale 3, Petersburg 0
Dinwiddie 3, Matoaca 1
George Wythe at Clover Hill, 6pm
Maggie Walker GS at Deep Run, 7pm
Douglas Freeman 3, Hermitage 0
Atlee 3, Henrico 0
Hanover at Highland Springs, 7pm
Mechanicsville 3, Varina 0
Armstrong at Patrick Henry, 7pm
James River 3, Manchester 0
Cosby 3, Powhatan 1
Monacan at Huguenot, 7pm
Midlothian 3, L.C. Bird 0
Saint Gertrude at Collegiate, 5:45pm
James Monroe 3, Caroline 1
Fluvanna 3, Goochland 1
New Kent 3, Lafayette 1
Albemarle 3, Louisa 2
Mathews 3, Charles City 0
Middlesex 3, King William 1
West Point 3, King & Queen Central 1

Amelia 3, Buckingham 0
Prince Edward at Cumberland, 7pm


Hopewell 28, Colonial Heights 0
Nottoway 48, Cumberland 24


Class 4, Region B Team Championship: Monacan 573, Atlee 592, Hanover 604, Eastern View 611, Courtland 613, Patrick Henry 637 (Monacan, Atlee advance to Class 4 State Team Championship)


Trinity Episcopal 6, St. Anne's-Belfield 3
Collegiate 9, Veritas School 0

St. Catherine's at Saint Gertrude, 4:30pm

Wednesday, September 27, 2023



Trinity Episcopal 8, Fork Union 0


James River 3, Mills Godwin 0


Glen Allen at Dinwiddie, 6pm
Thomas Jefferson 3, Petersburg 0
John Marshall at Maggie Walker GS, 6pm
Atlee 3, Matoaca 1
St. Catherine's 3, Midlothian 2
Trinity Episcopal 3, Steward 0


Prince George 9, Colonial Heights 0
Matoaca 4, Hopewell 0
Mills Godwin 8, Hermitage 0
Midlothian 8, L.C. Bird 0
Douglas Freeman 5, Deep Run 0
Mechanicsville at Atlee, 7pm
Hanover 2, Patrick Henry 1
Glen Allen 4, J.R. Tucker 0
Jamestown at Maggie Walker GS, 7pm
James River 7, Manchester 0
Powhatan 2, Cosby 1
Monacan 1, Clover Hill 0

Sunday, September 24, 2023



Mechanicsville vs. Hanover, 4pm, The Hollows GC


Strasburg 28, King William 21
Huguenot 26, Powhatan 22

Amelia 18, Nottoway 8
Rappahannock d. Middlesex via forfeit 


Thomas Dale 4, Hopewell 0
Prince George 2, Matoaca 0
J.R. Tucker 7, Hermitage 0
Patrick Henry 3, Mills Godwin 2 (F/OT)
Hanover at Highland Springs, 7pm
New Kent vs. Jamestown, POSTPONED to Thursday 9/28
James Monroe 6, Caroline 0


Glen Allen 3, Douglas Freeman 0
Varina at J.R. Tucker, 7pm
Hanover 3, Matoaca 0
Thomas Dale 3, Manchester 0
Lakeland at Colonial Heights, 7:15pm


Colonial Heights 3, Lakeland 0
Appomattox Regional GS 3, Charles City 0
Louisa 3, Caroline 1
Glen Allen 3, Douglas Freeman 0
Mills Godwin 3, Powhatan 0
J.R. Tucker at Varina, 7pm
Hanover 3, Matoaca 0
Heritage at Randolph-Henry, 7pm
Cumberland at Surry, 7pm
King & Queen Central at Lancaster, 7pm
West Point at Northampton, 7pm
Middlesex 3, Northumberland 1


No changes in the top half, and a little shuffling down low, as, can you believe it, we hit the halfway mark of the twelve weeks of our RVA Sports Network Super 12 High School Football Poll!


1) Highland Springs (4-1, was #1, idle this week)
2) Manchester (3-1, was #2, at Monacan Friday)
3) Thomas Dale (4-0, was #3, at #4 Dinwiddie Friday)
4) Dinwiddie (3-2, was #4, vs. #3 Thomas Dale Friday)
5) Trinity Episcopal (3-1, was #5, idle this week)
6) Varina (2-1, was #6, at Mechanicsville Friday)
7) Benedictine (4-0, was #7, vs. St. Christopher's Friday)
8) Douglas Freeman (5-0, was #8, at Glen Allen Friday)
9) Hermitage (3-1, was #11, vs. Deep Run Friday)
10) Hopewell (3-1, was #9, vs. Colonial Heights Thursday)
11) Midlothian (3-1, was #10, at Clover Hill Friday)
12) L.C. Bird (3-1, was #12, at Powhatan Friday)

ON THE CUSP: Matoaca, Hanover, Powhatan, Thomas Jefferson, Collegiate

Friday, September 22, 2023



Varina 28, Henrico 0
Dinwiddie 50, Hopewell 22

Norfolk Academy 36, St. Christopher's 29
J.R. Tucker 37, John Marshall 16
L.C. Bird 30, Richmond School For The Arts 0
Meadowbrook 18, Petersburg 13
Warhill 44, New Kent 0
West Point 47, Northampton 6
Lancaster 38, Arcadia 22
Essex 46, King & Queen Central 0
Westmoreland 57, Nandua 6
Oscar Smith 34, Grassfield 7


Patrick Henry 28, Mechanicsville 7
Hanover 21, Atlee 7
Douglas Freeman 42, Deep Run 7
Hermitage 26, Mills Godwin 6
Highland Springs 45, Riverbend 7
Cosby 28, Clover Hill 0
Powhatan at Huguenot, POSTPONED to Monday 9/25, 6pm
Manchester 55, James River 14
Thomas Dale 41, Prince George 14
Matoaca 21, Colonial Heights 6
Manassas Park at Armstrong, POSTPONED (schools determining whether they will play)
Benedictine 34, North Cross 7
Collegiate 48, Fork Union 27

Monticello 20, Goochland 7
Eastern View 45, Caroline 29
King William at Strasburg, POSTPONED to Monday 9/25, 6:30pm
Louisa 49, Western Albemarle 14
Buckingham at Central-Lunenburg, POSTPONED to Monday 9/25, 7pm
Amelia at Nottoway, POSTPONED to Monday 9/25, 7pm
Randolph-Henry 26, Cumberland 6
Surry at Brunswick, POSTPONED to Monday 9/25, 6:30pm
King George 63, James Monroe 0
Spotsylvania 28, Chancellor 26
Courtland 55, Culpeper County 0
Salem 24, PH-Roanoke 7
Albemarle 22, Orange 6


Trinity Episcopal at Episcopal, POSTPONED to Sunday 9/24, 11am
Prince Edward at Northumberland, POSTPONED to Monday 9/25, 7pm


Trinity Episcopal at Episcopal, 11am


Powhatan at Huguenot, 6pm
King William at Strasburg, 6:30pm
Amelia at Nottoway, 7pm
Rappahannock d. Middlesex via forfeit 
Surry at Brunswick, 6:30pm
Prince Edward at Northumberland, 7pm
Buckingham at Central-Lunenburg, 7pm



Trinity Episcopal 4, St. Catherine's 0
Collegiate 6, James Monroe 0
Atlee 1, Glen Allen 0
James River 2, Thomas Dale 1 (Rapids win in shootout)
Western Albemarle 3, Patrick Henry 0
Grafton 1, New Kent 0
Charlottesville 1, Louisa 1 (Charlottesville wins 3-1 in shootout)


Atlee 3, Varina 0
Deep Run 3, Hermitage 0
Glen Allen 3, James River 2
Hanover 3, Mills Godwin 0
Patrick Henry 3, Henrico 0
Manchester 3, Clover Hill 0 (150th career win for Lancers head coach Charlie Krausse!)
L.C. Bird at Cosby, 7pm
Thomas Dale 3, Matoaca 1


St. Catherine's 3, Trinity Episcopal 0
Deep Run 3, Hermitage 0
James River 3, Glen Allen 2
Hanover 3, Mills Godwin 0
Maggie Walker GS 3, J.R. Tucker 0
Atlee 3, Varina 0
Patrick Henry 3, Henrico 0
Highland Springs 3, L.C. Bird 1
Clover Hill 3, Manchester 1
Thomas Dale 3, Matoaca 1
Caroline 3, Eastern View 1
King William 3, Charles City 0

New Kent 3, Smithfield 1
Middlesex 3, West Point 1
Northumberland 3, Essex 0

Central-Lunenburg 3, Cumberland 0
Amelia 3, Randolph-Henry 0


Trinity Episcopal 1, St. Christopher's 0
Norfolk Academy 4, Steward 0


Midlothian 146, Powhatan 162, Clover Hill 178

Douglas Freeman 146, Monacan 148, Cosby 158, Atlee 163 (Charlie White (DSF) and Talon Dingledine (MON) are co-medalists with one under 35's)

Glen Allen 173, Patrick Henry 179 (Daniel Christian (GA) medalist with 40)

Wednesday, September 20, 2023



Maggie Walker GS 1, Deep Run 0
Douglas Freeman 5, Hermitage 0
Mills Godwin 8, J.R. Tucker 0
Atlee 2, Hanover 1
Patrick Henry 1, Mechanicsville 0
Cosby 5, Thomas Dale 0

Matoaca 4, Manchester 0
Powhatan 5, Monacan 0
Steward 10, Williamsburg Christian 0


Maggie Walker GS at J.R. Tucker, 7pm
L.C. Bird 3, Colonial Heights 2


Meadowbrook d. Thomas Jefferson
Colonial Heights 3, L.C. Bird 0
Monacan 3, Dinwiddie 0
Midlothian 3, Powhatan 0
Central-Lunenburg 3, Nottoway 0


Atlee 155, Mills Godwin 174
Midlothian 127, Cosby 163, L.C. Bird 179

Tuesday, September 19, 2023



Douglas Freeman 9, Highland Springs 0
New Kent 3, Bruton 1
Culpeper 2, Caroline 0

Orange 4, Louisa 0
Trinity Episcopal 5, Cape Henry Collegiate 1
Collegiate 6, Catholic (Va Beach) 1


Deep Run 3, J.R. Tucker 0
Douglas Freeman 3, Mills Godwin 2
Maggie Walker GS 3, Glen Allen 1
Hanover 3, Atlee 1
Manchester 3, Henrico 0

Patrick Henry 3, Mechanicsville 0
Cosby 3, Clover Hill 1
Midlothian 3, Monacan 1
Matoaca 3, Prince George 0
Dinwiddie 3, Petersburg 1


Dinwiddie 3, Petersburg 0
John Marshall 3, Richmond School For The Arts 1
Mills Godwin 3, Douglas Freeman 2
Hanover 3, Atlee 1
Patrick Henry 3, Mechanicsville 0
James River 3, Powhatan 1
Clover Hill 3, Cosby 2
Midlothian 3, Monacan 0
Matoaca 3, Prince George 2
St. Anne's-Belfield 3, Trinity Episcopal 2
Collegiate 3, St. Catherine's 2
Saint Gertrude at Veritas, 5:45pm
Caroline 3, Culpeper 1
Albemarle 3, Goochland 0
Poquoson 3, New Kent 1
Middlesex 3, Charles City 0
King William 3, West Point 1
Amelia 3, Cumberland 0
Randolph-Henry 3, Prince Edward 1


St. Christopher's 2, Collegiate 1
Steward 9, Peninsula Catholic 0
Fork Union at Benedictine, 4:30pm


Glen Allen 158, Atlee 162
Varina 169, Mechanicsville 186
Douglas Freeman 158, Matoaca 171, Prince George 221

Sunday, September 17, 2023


A shake-up near the top of our latest RVA Sports Network Super 12 High School Football Poll, and a little movement on the other end as well, after significant Week 4 results.


1) Highland Springs (3-1, was #1, vs. Riverbend Friday)
2) Manchester (2-1, was #3, vs. James River Friday)
3) Thomas Dale (3-0, was #4, vs. Prince George Friday)
4) Dinwiddie (2-2, was #2, vs. #9 Hopewell Friday)
5) Trinity Episcopal (2-1, was #5, at Episcopal Saturday)
6) Varina (1-1, was #6, vs. Henrico Thursday)
7) Benedictine (3-0, was #7, at North Cross Friday)
8) Douglas Freeman (4-0, was #9, vs. Deep Run Friday)
9) Hopewell (3-0, was #10, at #4 Dinwiddie Friday)
10) Midlothian (3-1, was #8, idle this week)
11) Hermitage (2-1, was #11, vs. Mills Godwin Friday)
12) L.C. Bird (2-1, was #12, vs. Richmond School For The Arts Thursday)

ON THE CUSP: St. Christopher's, Mills Godwin, Matoaca, Colonial Heights

Saturday, September 16, 2023

THE #TEAM136 REPORT: Week 3: #12 Randolph-Macon 51, Southern Virginia 10

Week two was a three-act musical complete with a light show from the heavens, a frantic trip to Food Lion, and even the rare opportunity for Randolph-Macon head football coach Pedro Arruza to see a few plays from his alma mater.

The two-plus hour lightning delay just before halftime ended caused a quick grocery trip to keep the Yellow Jackets fueled for the second half, when it started, eventually. Once back on the field, it was the home team turning in a 59-14 win over Catholic.

Today, in sun-splashed Buena Vista, on a football field that seemed to be dropped from a helicopter onto a surface hugging the base of three small mountains, the 12th ranked Yellow Jackets took to the field expecting to defeat Southern Virginia for the third time in as many meetings.

Randolph-Macon took advantage of short fields to roll out to a quick 14-0 lead, then survived a wonky second quarter, getting back on track after halftime to take care of the Knights 51-10, putting the Yellow Jackets at 3-0 heading into the bye week, with sights set on the seven-week dash that is the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) regular season.

That second quarter, when Southern Virginia decided to really turn the keys over to freshman quarterback Lachlan Haacke, the Knights pulled together a fourteen-play drive that took almost ten minutes off the clock. This portion of the game was crucial when it comes to exactly where Randolph-Macon's defense is now three games into the season.

Facing third and fourteen, a pass interference call gave the Knights a first down into Yellow Jacket territory. After a tackle for loss and a one-yard run, on third and eleven, Haacke found Isaac McMullin for a 19-yard reception. Two plays later, a roughing the passer penalty put Southern Virginia (0-3) at the Randolph-Macon 18. 

A holding call put the Knights back to the 24, but Haacke struck, on third and sixteen, hitting Jake Schenk for a 15-yard gain to the nine. After calling timeout, on fourth and one, Walter Collins grabbed six yards for a first and goal. He promptly lost those six yards on first down on a great play by Alex Biddle. But two plays later, it was Haacke's feet that ended the drive on a seven-yard scoring run.

Receivers were getting open, third downs converted (and one fourth down), with two penalties not helping the Yellow Jacket cause. Now, granted, on the ensuing possession, Drew Campanale launched a 65-yard bomb to David Wallis, who, inexplicably, got seven yards behind the Southern Virginia secondary. But the point after failed, making the score 23-7, which it was at halftime.

When asked if the Yellow Jackets had taken a step backwards during the uneven second quarter after the contest, Arruza wouldn't use that jargon, but did give a telling synopsis.

"I don't know about a step backwards. I would say this: a lot of things were exposed. We're going to have to learn a lot from this game," Arruza explained. "If you asked me whether I'd like to come out and win 75-0, I don't think so. I think this will be a little bit more of an attention-getter. I think they'll see that we need to practice with a sense of urgency."

There was certainly more urgency in the second half, as Randolph-Macon began the third quarter with a 48-yard completion to Wallis, followed by runs of four, ten, nine and four yards, scoring on a four-yard run from Mitchell Johnson. Five plays, 75 yards, in just two minutes and eight seconds.

The defense stiffened, forcing a Knights punt on their first possession. Taking over at their own 34, Randolph-Macon rolled out a classic drive, with eleven plays taking six minutes, highlighted early by Kwesi Clarke earning seventeen yards on four carries, then grabbing a Campanale pass for eight to the Knights' 34. Campanale found Holden Hodge twice, the second completion for fifteen yards to the ten, setting up Nick Hale's seventh rushing score of 2023 to essentially put the game out of reach at 37-7.

Early in the fourth, Brecht Heuchan threw a laser to the back right pylon, grabbed by Cullen Martin for a touchdown. The Yellow Jackets finished their scoring when, after an interception by Brandon Watson at the Southern Virginia 44, Cameron Chatmon took a handoff and raced up the middle scott free for a score.

The 51-10 final is more reflective of the exclamation point that was the second half, and the quick start by Randolph-Macon, scoring on drives of 27 and 40 yards. But Arruza and his staff won't soon forget when the wheels went sideways, mostly defensively, as well as a missed extra point in the second period due to a poor snap.

"Today we didn't quite feel the same level of energy," Arruza said. "As I tell the players, I'm not here to hype you guys up. I don't believe in that. That lasts for a very short time. You've got to bring your own energy. We played like we practiced. That's all there is to it. We had the really bad snap on the extra point, because of practice. We did the same thing on Thursday. The way we ran the football at times was indicative of what we did in practice. Guys have to understand; the habits you have during the week, they'll show up on Saturdays."

Let's also give credit where credit is certainly due. Randolph-Macon outscored non-conference opponents 161-33. No, it was not the tougher schedule the Yellow Jackets tried to get, but the bottom line is you must play at your best every week, not just to win, but to sharpen your iron, to survive the ups and downs of the ODAC schedule, and to show Division III followers across the nation that the respect currently being given the Yellow Jackets is warranted, and, more importantly, deserved.

Campanale was eight-of-nine for 212 yards and a score, while Heuchan went seven-of-nine for 78 yards and the touchdown pass to Martin. After starting nine-of-eleven, Haacke finished the day 12-of-22 for 151 yards and two fourth quarter interceptions. As a team, the Knights gained exactly seven yards rushing.

Make no mistake, however. Team 136 is being held to even a higher standard than the record-setting 2022 squad that went 11-1 and, arguably, could have advanced further in the NCAA championship. It doesn't take much observation to understand the reason why. The coaching staff knows the talent, the experience, and the depth that they possess. They are keenly aware of what is possible for Randolph-Macon College Football this season. 

I am reminded of the legendary Vince Lombardi's famous quote, one of many.

"Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence."

The Yellow Jackets will practice this week, enjoy a weekend off to allow student-athletes to go home and get a break, before resuming preparations for their trip to Greensboro, North Carolina to battle the Guilford Quakers on Saturday, September 30th.

(File Photo from September 9, 2023)



St. Christopher's 34, Lake Taylor 7
Douglas Freeman 28, Collegiate 6
Hermitage 7, Patrick Henry 6
Caroline 36, King William 24
Grafton 52, New Kent 10
Landstown 14, Bayside 6
Sussex Central 48, Colonial Beach 8


Trinity Episcopal 35, St. Mary's Riken 6
Mills Godwin 24, Hanover 21

Atlee 49, Spotsylvania 24
Henrico 57, J.R. Tucker 0
Thomas Dale 27, Glen Allen 7
Highland Springs 65, I.C. Norcom 0
Deep Run 7, Meadowbrook 6
Manchester 28, Midlothian 19
Monacan 21, Cosby 17
L.C. Bird 41, Clover Hill 0
Powhatan 42, James River 25
Maury 46, Dinwiddie 29
Hopewell 42, Churchland 0
Matoaca 40, Massaponax 27
Thomas Jefferson 64, Greensville 0
West Point 29, John Marshall 6
Armstrong 38, Goochland 8
Colonial Heights 34, Southampton 3
Central-Woodstock 37, Amelia 0
Eastern View 34, Brooke Point 33
Central-Lunenburg 42, Mecklenburg 15
William Campbell 46, Randolph-Henry 0
Nelson County 49, Cumberland 6
Essex 51, Franklin 6
Lancaster 26, Middlesex 0
Bruton 43, Northampton 41
Brunswick 26, Nottoway 16

Surry 42, Charles City 0
King & Queen Central 36, Page County 35
Kenston Forest 20, Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot 12
PH-Roanoke 27, William Fleming 19
Magna Vista 41, Franklin County 21
Deep Creek 21, Grassfield 7
Nansemond River 42, Oscar Smith 28
Western Branch 35, Hickory 0


Benedictine 41, Flint Hill 6
Huguenot 40, Richmond School For The Arts 6

Wednesday, September 13, 2023



Hermitage at Highland Springs, POSTPONED
Prince George 5, Hopewell 0
James River 6, L.C. Bird 0
Cosby 3, Deep Run 1
Douglas Freeman 1, Glen Allen 0 (F/OT)
Maggie Walker GS at J.R. Tucker, 7pm
Atlee 3, Patrick Henry 1
Hanover 5, Mechanicsville 1
Clover Hill at Henrico, POSTPONED
Monacan 6, Manchester 0
Powhatan 2, Midlothian 0
Thomas Dale 7, Colonial Heights 0


James River 3, Douglas Freeman 1


Thomas Jefferson 3, Petersburg 0
Manchester 3, Highland Springs 1
Cosby 3, L.C. Bird 0
Trinity Episcopal 3, Carmel School 0
Cumberland 3, Franklin 0
Middlesex 3, King & Queen Central 0


Atlee 153, Patrick Henry 155
Meadowbrook vs. Varina, 4pm, Meadowbrook CC
Manchester, Powhatan vs. Cosby, 3:30pm, Magnolia Green GC
Dinwiddie 158, Thomas Dale 173, Prince George 196, Hopewell 210

Tuesday, September 12, 2023



Patrick Henry 3, Atlee 0
Midlothian 3, Manchester 0
Deep Run 3, Mills Godwin 0
Thomas Dale 3, Dinwiddie 0


Atlee 3, Patrick Henry 0
Hanover 3, Mechanicsville 0
Varina 3, Henrico 0
Highland Springs 3, Armstrong 0
Glen Allen 3, Hermitage 0
Midlothian 3, Manchester 0
Steward 3, Norfolk Collegiate 1
Collegiate 3, St. Margaret's 0
Matoaca 3, Meadowbrook 0
Powhatan 3, Clover Hill 2
Goochland 3, Monticello 2
King George 3, Caroline 0
Rappahannock 3, King William 0
Buckingham 3, Randolph-Henry 0


Western Albemarle 9, Louisa 0
Collegiate 7, St. Anne's-Belfield 0
Trinity Episcopal 7, Virginia Episcopal 0


Douglas Freeman 147, J.R. Tucker 196, Thomas Dale 199
(Medalists: Tee Garner & Ben Cowgill, DSF, both -1 35)

Goochland 155, Louisa 161

Midlothian 146, Manchester 190


Norfolk Collegiate 4, Steward 2
Collegiate 7, Trinity Episcopal 2


Despite a disappointing trip to Norfolk, the number one team holds on for now. But the foe that defeated them Friday heads to #2 this week. Will there be a changing of the guard? Here's where we stand about one-third into the 2023 high school football season!


1) Highland Springs (2-1, was #1, vs. I.C. Norcom Friday)
2) Dinwiddie (2-1, was #2, vs. Maury Friday)
3) Manchester (1-1, was #3, at #8 Midlothian Friday)
4) Thomas Dale (2-0, was #4, vs. Glen Allen Friday)
5) Trinity Episcopal (1-1, was #5, at St. Mary's Ryken (MD) Friday)
6) Varina (1-1, was #6, idle this week)
7) Benedictine (2-0, was #8, at Flint Hill Saturday)
8) Midlothian (3-0, was #7, vs. #3 Manchester Friday)
9) Douglas Freeman (3-0, was #9, vs. Collegiate Thursday)
10) Hopewell (2-0, was #12, at Churchland Friday)
11) Hermitage (1-1, was #10, at Patrick Henry Thursday)
12) L.C. Bird (2-1, was #11, at Clover Hill Friday)

ON THE CUSP (in no particular order): Mills Godwin, Glen Allen, St. Christopher's, Collegiate, Hanover, Matoaca

Monday, September 11, 2023



Mills Godwin at Atlee, POSTPONED (weather)
Varina at Hermitage, POSTPONED (weather), make-up date TBD
Henrico at Matoaca, POSTPONED (weather), make-up date TBD
Clover Hill at Huguenot, POSTPONED, now Monday 9/11, 7pm
Northumberland 35, Charles City 0


Douglas Freeman 33, Mechanicsville 13
Glen Allen 14, Patrick Henry 6
Hanover 38, King William 0
Maury 23, Highland Springs 14
Hopewell 42, Lake Taylor 25
Thomas Jefferson at Amelia, SUSPENDED, resumes Monday 9/11, 7pm
Armstrong 54, John Marshall 0
Prince George 41, Deep Run 14
Meadowbrook 19, J.R. Tucker 14
L.C. Bird 20, Monacan 6
Midlothian 16, Cosby 0
Manchester 54, Powhatan 28
James River 55, Richmond School For The Arts 0
Colonial Heights 40, Nottoway 0
Petersburg at Southampton, SUSPENDED, resumes Monday 9/11, 7pm
Lafayette 46, New Kent 7
Orange at Goochland, SUSPENDED (play resumes Monday 9/11 at 6pm)
Massaponax 33, Louisa 14
Spotsylvania 34, Caroline 28
Fluvanna 38, Chancellor 33
Courtland 28, North Stafford 13
King George 37, Riverbend 13

Lafayette 46, New Kent 7
Benedictine 42, Woodberry Forest 13
Collegiate 31, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 20
St. Christopher's 27, Flint Hill 13
Central-Lunenburg 42, Brunswick 41
Nelson County at Prince Edward, SUSPENDED, resumes Monday, 6pm
Altavista 42, Cumberland 14
Smith Mountain Lake Christian 35, Randolph-Henry 21

Franklin at Colonial Beach, SUSPENDED, resumes Saturday, 2pm
Rappahannock 41, Westmoreland 22
Sussex Central 52, King & Queen Central 16
Windsor 34, Middlesex 23
Bruton 35, West Point 6
Surry 28, Northampton 26
PH-Roanoke 49, Albemarle 6
Liberty Christian 49, Franklin County 6
Salem (Lynchburg) 33, William Fleming 14
Western Branch at King's Fork, POSTPONED (weather, no make-up date yet)
Tallwood 28, Landstown 26 (F/OT)
Oscar Smith 48, Grassfield 6


Mills Godwin 21, Atlee 10
Trinity Episcopal 42, Fork Union 0


Huguenot 75, Clover Hill 6
Matoaca 39, Henrico 22

Tuesday, September 5, 2023



Nansemond-Suffolk Academy at Steward, POSTPONED
Warhill at Colonial Heights, NOW 6pm
Collegiate 8, St. Margaret's 0
Grafton 3, Hanover 1
Prince George 11, Highland Springs 0
L.C. Bird at Manchester, POSTPONED to Monday September 25th
Douglas Freeman 3, James River 2
Midlothian 3, Cosby 0
Mechanicsville 3, Thomas Dale 1
Caroline at James Monroe, POSTPONED
Louisa at Albemarle, POSTPONED to Monday September 18th


Varina at Mechanicsville, 6pm
Hanover 3, Douglas Freeman 1
J.R. Tucker 3, Mills Godwin 0
Atlee 3, Maggie Walker GS 1
Clover Hill 3, Henrico 0
Manchester 3, L.C. Bird 0
Cosby 3, Midlothian 0
Prince George 3, Petersburg 0


Prince George 3, Petersburg 0
Chancellor 3, Patrick Henry 0
Atlee 3, Glen Allen 1
Hanover 3, Douglas Freeman 0
Highland Springs 3, Hermitage 1
Goochland 3, Maggie Walker GS 1
Mills Godwin 3, J.R. Tucker 0
Mechanicsville 3, Varina 0
Midlothian 3, Cosby 1
Deep Run at James River, 7pm
Manchester 3, L.C. Bird 0
Powhatan at Monacan, 7pm
Clover Hill at Henrico, 7:15pm
Trinity Episcopal 3, St. Margaret's 0
Peninsula Catholic at Collegiate, 6:30pm
Mathews 3, Charles City 0
New Kent at Warhill, 6:30pm
Louisa 3, Spotsylvania 1
Caroline 3, Northumberland 1
Middlesex 3, King William 1
West Point at King & Queen Central, 7pm


Christchurch at Steward, POSTPONED to Monday September 18th
Collegiate 9, Trinity Episcopal 0


Norfolk Academy 1, Trinity Episcopal 1
St. Christopher's 2, Christchurch 2
Veritas at Collegiate, 5:30pm

Sunday, September 3, 2023


Can you move up a poll with a loss? Or drop with a win? The answer to both, at least for this week, is yes. Impressive wins from Benedictine and Douglas Freeman, plus a valiant comeback effort by Manchester at top ranked Highland Springs, all create change in the new RVA Sports Network Super 12 High School Football Poll.


1) Highland Springs (2-0, was #1, at Maury Friday)
2) Dinwiddie (2-1, was #2, idle this week)
3) Manchester (0-1, was #4, vs. Powhatan Friday)
4) Thomas Dale (2-0, was #5, idle this week)
5) Trinity Episcopal (0-1, was #3, vs. Fork Union Saturday)
6) Varina (1-1, was #6, at #10 Hermitage POSTPONED)
7) Midlothian (2-0, was #7, at Cosby Friday)
8) Benedictine (1-0, was #10, vs. Woodberry Forest Friday)
9) Douglas Freeman (2-0, was #11, at Mechanicsville Friday)
10) Hermitage (1-1, was #9, vs. #6 Varina POSTPONED)
11) L.C. Bird (1-1, was #8, vs. Monacan Friday)
12) Hopewell (1-0, NEW, vs. Lake Taylor Friday)

DROPPING OUT: Matoaca (0-1, was #12)

ON THE CUSP: St. Christopher's (1-0), Mills Godwin (2-0), Glen Allen (2-0), Hanover (1-0), Collegiate (1-0)

Saturday, September 2, 2023

THE #TEAM136 REPORT WEEK ONE: #15 Randolph-Macon 51, North Carolina Wesleyan 9

Throughout the 2023 college football season, and RVA Sports Network founder and play by play voice of the Yellow Jackets, Rob Witham, will present an in-depth review of each week's Randolph-Macon football game. Here is an inside look into week one, and their successful trip to Rocky Mount, North Carolina.


Step one is complete. But it was more of a "starving artist" display rather than a Picasso.

But that's fine. There was plenty to love about #15 Randolph-Macon's maiden voyage in the 2023 campaign, as the Yellow Jackets piled up 493 yards of total offense, building a 31-0 halftime lead, and cruising to a 51-9 victory at North Carolina Wesleyan Saturday in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. It was the second-ever meeting between the Yellow Jackets and the Battling Bishops, a member of the USA South Conference. Randolph-Macon bested North Carolina Wesleyan in the 2022 season opener at Day Field 49-7.

The mission was accomplished, and it was all about what the Yellow Jackets did on their sideline, and on the field.

"When you open up the season, it really doesn't matter who you're playing," noted Randolph-Macon head coach Pedro Arruza on Thursday in an interview for the pregame show which aired prior to the game Saturday. "There's a little bit of game planning, but everybody is kind of evaluating what they're doing in the offseason. You focus a little bit less on that, a little bit more on what you're doing."

The Battling Bishops enjoyed a good defensive start, allowing just one first down, forcing a Yellow Jacket punt on their opening drive. Randolph-Macon held North Carolina Wesleyan to seven yards on three punts, getting the football back near midfield. 

The next drive ended on a 23-yard field goal from Kyle Ihle for a 3-0 lead. The 2022 team only tried five field goals in their entire season. But back to back incompletions on goal to go made them settle for three.

More stifling defense led to the first touchdown drive, capped by a Nick Hale five-yard run for a 10-0 lead with 4:19 left in the first period. 

If there's a "play of the game", it happened on the ensuing Bishops drive as starting quarterback Chaz Hirschman's pass over the middle was intercepted by Tony Skinner at the North Carolina Wesleyan 40, racing 34 yards for a first and goal at the six. Nick Hale quickly cashed in on the turnover with a six-yard score. In fifteen seconds, the Randolph-Macon lead went from 3-0 to 17-0, and the rout was on.

Hale would add his third rushing touchdown of the half on a seven-yard plunge early in the second period. Then Randolph-Macon put together their best drive of the game, a thirteen-play, 82-yard journey which chewed just over eight minutes off the clock. Drew Campanale's first touchdown pass of the season went to tight end Brandon Woolridge from six yards to end the first half scoring.

The second half was a casting call, as Arruza and his staff liberally substituted on both sides of the ball, opportunities abounding for second and third string players, all of whom earned their spot on the travel roster, to showcase their talents and look to add to the team's chemistry.

Brecht Heuchan, who needed no audition nor introduction, spelled Campanale in the second half, going 11-of-15 for 101 yards and a touchdown pass to Joe Lokke, who was one of four Yellow Jackets who caught three passes on the day, joining Woolridge, fifth year David Wallis, and sophomore Cullen Martin. The scoring began in the second half on a 61-yard scamper from Kwesi Clarke who took an inside handoff, saw daylight to his right, bounced outside and won the race down the Yellow Jacket sideline for the score.

Ten different Yellow Jackets caught passes from Campanale and Heuchan, who combined for 221 yards. Clarke led all rushers with 108 yards while Hale added 87. The Yellow Jackets rotated five different tailbacks, as Powhatan product Mitchell Johnson rushed for 73 yards and a touchdown.

The Battling Bishops finally hit the scoreboard with a short touchdown pass with 2:34 left in the third quarter and added a field goal in the fourth.

Defensively, no pun intended, the Yellow Jackets swarmed all over the field, and, more often than not, the first defender to hit a Bishop would be the one to bring him down or do so with assists from several teammates. After gaining zero yards rushing in the 2022 loss, North Carolina Wesleyan only had 32 yards on the ground at home.

Drake Schaeffer led the defense with five tackles, two unassisted, while Skinner added four. Jackson Deaver, Neftali Reyes and Jackson Currie each had three. Max Richardson had a late-game interception as well. 

One area Arruza discussed postgame was the running attack. And, while it was good to spread the carries around, the rotation will sharpen and tighten in the weeks to come, and he wants to see more of what was a Yellow Jacket running staple in 2022. 

"I think the one thing I was really disappointed in is the lack of explosives," Arruza explained. "One thing that really made our offense different last year was how many explosives we were able to create. Kwesi had the long run and that was huge, but I thought we sputtered a little bit offensively."

Those "explosives", watching the Hales and the Clarkes, et al break through the first line of defense, then shed the second, will come in time. After all, it's week one. But Arruza is glad that there are plenty of areas to break down on film and work on as the Yellow Jackets turn the page and get ready for Catholic in next Saturday's home opener.

"I think we have a lot of capable guys. I love the guys that we have on the team. I think they've got the right mindset. I think we really have a lot of talent, and really, really great chemistry."

And, with seventeen fifth-year seniors, this is, perhaps, the most experienced Randolph-Macon team in their storied history. And they hope to experience even more than their 11-1 ride one autumn ago.


--With the victory, Arruza earns his 125th victory as Yellow Jacket head coach, as he began his twentieth season on the sideline Saturday.

--The win was Randolph-Macon's fourth consecutive on opening day. Their last defeat in week one was to Johns Hopkins in 2019.

--CLICK HERE to purchase tickets to the Saturday September 9th home opener against Catholic. Kickoff will be at 1pm. If you can't make it to Ashland, join Marty Wilson and Rob Witham for all the action on the Randolph-Macon Sports Network by CLICKING HERE.

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High School Football Friday Night: Hanover 26, Monacan 0

Thomas Jefferson 32, Meadowbrook 7
Benedictine 31, Western Branch 13
The Battle Of Chester: Thomas Dale 17, L.C. Bird 0
Douglas Freeman 36, James River 6
Mills Godwin 14, Patrick Henry 13 (F/OT)
Atlee 42, Deep Run 35
Hermitage 19, Henrico 14
Powhatan 43, Mechanicsville 23
Freedom (Woodbridge) 35, Varina 27
Hopewell 44, Mecklenburg 0
Midlothian 27, Prince George 13
Dinwiddie 58, North Stafford 8
Warhill 21, Matoaca 7
Colonial Heights 40, New Kent 0

West Point 26, Rappahannock 21
Windsor 41, King & Queen Central 14
Essex 13, Jamestown 0
Sussex Central 38, Lancaster 16
King George 42, Hampton 13
Stafford 41, Chancellor 0

Brooke Point 58, Spotsylvania 7
Eastern View 76, Westmoreland 6
Grassfield 20, Woodside 7
Landstown 28, Princess Anne 14


Glen Allen 10, Massaponax 7
Highland Springs 41, Manchester 35
Collegiate 41, Goochland 0
Armstrong 21, Petersburg 8
St. Christopher's 16, Lafayette 14
Clarke County 34, King William 6
Louisa 30, Courtland 27
Amelia 18, Franklin 0
Greensville 50, Nottoway 44 (F/OT)

Northumberland 63, Middlesex 13
Stuarts Draft 62, Surry 21
Arcadia 49, Charles City 6

Phoebus 16, Oscar Smith 2
Central-Lunenburg 41, William Campbell 34
Parry McCluer 44, Cumberland 8
Altavista 67, Prince Edward 8
James River (Buchanan) 34, Randolph-Henry 16
PH-Roanoke 31, E.C. Glass 21
Salem (Lynchburg) 48, Franklin County 7
William Fleming 15, Albemarle 9


John Marshall 12, Richmond School For The Arts 0
Virginia Episcopal 22, Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot 12
Archbishop Hoban 34, Trinity Episcopal 6

LISTEN LIVE! College Football: #15 Randolph-Macon at North Carolina Wesleyan

The college football season is finally here!!

#15 Randolph-Macon begins the 2023 season in Rocky Mount, North Carolina as they take on the Battling Bishops of North Carolina Wesleyan!

Airtime is 11:30am with Marty Wilson and Rob Witham. Hear from head coach Pedro Arruza and wide receiver JoJo Marinella on the pregame show, then catch all the action LIVE at 12pm!

CLICK HERE to listen to Marty and Rob on the call!!

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