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Monday, October 31, 2022


And, just like that, we've reached the final week of the regular season in high school football. Let's take you through the seven main regions across the RVA, with a peek into two others, to let you know who is in, who has work to do, and what is at stake Thursday through Saturday in what is shaping up to be one of the best final regular season weeks ever!

X: Clinched Playoff Berth
Y: Clinched Playoff Berth AND Current Seed
Z: Clinched Playoff Berth AND Top Region Seed


1) X--Oscar Smith 35.25 (8-0, at Phoebus (9-0) Saturday)
2) X--Thomas Dale 33.556 (9-0, at Dinwiddie (9-0) Friday)
3) X--Manchester 32.111 (8-1, at Monacan (4-5) Friday)
4) X--Western Branch 30.6 (8-2, regular season complete)
5) Y--Franklin County 29.222 (5-4, at Northside (0-9) Friday)
6T) Floyd Kellam 24.444 (4-5, vs Frank W. Cox (7-2) Friday)
        Cosby 24.444 (4-5, vs Powhatan (6-3) Friday)
8) James River 23.875 (3-5, vs Midlothian (8-1) Friday)
9) Landstown 22.667 (3-6, at Green Run (9-0) Friday)

ANALYSIS: The big questions. First, can Thomas Dale get the top seed? The answer is yes. If Phoebus knocks off Oscar Smith and if the Knights can win at Dinwiddie, the numbers trend in Thomas Dale's direction. Next, what can Manchester do? They cannot catch Oscar Smith, so losses by the top two seeds and a Lancer win at Monacan isn't enough for the #1 seed. The chances to surpass Thomas Dale are slim as well. Western Branch isn't mathematically locked into the fourth seed, but Franklin County is at #5. The big fight is below, where four teams play musical chairs with three spots. Note that these standings were released before James River's makegood game Monday with George Wythe. If the Titans and Rapids can get in, they'll likely either see a Chesterfield County foe in the region quarterfinal round, or, maybe, get a trip to Chesapeake.

CLASS 6, REGION B: 1)Freedom-PW 34.8, 2) Patriot 33.111, 3) Battlefield 32.889, 4) John Champe 29.778, 5T) Forest Park and Unity Reed 29.111, 7) Colonial Forge 28.778

CLASS 6, REGION C: 1) Fairfax 34.444, 2) West Springfield 33.778, 3) South County 32.889, 4) Lake Braddock 32.778

CLASS 6, REGION D: 1) James Madison 30.222, 2) Centreville 29.778, 3) Westfield 29.556, 4) Langley 28.0



1) Z--Highland Springs 34.222 (9-0, at Varina (9-0) Thursday)
2) Y--Midlothian 29.111 (8-1, vs James River (4-5) Friday)
3) X--L.C. Bird 27.444 (6-3, vs Clover Hill (2-7) Friday)
4T) X--Hermitage 26.111 (5-4, vs Deep Run (1-8) Friday)
       X--Douglas Freeman 26.111 (7-2, vs Glen Allen (5-4) Friday)
6) X--Glen Allen 25.889 (5-4, at Douglas Freeman (7-2) Friday)
7) X--Mills Godwin 24.889 (5-4, vs Thomas Jefferson (7-2) Friday)
8) Prince George 20.111 (1-8, at Hopewell (5-4) Friday)
9) J.R. Tucker 19.778 (2-7, vs Lake Taylor (8-1) Friday)
10) Clover Hill 19.556 (2-7, at L.C. Bird (6-3) Friday)

ANALYSIS: There's not a ton of suspense at either the top or the bottom of this region. Expect that to be much different in 2023 when Highland Springs and Glen Allen are among four teams to move up to Class 6, while the likes of Louisa, Albemarle and PH-Roanoke arrive. Highland Springs has the top seed no matter what happens Thursday at Varina, and Midlothian cannot be caught for second place, so the Trojans are set up to host two home games if successful in the first round. If one of the three teams currently in positions eight, nine, and ten win, they'll get the #8 seed and the trip to Highland Springs. Should they all lose, J.R. Tucker and Prince George are neck and neck, but the Tigers would need Caroline and Indian River, at least, to win. Wins by Glen Allen, James River, and Varina help the Tigers, too. 

The suspense is in the middle, where L.C. Bird and Hermitage play sub .500 teams, while Douglas Freeman and Glen Allen collide with a shot at the #4 seed, and a faint hope for #3, to the winner. The loser will be looking at Mills Godwin, who could advance at least one spot with a victory over Thomas Jefferson. Whatever happens, the quarterfinal matchups not involving Highland Springs and the #8 seed will be very interesting.

Oh, and look down at Region 5D. Guess who is on top? Of course.....

CLASS 5, REGION A: 1) Green Run 32.889, 2) Kempsville 31.0, 3) Frank W. Cox 28.556, 4) Salem-VB 27.778

CLASS 5, REGION B: 1) Maury 30.857, 2) Woodside 27.556, 3) Kecoughtan 25.889, 4) Nansemond River 25.778

CLASS 5, REGION D: 1) Stone Bridge 32.667, 2) Riverbend 29.111, 3) Mountain View 29.0, 4) Albemarle 28.0, 5) PH-Roanoke 27.889, 6) Briar Woods 27.6



1) X--Varina 30.667 (9-0, vs. Highland Springs (9-0) Thursday)
2T) X--Dinwiddie 30.0 (9-0, vs. Thomas Dale (9-0) Friday)
        X--King George 30.0 (8-0, vs Culpeper Tuesday, Courtland (4-5) Friday)
4) X--Hanover 27.778 (7-2, at Atlee (2-7) Friday)
5) X--Eastern View 25.7 (regular season complete)
6) X--Matoaca 25.111 (5-4, at Meadowbrook (1-8) Friday, 4p)
7) X--Powhatan 24.444 (6-3, vs Cosby (4-5) Friday)
8) Patrick Henry 24.0 (5-4, vs Mechanicsville (2-7) in Tomato Bowl 64 Friday)
9) Courtland 21.556 (4-5, at King George (8-0) Friday)
10) Monacan 21.444 (4-5, vs Manchester (8-1) Friday)

ANALYSIS: First, at #8, Patrick Henry takes the final seed with a Tomato Bowl victory, or losses by both Courtland and Monacan, who both are underdogs Friday. Now, to the intrigue at the top. If Varina wins, they have the inside track at the top seed. Should they lose, Dinwiddie has the advantage to take it, only if they take care of Thomas Dale. No easy task at all. Then there's King George, who play both Tuesday and Friday, but against sub .500 teams. Will two wins and losses by the Blue Devils and Generals allow them to sneak to the top? It's mathematically possible. So, nothing is settled in the top three. Hanover is all but the fourth seed, even if they lost to Atlee. Eastern View, who has completed their regular season, is looking back at Matoaca, but the Warriors need wins by Clover Hill, Prince George, Glen Allen, and, actually, Hanover to have a chance to catch the Cyclones. Matoaca is looking back at Powhatan, who need a win over Cosby, wins by Mechanicsville, Clover Hill, and Monacan for hopes of moving up a spot. Spots #3 through #8 could stay exactly the same this week. As for above them? Who knows.

CLASS 4, REGION A: 1) Warwick 29.7, 2) King's Fork 29.111, 3) Warhill 26.889, 4) Churchland 26.444

CLASS 4, REGION C: 1) Loudoun Co 30.0, 2) Tuscarora 29.222, 3) Kettle Run 29.111, 4) Loudoun Valley 24.875

CLASS 4, REGION D: 1) E.C. Glass 29.222, 2) Louisa 28.667, 3) Salem 28.111, 4) Orange 24.444, 5) Amherst Co 23.444, 6) Western Albemarle 22.333, 7) Jefferson Forest 21.444, 8) Halifax 21.222

ANALYSIS: Louisa finally jumps ahead of Salem with a week left. They host 3-6 Goochland Friday, while E.C. Glass has a showdown with 9-0 Liberty Christian at home. Salem is at Patrick Henry-Roanoke, who is 7-2. Louisa has a mathematical shot at the top seed, but Salem could jump right back ahead of them. The Lions are rooting hard for LCA and the Patriots of Roanoke, a week after besting the Patriots of Albemarle.



1) Z--Phoebus 31.333 (9-0, vs Oscar Smith (9-0) Saturday)
2) X--Lake Taylor 28.444 (8-1, at J.R. Tucker (2-7) Friday)
3) X--Lafayette 27.556 (8-1, at Warhill (7-2) Friday)
4) Y--I.C. Norcom 25.4 (7-3, regular season complete)
5) Hopewell 24.444 (5-4, vs Prince George (1-8) Friday)
6) Southampton 24.333 (7-2, vs Franklin (4-5) Friday)
7) Colonial Heights 23.556 (5-4, at Petersburg (5-4) Friday)
8) York 23.111 (6-3, vs Bruton (5-4) Friday)
9) New Kent 22.222 (5-4, vs Smithfield (2-7) Friday)
10) Petersburg 22.0 (5-4, vs Colonial Heights (5-4) Friday)

ANALYSIS: The Phantoms have locked up home field in this region. Lafayette must beat Warhill and get wins from York and King William to have a shot at overtaking Lake Taylor. The chances aren't great. I.C.Norcom is locked into the #4 seed, and may have a rematch with Hopewell in the first round. The Blue Devils must beat Prince George, while Southampton, with a win over Franklin and wins by Lakeland or Amelia, or wins by both Poquoson and Colonial Heights, could grab the #5 seed away. Petersburg cannot catch Hopewell, and New Kent cannot catch anyone should all five of six teams fighting for the last four seeds win (Colonial Heights and Petersburg face each other in their biggest game in years, one that is very close to being a "win and you are in" scenario, but not mathematically). 


1) Z--Brentsville District 25.3 (9-1, regular season complete)
2) X--Skyline 20.444 (4-5, at Warren County (5-4) Friday)
3) X--Warren County 19.889 (5-4, vs Skyline (4-5) Friday)
4) X--Caroline 19.222 (4-5, vs Spotsylvania (4-5) Friday)
5) X--Armstrong 19.1 (4-6, regular season complete)
6) James Monroe 17.889 (2-7, at Chancellor (0-9) Friday)
7) Culpeper County 17.556 (3-6, at King George (8-0) Tuesday)
8) Goochland 17.0 (3-6, at Louisa (9-0) Friday)
9) Meridian 16.889 (1-8, vs William Monroe (1-8) Friday)

ANALYSIS: Brentsville awaits up to three home games in their quest for the Class 3 State Semifinals. It's a huge week for upstart Caroline, who are in the playoffs for the first time since 2013 and only the second time in fifteen years. Should the Cavaliers best Spotsylvania, they would likely move up to the third seed, as the two teams ahead of them battle each other. Armstrong is also in the playoffs, and despite having a bye week, could move up to #4 should Spotsylvania win. The final three seeds are up for grabs, with the first domino falling Tuesday night when Culpeper wraps their regular season against unbeaten King George. Goochland will be a heavy underdog at powerhouse Louisa Friday, and may need a William Monroe win over Meridian to get at least another week on the field during what's been a disappointing season for the Bulldogs.

CLASS 3, REGION C: 1) Liberty Christian 31.111, 2) Heritage (Lynchburg) 27.778, 3) Brookville 24.889, 4) Staunton 23.556

CLASS 3, REGION D: 1) Lord Botetourt 28.222, 2) Bassett 25.111, 3) Magna Vista 24.778, 4) Christiansburg 24.111



1) X--Thomas Jefferson 24.222 (7-2, at Mills Godwin (5-4) Friday)
2) X--Poquoson 23.444 (6-3, vs Grafton (5-4) Friday)
3) X--King William 23.111 (6-3, vs King & Queen Central (8-1) Thursday)
4) X--Greensville 21.778 (7-2, at Brunswick (5-4) Friday)
5) Nandua 19.333 (6-3, at West Point (5-4) Friday)
6T) Brunswick 18.778 (5-4, vs Greensville (7-2) Friday)
        Amelia County 18.778 (5-4, vs Central-Lunenburg (9-0) Friday)
8) Bruton 18.333 (5-4, at York (6-3) Friday)
9) Nottoway 17.778 (4-5, at Mecklenburg Co (2-7) Friday)
10) Randolph-Henry 17.0 (5-4, at Prince Edward (4-5) Friday)
11) Prince Edward 16.222 (4-5, vs Randolph-Henry (5-4) Friday)

ANALYSIS: This is not what Thomas Jefferson envisioned just a couple of weeks ago, needing to win at Mills Godwin to hold onto the top seed in this region. Poquoson is nipping at their heels, but King William is nipping at Poquoson's. Should the top two seeds fall, if King William knocks off 8-1 King & Queen Central Thursday in their annual rivalry matchup, the Cavaliers could crash the party. Greensville is rooting for King & Queen Thursday, then need a win over Brunswick Friday to have a shot at the #3 seed. After that, get out your calculators. If Nandua, Brunswick, Amelia and Bruton all win, they're in. If Bruton falls, then the winner of Randolph-Henry and Prince Edward has a shot. For all seven teams below Greensville, it's get a win, then watch Twitter.

CLASS 2, REGION B: 1) Strasburg 25.778, 2) Luray 25.556, 3) Central-Woodstock 24.111, 4) Stuarts Draft 23.111

CLASS 2, REGION C: 1) Radford 26.667, 2) Martinsville 25.111, 3) Glenvar 22.778, 4) Appomattox 22.0

CLASS 2, REGION D: 1) Graham 28.0, 2) Ridgeview 24.333, 3) Gate City 22.444, 4) Virginia 21.889



1) Z--Essex 24.444 (9-0, vs Rappahannock (5-4) Friday)
2) X--King & Queen Central 19.667 (8-1, at King William (6-3) Thursday)
3) X--Northumberland 19.125 (6-2, at Lancaster (1-8) Friday)
4) X--West Point 16.667 (5-4, vs Nandua (6-3) Friday)
5) X--Westmoreland 16.5 (3-5, vs Colonial Beach (1-8) Friday)
6) X--Rappahannock 16.222 (5-4, at Essex (9-0) Friday)
7) X--Northampton 13.889 (4-5, vs Arcadia (2-7) Friday)
8) Colonial Beach 11.333 (1-8, at Westmoreland (3-5) Friday)
9) Middlesex 11.0 (3-6, vs John Marshall (1-8) Friday)

ANALYSIS: This region is pretty cut and dry. Essex is on top, King & Queen Central and Northumberland will each occupy either the #2 or #3 slot. West Point needs a win to clinch the first round home game in the #4 seed, but Westmoreland awaits a slip up. Rappahannock can seismically shift the middle of the field with a big upset of Essex, and wins by Nandua and Colonial Beach. It's the Beach and Middlesex battling for the right to go to Essex at #8. 

CLASS 1, REGION B: 1) Riverheads 26.0, 2) Central-Lunenburg 24.667, 3) Buffalo Gap 20.111, 4) Sussex Central 17.333, 5) Franklin 16.111, 6) Surry 14.111, 7) William Campbell 14.0

CLASS 1, REGION C: 1) George Wythe (SW VA) 20.667, 2) Galax 20.625, 3) Grayson Co. 19.778, 4) Narrows 18.625

CLASS 1, REGION D: 1) Grundy 20.0, 2) Rye Cove 19.5, 3) PH-Glade Spring 19.444, 4) Twin Springs 18.25 

(Pictured: Louisa's Savion Hiter races down the field during Louisa's 69-34 win over Albemarle on October 28th. The freshman scored five touchdowns. Photo: Rachel Witham)

Friday, October 28, 2022


HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FRIDAY NIGHT: Albemarle (7-1) at #6 Louisa (8-0), special airtime of 7pm!

RADIO: Rejoice 101.3 FM and 990 AM
WEB: CLICK HERE to listen live!
APP: "Rejoice Richmond" (Free!)
ALEXA: "Play Rejoice Richmond"

Game broadcast presented by Virginia Family Dentistry, with the team approach to dental care! Find the location nearest you by clicking HERE!

AFTER THE GAMES: Do not miss the "RVA Sports Network Scoreboard Show" beginning immediately following Albemarle/Louisa on Rejoice 101.3 and here on our website at the link above as Rob will give you the latest scores plus any changes in playoff implications with a week remaining!

WEEK 10 (October 27/28/29):


Mechanicsville 34, Armstrong 28
Dinwiddie 50, Meadowbrook 12
Manchester 56, Huguenot 0

Essex 47, Westmoreland 8
Central-Lunenburg 14, Buckingham 0


Glen Allen 43, Deep Run 7
St. Christopher's 20, Douglas Freeman 14 (F/OT)
Mills Godwin 35, J.R. Tucker 0
Colonial Heights 28, Thomas Jefferson 13

Hanover 48. Henrico 27
Highland Springs 67, Atlee 7
Varina 27, Patrick Henry 21 (F/OT)
Midlothian 23, Powhatan 6
Monacan at Clover Hill, 7pm
Cosby 45, George Wythe 6
Mecklenburg Co 42, John Marshall 0
Petersburg 40, Prince George 14
Hopewell 27, Matoaca 17

Orange 33, Goochland 15
King William 48, West Point 0
King & Queen Central at Middlesex, 7pm
New Kent 62, Jamestown 7
Prince Edward at Amelia, 7pm
Nottoway 28, Randolph-Henry 8
Culpeper 40, Chancellor 15
Caroline 42, James Monroe 41 (F/OT)
King George 34, Spotsylvania 14
Eastern View 34, Courtland 19
Northumberland 21, Rappahannock 18
Louisa 69, Albemarle 34

Monday, October 24, 2022

VHSL Football Region Standings/Analysis--Week 10

We are firmly in the homestretch of the high school football regular season. Let's deep dive into the latest Virginia High School League (VHSL) region standings!

X--clinched playoff spot
Z--clinched top seed


1) X-Oscar Smith 33.143 (7-0, at Western Branch (8-1) Friday)
2T) X-Thomas Dale 32.25 (8-0, at L.C. Bird (6-2) Saturday)
       X-Manchester 32.25 (7-1, vs Huguenot (0-8) Friday)
4) X-Western Branch 30.556 (8-1, vs Oscar Smith (7-0) Friday)
5) X-Franklin County 29.0 (5-3, at Lord Botetourt (7-1) Friday)
6) Floyd Kellam 24.375 (4-4, vs Salem-VB (5-3) Friday)
7) Cosby 23.625 (3-5, vs George Wythe (0-7) Friday)
8) James River 23.375 (3-5, vs George Wythe (0-7) Monday)
9) Landstown 23.0 (3-5, at First Colonial (2-6) Friday)

ANALYSIS: As we discussed last week, the region belongs to Oscar Smith should they defeat Western Branch Friday, then unbeaten Phoebus on November 5th. Should they slip, it's Thomas Dale with the best chance to catch them, with the Battle of Chester Saturday, then a could-be 9-0 Dinwiddie next Friday. Manchester's weak schedule on the back end hurts them, but they should be able to hold at least the third seed, unless Western Branch does knock off Oscar Smith. Franklin County seems destined to be either the #4 or #5 seed. Starting at #6, nothing is secured. Kellam would clinch a bid with a win over Salem Friday considering that both Cosby and James River are playing George Wythe in Week 10, the Titans Friday, the Rapids Monday. Should either trip up, Landstown lays in wait, but only if they defeat First Colonial on the road. 


1) Z-Highland Springs 34.0 (8-0, vs. Atlee (2-6) Friday)
2) X-Midlothian 27.625 (7-1, at Powhatan (6-2) Friday)
3) X-L.C. Bird 27.25 (6-2, at Thomas Dale (8-0) Saturday)
4) X-Douglas Freeman 26.875 (7-1, vs St. Christopher's (5-3) Friday)
5) X-Hermitage 25.444 (5-4, bye week)
6) X-Glen Allen 25.375 (4-4, at Deep Run (1-7) Friday)
7) Mills Godwin 24.0 (4-4, vs J.R. Tucker (2-6) Friday)
8) Prince George 19.875 (1-7, vs Petersburg (4-4) Friday)
9T) J.R. Tucker 19.625 (2-6, at Mills Godwin (4-4) Friday)
       Clover Hill 19.625 (2-6, vs Monacan (3-5) Friday)
11) Meadowbrook 18.375 (1-7, vs Dinwiddie (8-0) Thursday)


Highland Springs can spend the next two weeks taking care of business, first on Senior Night against Atlee, then they can focus on the showdown next Thursday at Varina. The big news this week is the big rise of L.C. Bird, jumping over both Hermitage and Douglas Freeman to snare the #3 seed with a date Saturday against 8-0 Thomas Dale in the Battle of Chester. A win there, and they'll be knocking on the door of the second seed, Midlothian, who need a win at Powhatan Friday, then root for the Knights Saturday in the quest to earn two home playoff games as #2. Then there's Douglas Freeman, who are probably surprised that the Skyhawks caught them as well as Hermitage. They can keep pace with a home win against St. Christopher's. Hermitage and Glen Allen are in. With a win Friday over J.R. Tucker, Mills Godwin is officially in, though a split with J.R. Tucker and Thomas Jefferson will also put them in. There are four teams within 1.5 points of the eighth and final seed, and the right to head to Highland Springs on November 11th.


1T) X-Dinwiddie 29.5 (8-0, at Meadowbrook (1-7) Thursday)
        X-Varina 29.5 (8-0, at Patrick Henry (5-3) Friday)
3) X-King George 29.143 (7-0, at Spotsylvania (4-4) Friday)
4) X-Hanover 27.0 (6-2, at Henrico (2-7) Friday)
5) X-Matoaca 25.25 (5-3, vs Hopewell (4-4) Friday)
6) Eastern View 24.667 (7-2, vs Courtland (4-4) Friday)
7) Powhatan 24.375 (6-2, vs Midlothian (7-1) Friday)
8) Patrick Henry 24.0 (5-3, vs Varina (8-0) Friday)
9) Courtland 21.25 (4-4, at Eastern View (7-2) Friday)
10) Monacan 20.25 (3-5, at Clover Hill (2-6) Friday)
11) Spotsylvania 20.125 (4-4, vs King George (7-0) Friday)

ANALYSIS: The roll of the unbeatens continues as, this week, Varina catches Dinwiddie for the first place tie, with King George lurking just behind, hoping both the Blue Devils and the Generals fall at some point. If Dinwiddie and Varina run the table, it's advantage Blue Devils, as they would beat two teams with, currently, 13 wins, while the Generals' final two opponents currently have nine. Hanover's dominant win over Patrick Henry puts them in the driver's seat for the #4 seed should the top three win out. The Hawks' two final opponents has four combined wins, but #5 Matoaca's have just five. The Warriors are watching Eastern View, as the Cyclones finish their regular season with 4-4 Courtland. If Eastern View wins, it won't matter what happens to Powhatan or Patrick Henry on Friday. The eight teams would likely be set for the playoffs, with the big question in Week 11 being, what seed will you earn? Monacan and Spotsylvania both have faint heartbeats.

CLASS 4, REGION D: 8-0 Louisa still finds themselves in the #3 position at 26.75 points, trailing both 7-1 teams, E.C. Glass (27.75) and Salem (27.625). Louisa has 7-1 Albemarle for Homecoming on Friday, then face four-win Goochland in their finale. Salem's final two opponents have nine combined wins, while E.C. Glass has 6-2 Brookville and 8-0 Liberty Christian. The Lions may need both teams ahead of them to lose once in order to have a shot at the top seed. If they can at least catch one team, so that they'd be the #2 seed and have two home playoff games in "The Jungle", that would be preferable to a trip out west on November 18th.


1) X-Phoebus 31.0 (8-0, at Gloucester (1-7) Friday)
2) X-Lake Taylor 28.125 (7-1, at Granby (0-7) Friday)
3) X-Lafayette 25.875 (7-1, vs Poquoson (6-2) Friday)
4) Southampton 23.75 (6-2, vs Windsor (0-9) Friday)
5) I.C. Norcom 23.667 (6-3, vs Norview (4-4) Saturday)
6) York 23.125 (6-2, vs Warhill (6-2) Friday)
7) Hopewell 22.5 (4-4, at Matoaca (5-3) Friday)
8T) New Kent 21.375 (4-4, vs Jamestown (0-8) Friday)
       Colonial Heights 21.375 (4-4, vs Thomas Jefferson (7-1) Friday)
10) Petersburg 21.125 (4-4, at Prince George (1-7) Friday)
11) Booker T. Washington 18.0 (3-5, vs Maury (5-1) Friday)

ANALYSIS: What a tricky region. The top three teams seem set, in some order. I.C. Norcom hopes to jump back over Southampton with a win over Norview. Starting at #6, everything is up in the air. Hopewell really needs a win Friday over a 5-3 Matoaca team. In the tie for 8th, advantage goes to Colonial Heights, facing a 7-1 Thomas Jefferson team while New Kent plays winless Jamestown. Both could win Friday, and one could sit in ninth, or maybe tenth, next week depending on Petersburg and Prince George. We likely will see two RVA teams make the playoffs here, possibly three. It would take a lot of losses by Norcom and York for there to be any chance of all four making it.


1) X-Brentsville District 24.556 (8-1, at Skyline (4-4) Friday)
2) X-Skyline 20.25 (4-4, vs Brentsville District (8-1) Friday)
3) Armstrong 19.556 (4-5, at Mechanicsville (1-7) Thursday)
4) Warren County 18.375 (4-4, vs Rock Ridge (4-4) Friday)
5) Caroline 18.125 (3-5, at James Monroe (2-6) Friday)
6) James Monroe 17.75 (2-6, vs Caroline (3-5) Friday)
7T) Culpeper 16.5 (2-6, vs Chancellor (0-8) Friday)
       Goochland 16.5 (3-5, vs Orange (6-2) Friday)
9) Meridian 16.333 (1-8, bye week)
10) William Monroe 14.625 (1-7, vs Central-Woodstock (7-1) Friday)

ANALYSIS: Armstrong is thisclose to both the playoffs and a first round home game. But with only one game left, and with two games left for the five teams below them, nothing is officially settled. A win Thursday at Mechanicsville does the trick. The big game in this region this week isn't the battle of the top two, but Caroline/James Monroe. Should the Cavaliers win, and if Warren County falls to Rock Ridge, the Cavaliers not only would clinch a playoff bid for the first time in almost a decade, they could become the #4 seed, playing for a home playoff game, in their season finale. Goochland has a difficult strength of schedule with 6-2 Orange, then 8-0 Louisa. One win clinches the postseason. Two losses, and they could still make it, especially with Meridian only having one more game.


1) X-Thomas Jefferson 25.0 (7-1, at Colonial Heights (4-4) Friday)
2) X-Poquoson 23.5 (6-2, at Lafayette (7-1) Friday)
3) X-King William 21.375 (5-3, vs West Point (5-2) Friday)
4) Greensville Co. 20.625 (6-2, vs Franklin (4-4) Friday)
5) Bruton 18.375 (5-3, vs Tabb (1-7) Saturday)
6) Nandua 17.875 (5-3, vs Northampton (3-4) Friday)
7) Amelia County 17.25 (4-4, vs Prince Edward (4-4) Friday)
8) Randolph-Henry 17.125 (5-3, at Nottoway (3-5) Friday)
9) Brunswick 17.0 (4-4, at Sussex Central (5-3) Friday)
10) Prince Edward 16.25 (4-4, at Amelia County (4-4) Friday)
11) Nottoway 16.125 (3-5, vs Randolph-Henry (5-3) Friday)

ANALYSIS: The loss to Glen Allen, coupled with Poquoson's win over Bruton, prevents Thomas Jefferson from clinching the top seed. TJ is definitely rooting for Lafayette to beat Poquoson. Greensville County is a win away from clinching, but after that, it's tricky. There's just over two points separating the #5 seed and the #10 seed. Considering that the #7 and #10 seeds do battle Friday, as does #8 and #11, we might see some teams watch their playoff chances slip away. 


1) Z-Essex 23.5 (8-0, at Westmoreland (3-4) Thursday)
2) X-King & Queen Central 17.714 (6-1, at Middlesex (3-4) Friday)
3T) X-West Point 17.429 (5-2, at King William (5-3) Friday)
       X-Northumberland 17.429 (5-2, at Rappahannock (5-3) Friday)
5) X-Westmoreland 16.571 (3-4, vs Essex (8-0) Thursday)
6) X-Rappahannock 16.375 (5-3, vs Northumberland (5-2) Friday)
7) Northampton 12.858 (3-4, at Nandua (5-3) Friday)
8) Middlesex 11.143 (3-4, vs King & Queen Central (6-1) Friday)
9) Lancaster 10.875 (1-7, at Colonial Beach (0-8) Friday)
10) Colonial Beach 9.875 (0-8, vs Lancaster (1-7) Friday)

ANALYSIS: Essex has the top seed, and the five teams just below them will be in the postseason. The question lingering is who gets the #7 and #8 seeds. The winner of Lancaster/Colonial Beach will eliminate the loser, unless Middlesex loses to King & Queen Central. 

CLASS 1, REGION B: Central-Lunenburg holds the #2 seed at 22.75, just over a point behind Riverheads (23.857). Sussex Central is #4 (17.25) with Franklin at 15.5. Cumberland is in ninth, and last, place, but only .75 behind Altavista. Both teams are 0-8. If one could grab a victory in the last two weeks, it would make the difference between a trip to Essex, and washing the jerseys for the final time this season.

NEW RVA Sports Network Super 12, Super 7 Polls

Polls are based on games through October 23, 2022.


1) Highland Springs (8-0, was #1)
2) Varina (8-0, was #2)
3) Trinity Episcopal (8-0, was #3)
4) Thomas Dale (8-0, was #4)
5) Dinwiddie (8-0, was #5)
6) Louisa (8-0, was #6)
7) Manchester (7-1, was #7)
8) Midlothian (7-1, was #8)
9) Hanover (6-2, was #11)
10) Benedictine (6-2, was #9)
11) Thomas Jefferson (7-1, was #10)
12) L.C. Bird (6-2, NEW)

Dropping Out: Hermitage (5-4)
On The Cusp: Douglas Freeman (7-1), Powhatan (6-2)


1) Glen Allen (was #1)
2) Thomas Dale (was #4)
3) James River (was #2)
4) Patrick Henry (was #3)
5) Maggie Walker GS (was #5)
6) Cosby (was #6)
7) Midlothian (was #7)


1) Deep Run (was #1)
2) Midlothian (was #2)
3) Hanover (was #3)
4) Atlee (was #4)
5) Mills Godwin (was #7)
6) James River (was #5)
7) Patrick Henry (NEW)

Dropping Out: Glen Allen


1) Midlothian (was #1)
2) Cosby (was #3)
3) Deep Run (was #2)
4) Atlee (was #4)
5) Mills Godwin (was #5)
6) Patrick Henry (was #6)
7) Powhatan (was #7)

Saturday, October 22, 2022



WEEK 9 (October 20/21/22):


#2 Varina 50, Henrico 0
Nottoway 28, Prince Edward 0
Southampton 54, Surry 8


Collegiate 23, Fork Union 20
Douglas Freeman 35, J.R. Tucker 6
Mills Godwin 21, #12 Hermitage 20
Armstrong 36, Atlee 34
#11 Hanover 41, Patrick Henry 13
King William 34, Mechanicsville 13

James River 55, Clover Hill 14
#7 Manchester 14, Cosby 3
#8 Midlothian 49, George Wythe 6
L.C. Bird 24, Powhatan 7

Monacan 22, Huguenot 6
Hopewell 35, Meadowbrook 6
Matoaca 21, Colonial Heights 2
Dinwiddie 58, Prince George 8

Thomas Dale 31, Petersburg 8
Albemarle 48, Goochland 3
Charlottesville 49, John Marshall 8

Buckingham 28, Amelia 12
New Kent 14, Tabb 13
Caroline 24, Chancellor 8
Courtland 26, Culpeper 8
King George 23, Eastern View 13
Spotsylvania 43, James Monroe 25

Essex 68, Lancaster 18
King & Queen Central d. Charles City via forfeit
Northumberland 45, Colonial Beach 6
Sussex Central 32, Franklin 0
Greensville 40, Windsor 0

Cumberland at Randolph-Henry, 7pm
Rappahannock 24, Westmoreland 22
Northampton 48, Snow Hill (MD) 37


Glen Allen 37, Thomas Jefferson 31 (F/OT)
#3 Trinity Episcopal 42, St. Christopher's 7

#9 Benedictine 31, Mt. Zion (MD) 6


King & Queen Central at West Point, 7pm

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The 2022 Master High School Football Schedule (UPDATED October 25, 2022)

In the blink of an eye, the 2022 high school football season will be here! As we receive information, we will update this schedule, and, hopefully, we won't have nearly the postponements that we had during the 2021 season (go away, COVID!!)

There are eleven weeks, as usual, to the regular season, with games on both Thursday and Friday in Weeks 1 and 2. Due to a serious shortage of football officials, games may be moved to different nights, such as Thursdays, during the entire regular season.


WEEK 10 (October 27/28/29):


Armstrong at Mechanicsville, 7pm
Dinwiddie at Meadowbrook, 7pm
Huguenot at Manchester, 7pm
Essex at Westmoreland, 7pm


Glen Allen at Deep Run, 7pm
St. Christopher's at Douglas Freeman, 7pm
J.R. Tucker at Mills Godwin, 7pm
Thomas Jefferson at Colonial Heights, 7pm
Hanover at Henrico, 7pm
Atlee at Highland Springs, 7pm
Varina at Patrick Henry, 7pm
Midlothian at Powhatan, 7pm
Monacan at Clover Hill, 7pm
George Wythe at Cosby, 7pm
John Marshall at Mecklenburg County, 7pm
Petersburg at Prince George, 7pm
Hopewell at Matoaca, 7pm
Orange at Goochland, 7pm
West Point at King William, 7pm
King & Queen Central at Middlesex, 7pm
Jamestown at New Kent, 7pm
Prince Edward at Amelia, 7pm
Randolph-Henry at Nottoway, 7pm
Chancellor at Culpeper, 7pm
Caroline at James Monroe, 6pm, Maury Stadium, Fredericksburg
King George at Spotsylvania, 7pm
Courtland at Eastern View, 7pm
Albemarle at Louisa, 7:30pm


Norfolk Academy at Collegiate, 1pm
St. Michael The Archangel at Benedictine, 1pm
Thomas Dale at L.C. Bird, 1pm
Trinity Episcopal at Woodberry Forest, 2pm


James River at George Wythe, 6pm

WEEK 11 (NOVEMBER 3/4/5)


Highland Springs at Varina, 7pm
King & Queen Central at King William, 7pm
John Marshall at Middlesex, 7pm


Collegiate at St. Christopher's, 6pm
Glen Allen at Douglas Freeman, 7pm
Deep Run at Hermitage, 7pm
Lake Taylor at J.R. Tucker, 7pm
Thomas Jefferson at Mills Godwin, 7pm
TOMATO BOWL 64: Mechanicsville at Patrick Henry, 7pm
Hanover at Atlee, 7pm
Powhatan at Cosby, 7pm
Clover Hill at L.C. Bird, 7pm
Manchester at Monacan, 7pm
Matoaca at Meadowbrook, 7pm
Thomas Dale at Dinwiddie, 7pm
Prince George at Hopewell, 7pm
Colonial Heights at Petersburg, 7pm
James River at Midlothian, 7pm
Benedictine at St. John Paul the Great, 7pm
Nandua at West Point, 7pm
New Kent at Smithfield, 7pm
Spotsylvania at Caroline, 7pm
Central-Lunenburg at Amelia, 7pm
James Monroe at Chancellor, 7pm
Courtland at King George, 7pm
Nottoway at Mecklenburg, 7pm
Rappahannock at Essex, 7pm
Goochland at Louisa, 7:30pm


George Wythe at Huguenot, 1pm

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

FOOTBALL: VHSL Region Rankings/Analysis for Week 9

Three weeks remain in the 2022 high school football regular season. Some teams are already in the postseason, others looking to clinch the top seed in their respective region, while others are fighting to make the top eight. Let's take a deep dive into the latest Virginia High School League (VHSL) region standings containing RVA teams.

NOTE: * denotes clinching a playoff berth


1) *Oscar Smith 32.0 (6-0, vs Nansemond River (5-2) Friday)
2T) *Manchester 31.429 (6-1, at Cosby (3-3) Friday)
        *Thomas Dale 31.429 (7-0, vs Petersburg (4-3) Friday)
4) Franklin County 29.571 (5-2, vs William Fleming (2-5) Friday)
5) Western Branch 29.5 (7-1, at Deep Creek (4-3) Friday)
6) Floyd Kellam 24.571 (4-3, at Landstown (3-4) Friday)
7) Cosby 23.143 (3-4, vs Manchester Friday)
8) Landstown 22.857 (3-4, vs Floyd Kellam (4-3) Friday)
9) James River 21.857 (2-5, at Clover Hill (2-5) Friday)
10) Grassfield 20.0 (1-7, bye week)

ANALYSIS: As we expected, the Oscar Smith win in the battle of unbeatens against King's Fork last Friday propelled them into the top spot with three weeks left. As of now, it looks like the Tigers will only play nine regular season games, so keep that in mind. A weaker than normal Hopewell cost Thomas Dale points that would normally have given them second place outright. Instead, Manchester's win over a previously unbeaten Midlothian allows them to tie the Knights for second. 

More bad news for the RVA teams: Oscar Smith's final three opponents hold a combined record of 19-3 (Nansemond River, Western Branch, Phoebus). Thomas Dale's are a combined 16-5, while Manchester's is 5-16. Should the Tigers win it, the top seed is theirs. Thomas Dale needs the Tigers to lose at least one, run the table, and hope Dinwiddie is 9-0 when they meet on November 4th.

Cosby could all but solidify a playoff berth by upsetting Manchester Friday. They have George Wythe and Powhatan following. James River's best hope to get into the top eight is by winning Friday, and knocking off Midlothian in the Coal Bowl November 4th.


1) *Highland Springs 33.0 (8-0, bye week)
2) *Midlothian 27.429 (6-1, vs George Wythe (0-6) Friday)
3) Douglas Freeman 26.143 (6-1, vs J.R. Tucker (2-5) Friday)
4) Hermitage 25.75 (5-3, at Mills Godwin (3-4) Friday)
5) L.C. Bird 25.143 (5-2, vs Powhatan (6-1) Friday)
6) Glen Allen 23.0 (3-4, at Thomas Jefferson (7-0) Saturday)
7) Mills Godwin 21.857 (3-4, vs Hermitage (5-3) Friday)
8) Clover Hill 19.571 (2-5, vs James River (2-5) Friday)
9) Prince George 19.286 (1-6, vs Dinwiddie (7-0) Friday)
10) J.R. Tucker 19.143 (2-5, at Douglas Freeman (6-1) Friday)
11) Meadowbrook 18.571 (1-6, vs Hopewell (3-4) Friday)

ANALYSIS: Suffice to say, even if Highland Springs were to lose to both Atlee and Varina, they will likely be the top seed in Region 5C. The intrigue is below them, as Douglas Freeman, who missed a golden opportunity to really keep pace with Midlothian, now finishes at home with J.R. Tucker this Friday, followed by St. Christopher's and Glen Allen. A Midlothian win against George Wythe Friday and a win at Powhatan next Friday, exacting revenge for last year's loss at Poates, could be enough to clinch that second seed. What the Mavericks have to do is win out and hope that's enough to end up #3 if no better. It ensures a home game in the first round November 11th and keeps them on the opposite side of Highland Springs in the bracket. 

L.C. Bird's home date Friday with Powhatan, which you can hear live on Rejoice 101.3 FM and 990 AM and on the RVA Sports Network, is huge. With a win, it puts them in position to jump into the Douglas Freeman conversation should they knock off Thomas Dale the following week in the Battle of Chester. #1 might be settled here, but little else is. And, yes, there are four teams within a point of each other for the eighth and final seed. Of course, the prize for that will be a trip to Highland Springs, but for any of those programs, the opportunity to play another week is huge.


1) *Dinwiddie 29.143 (7-0, at Prince George (1-6) Friday)
2) *Varina 28.857 (7-0, at Henrico (2-6) Thursday)
3) *King George 27.333 (6-0, vs Eastern View (7-1) Friday)
4) Eastern View 25.125 (7-1, at King George (6-0) Friday)
5) Hanover 25.0 (5-2, vs Patrick Henry (5-2) Friday)
6) Powhatan 24.571 (6-1, at L.C. Bird (5-2) Friday)
7) Patrick Henry 24.429 (5-2, at Hanover (5-2) Friday)
8) Matoaca 23.857 (4-3, vs Colonial Heights (4-3) Friday)
9) Courtland 19.857 (3-4, vs Culpeper (2-5) Friday)
10) Monacan 19.286 (2-5, vs Huguenot (0-7) Friday)
11) Spotsylvania 19.0 (3-4, vs James Monroe (2-5) Friday)
12) Henrico 18.625 (2-6, vs Varina (7-0) Friday)
13) Atlee 18.143 (2-5, vs Armstrong (3-4) Friday)

ANALYSIS: What a Friday night it's going to be in Region 4B!! #12 hopes an upset of #2 propels them over three teams and back into the eight-team playoff race, while #3 and #4 do battle, as do #5 and #7. This is "shakeout" week indeed. Dinwiddie became the new #1 seed simply by strength of schedule, beating Petersburg while Varina defeated Armstrong. King George beat winless Chancellor, and fell 1 1/2 plus points behind both. They can right that with a win over 7-1 Eastern View, who is firmly back in the playoff picture after two seasons of unexpected mediocrity. They will make a definitive statement about their return if they leave King George winners Friday. As for the Patrick Henry/Hanover battle, it's a big game for both, but more of a must win for the Patriots, as they next get Varina at home before Tomato Bowl 64 against, for now, just a one-win team in Mechanicsville. Teams like Courtland, Monacan and Spotsylvania desperately need Colonial Heights to upset Matoaca.


1) *Phoebus 29.143 (7-0, vs Woodside (6-1) Friday)
2) *Lake Taylor 28.143 (6-1, at Manor (1-6) Friday)
3) Lafayette 25.429 (6-1, at Jamestown (0-6) Friday)
4) I.C. Norcom 23.375 (6-2, at Churchland (4-3) Saturday)
5) Southampton 22.714 (5-2, at Surry (2-5) Thursday)
6) York 22.143 (5-2, at Smithfield (2-5) Friday)
7) Hopewell 21.571 (3-4, at Meadowbrook (1-6) Friday)
8) Colonial Heights 21.286 (4-3, at Matoaca (4-3) Friday)
9) New Kent 20.429 (3-4, at Tabb (1-6) Friday)
10) Petersburg 20.0 (4-3, at Thomas Dale (7-0) Friday)

ANALYSIS: Phoebus has a chance to galvanize their hold on first place with a win over Class 5 Woodside on Friday, with Oscar Smith still on their schedule on November 4th. Because of such a tough strength of schedule down the stretch, only Lake Taylor has a realistic shot at overtaking them. Lafayette looks good, I.C. Norcom could join them by beating Churchland on Saturday. The intrigue begins with the fifth seed, as six teams are now vying for four spots. Petersburg could really wreck the party if they hand Thomas Dale their first loss Friday. Colonial Heights would overtake Hopewell for 7th with a win at Matoaca even if Hopewell ousts Meadowbrook. New Kent, however, is rooting for Smithfield, Meadowbrook and Matoaca, plus Thomas Dale, so a win over Tabb draws them closer or into the top eight.


1) *Brentsville District 23.25 (7-1, vs Riverside (1-6) Friday)
2) *Skyline 19.375 (4-4, bye week)
3) Armstrong 18.5 (3-5, at Atlee (2-5) Friday)
4) James Monroe 17.571 (2-5, at Spotsylvania (3-4) Friday)
5) Warren County 17.143 (3-4, at William Monroe (1-6) Friday)
6) Caroline 17.0 (2-5, vs Chancellor (0-7) Friday)
7) Culpeper 16.286 (2-5, at Courtland (3-4) Friday)
8) Goochland 15.429 (3-4, at Albemarle (5-1) Friday)
9) Meridian 14.375 (0-8, vs Park View-Sterling (2-6) Thursday)
10) William Monroe 14.286 (1-6, vs Warren County (3-4) Friday)

ANALYSIS: The big winner in this region last week was the Cavaliers of Caroline, coming from behind to knock off Courtland. As with most regions at this point, two teams can relax when it comes to knowing they'll be playing on November 11th. Those two teams, Brentsville District and Skyline, face each other in Nokesville next Friday, so a Brentsville win Friday, and next Friday, clinches the top seed. The Goochland Bulldogs have won three straight, but have a gauntlet to end the regular season with Albemarle, Orange, and unbeaten Louisa. One win in those three should ensure them a postseason bid, two definitely will, and three, finishing 6-4, would put them squarely in the conversation of hosting a first round game, something unthinkable just a couple of weeks ago. Armstrong needs a win over either Atlee this week or Mechanicsville next Thursday to help them in their quest to not only make the playoffs, but earn a first round home game.


1) *Thomas Jefferson 25.714 (7-0, vs Glen Allen (3-4) Saturday)
2) Poquoson 21.857 (5-2, at Bruton (5-2) Friday)
3) King William 20.143 (4-3, at Mechanicsville (1-6) Friday)
4) Greensville County 20.0 (5-2, at Windsor (0-8) Friday)
5) Bruton 18.714 (5-2, vs Poquoson (5-2) Friday)
6) Prince Edward 17.0 (4-3, vs Nottoway (2-5) Thursday)
7) Brunswick 16.875 (4-4, bye week)
8T) Nandua 16.857 (4-3, at Arcadia (1-5) Friday)
       Amelia County 16.857 (4-3, at Buckingham (6-1) Friday)
10) Randolph-Henry 16.333 (3-3, vs Cumberland (0-7) Friday)
11) Nottoway 14.286 (2-5, at Prince Edward (4-3) Thursday)

ANALYSIS: Thomas Jefferson has never, in their long history, started a season with eight straight wins. They can accomplish that at home Saturday against a Glen Allen team smarting after a loss at Potomac, still trying to solidify their playoff footing in Region 5C. The Vikings will take the field already knowing whether Poquoson or Bruton have won their Friday night showdown. A Bruton win and TJ win hands the #1 seed to the Vikings. King William has a chance to beat a Class 4 team in Mechanicsville to help them clinch at least one home playoff game (they still have their annual showdown with King & Queen Central to come November 3rd). The Amelia Raiders could leap well into the top eight, rather than their current tie for eighth, with a win over Buckingham, but that is a tall task. Nottoway is in desperation mode, needing to win at Prince Edward Thursday.


1) *Essex 22.857 (7-0, vs Lancaster (1-6) Friday)
2) *King & Queen Central 17.5 (5-1, at Charles City (0-6) Friday)
3) *Northumberland 17.333 (4-2, vs Colonial Beach (0-7) Friday)
4) *Westmoreland 17.0 (3-3, at Rappahannock (4-3) Friday)
5) West Point 16.857 (5-2, bye week, game vs Mathews canceled)
6) Rappahannock 15.429 (4-3, vs Westmoreland (3-3) Friday)
7) Northampton 11.5 (2-4, vs Snow Hill, MD (1-6) Friday)
8) Middlesex 11.0 (3-4, played Northampton Monday 10/17)
9) Lancaster 10.0 (1-6, at Essex (7-0) Friday)
10) Colonial Beach 9.286 (0-7, at Northumberland (4-2) Friday)

ANALYSIS: We know half of the field in Region 1A, and it's almost a lock that the lone unbeaten, Essex, will hold the top seed and home field through Thanksgiving Weekend. That said, King & Queen Central still has four, yep, four games in the final three weeks, all on the road. Charles City, West Point, Middlesex and King William have a combined 12 wins as of now. It won't be enough to catch Essex if the Trojans win Friday. Colonial Beach is mathematically alive, but needs to start winning, beginning with Friday at Northumberland. 


CLASS 4, REGION D: Louisa, despite an 8-0 record, the best in their region, is still in third place at 25.75 points, behind E.C. Glass (26.714) and Salem (26.571). Both of those teams are 6-1. The Lions have Albemarle and Goochland left on their schedule, both E.C. Glass and Salem also have a game in hand. This is a good time to remind everyone that Louisa will be one of the new teams in Class 5, Region C next year, when Highland Springs leaves for Class 6, Region A and the football race will be much, much different.

CLASS 1, REGION B: Riverheads, just 5-1, holds just under a half-point lead at the top over Central-Lunenburg. C-L has a bye this week, then faces one-loss Buckingham and, currently, 4-3 Amelia to end the season. Riverheads faces Fort Defiance (3-4) this week, then goes to Staunton (7-0), and finishes hosting Stuarts Draft (5-2). With their strength of schedules so difficult down the stretch, these two teams will finish either first or second. In the nine-team region, Cumberland is the odd man out with three weeks left.

POLLS: Super 12 High School Football; Super 7 Volleyball/Field Hockey


1) Highland Springs (8-0, was #1)
2) Varina (7-0, was #2)
3) Trinity Episcopal (7-0, was #3)
4) Thomas Dale (7-0, was #4)
5) Dinwiddie (7-0, was #5)
6) Louisa (8-0, was #8)
7) Manchester (6-1, was #9)
8) Midlothian (6-1, was #7)
9) Benedictine (5-2, was #11)
10) Thomas Jefferson (7-0, was #12)
11) Hanover (5-2, was #10)
12) Hermitage (5-3, returning)

Dropping Out: Douglas Freeman
On The Cusp: Douglas Freeman, Powhatan, Patrick Henry, L.C. Bird


1) Glen Allen (was #1)
2) James River (was #2)
3) Patrick Henry (was #3)
4) Thomas Dale (was #4)
5) Maggie Walker GS (was #5)
6) Cosby (was #6)
7) Midlothian (NEW)

Dropping Out: Douglas Freeman


1) Deep Run (was #1)
2) Midlothian (was #2)
3) Hanover (was #3)
4) Atlee (was #4)
5) James River (was #5)
6) Glen Allen (was #7)
7) Mills Godwin (was #6)


1) Midlothian (was #1)
2) Deep Run (was #2)
3) Cosby (was #3)
4) Atlee (was #4)
5) Mills Godwin (was #5)
6) Patrick Henry (was #6)
7) Powhatan (was #7)

Sunday, October 16, 2022



Hermitage 28, #6 Douglas Freeman 14

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WEEK 8 (October 12/13/14/15):


L.C. Bird 55, George Wythe 0


Matoaca 35, Prince George 0
Patrick Henry 28, Armstrong 12
Amelia 28, Cumberland 0
James Monroe 17, Culpeper 15
Franklin at Brunswick, DELAY
Buckingham 49, Nottoway 0
Brunswick 46, Franklin 14
Southampton 24, Greensville 16


#11 Benedictine 45, Collegiate 14
Hermitage 28, #6 Douglas Freeman 14

#12 Thomas Jefferson 21, J.R. Tucker 0
Mills Godwin 35, Deep Run 0
Potomac 20, Glen Allen 7
#1 Highland Springs 55, #10 Hanover 7
Mechanicsville 12, Henrico 7

#2 Varina 46, Atlee 14
Cosby 49, Huguenot 0
#9 Manchester 31, #7 Midlothian 30 (F/2 OT)
Monacan 16, James River 10
Powhatan 35, Clover Hill 0
Colonial Heights 44, Meadowbrook 8
#4 Thomas Dale 41, Hopewell 12

#5 Dinwiddie 42, Petersburg 0
#8 Louisa 56, Western Albemarle 0
Goochland 42, Monticello 14
Lafayette 35, King William 0

King & Queen Central at West Point, POSTPONED
Middlesex 33, Charles City 2
Grafton 29, New Kent 13
Caroline 36, Courtland 22
Eastern View 65, Spotsylvania 14
King George 68, Chancellor 6
Northumberland 20, Westmoreland 14
Essex 66, Colonial Beach 0
Rappahannock 35, Lancaster 8


#3 Trinity Episcopal 47, Fork Union 0
Woodberry Forest 27, St. Christopher's 6

Monday, October 10, 2022

FOOTBALL: VHSL Region Rankings And Analysis

And, just like that, we're down to only four football Fridays in the regular season. So let's dig into the latest Virginia High School League (VHSL) Region standings and see where teams are with three or four games remaining.


1) Thomas Dale 30.333 (6-0, at Hopewell Friday)
2) Oscar Smith 30.0 (5-0, at King's Fork Friday)
3) Manchester 29.5 (5-1, vs. Midlothian Friday)
4) Western Branch 28.857 (6-1, vs. Hickory Friday)
5) Franklin County 28.333 (4-2, at William Byrd Friday)
6) Floyd Kellam 25.0 (4-2, vs Bayside Friday)
7) Landstown 22.667 (3-3, at Frank Cox Friday)
8T) James River 22.0 (2-4, at Monacan Friday)
        Cosby 22.0 (2-4, at Huguenot Friday)
10) Ocean Lakes 19.286 (1-6)
11) Grassfield 18.143 (0-7)

ANALYSIS: Thomas Dale could win Friday at Hopewell and still lose the number one seed to Oscar Smith as the Tigers face unbeaten King's Fork out of Class 4. Thus, two bonus points for them as the Knights face a Class 3 school. In addition, a Manchester win over an undefeated Midlothian team (Class 5) places the Lancers in the discussion for the top seed with, then, three weeks left. Western Branch also faces a Class 5 school in Hickory, but they are 1-5. Remember, two bonus points are awarded for each win an opponent has. Strength of schedule, and results, matter. Down at the eight spot, rivals James River and Cosby are tied. And, yes, the first tiebreaker, if it came out that way after Week 11, is head-to-head. James River holds that with their 14-7 overtime win over the Titans back on September 8th.


1) Highland Springs (31.714, 7-0, vs. Hanover Friday)
2) Midlothian 27.667 (6-0, at Manchester Friday)
3) Douglas Freeman 27.0 (6-0, at Hermitage Friday)
4) L.C. Bird 24.5 (4-2, vs. George Wythe Thursday)
5) Hermitage 23.857 (4-3, vs. Douglas Freeman Friday)
6) Glen Allen 22.833 (3-3, at Potomac Friday)
7) Mills Godwin 21.0 (2-4, vs Deep Run Friday)
8T) Clover Hill 19.333 (2-4, at Powhatan Friday)
        Prince George 19.333 (1-5, at Matoaca Thursday)
10T) J.R. Tucker 18.5 (2-4, vs Thomas Jefferson Friday)
          Meadowbrook 18.5 (1-5, at Colonial Heights Friday)
12) Deep Run 16.857 (1-6, at Mills Godwin Friday)

ANALYSIS: As we expected in August, there's Highland Springs, and then there's everyone else. The race is below them. Midlothian could extend their hold on the second seed by defeating Manchester Friday, while Douglas Freeman will have their hands full at Chester Fritz battling a Hermitage team talented enough to be 7-0, but a monster schedule (losses to Thomas Dale, Varina and Lake Taylor) puts them at 4-3. The Panthers, currently fifth, less than a point behind #4 L.C. Bird, could leapfrog the Skyhawks with a victory, no matter what Bird does against a winless George Wythe squad. Glen Allen, after an 0-2 start, look for their first winning record of the year at 2-4 Potomac out of Class 6 Friday. After the Jaguars, there's a definite drop. Mills Godwin comes off the bye week having struggled the past few weeks, but host 1-6 Deep Run. Then, there's legitimately four teams vying for the final spot, and likely the right to go to Highland Springs November 11th. Both Clover Hill and Prince George have tough Class 4 opponents, while J.R. Tucker could make a big move by handing Class 2 Thomas Jefferson their first defeat.


1) Varina 28.667 (6-0, vs. Atlee Friday)
2) Dinwiddie 27.333 (6-0, vs. Petersburg Friday)
3) King George 27.0 (4-0, at Chancellor Friday)
4) Hanover 24.333 (5-1, at Highland Springs Friday)
5) Eastern View 23.714 (6-1, vs Spotsylvania Friday)
6) Patrick Henry 23.333 (4-2, at Armstrong Thursday)
7T) Powhatan 23.167 (5-1, vs. Clover Hill Friday)
       Matoaca 23.167 (3-3, vs. Prince George Thursday)
9) Courtland 20.5 (3-3, at Caroline Friday)
10) Spotsylvania 19.333 (3-3, at Eastern View Friday)
11) Henrico 19.143 (2-5, at Mechanicsville Friday)
12) Atlee 17.667 (2-4, at Varina Friday)
13) Monacan 17.0 (1-5, vs. James River Friday)
14) Huguenot 16.0
15T) Chancellor 14.833
          Mechanicsville 14.833
17) George Wythe 14.0

ANALYSIS: If a team like Courtland or Spotsylvania doesn't make a move soon, this most rugged of regions won't have an issue with who will be in the top eight, but there'll be plenty of movement within it. Varina will host a desperate Atlee squad, who have to go 3-1 down the stretch for any hopes of the postseason. Dinwiddie will not overlook Petersburg as they seek to crawl closer to the Blue Devils should both win. King George will be hurt by facing a winless Chancellor squad. Last week, Eastern View, in their renaissance season, overtook Patrick Henry for the #5 spot. This week, the Cyclones hope a win over 3-3 Spotsylvania will be enough to overtake Hanover for the four seed should the Hawks not pull the big upset at Highland Springs. Why is that important? The #4 seed gets a home game in the first round. The Patriots will have to handle an Armstrong team on the road who is definitely improved from the past several years. Then there's Powhatan and Matoaca, who both host Class 5, Region C teams in big need of victories as Clover Hill and Prince George are tied for the eighth and final seed there. Courtland gets 1-5 Caroline from Class 3, making it difficult for them to get closer to the top eight.

NOTE: In Class 4, Region D, Louisa, despite defeating previously unbeaten Orange, stays stuck in third place, less than a half point behind #1 Salem and #2 E.C. Glass.


1) Phoebus 27.667 (6-0, at Kecoughtan Saturday)
2) Lake Taylor 26.0 (5-1, vs. Churchland Friday)
3) Lafayette 23.667 (5-1, vs. King William Friday)
4) I.C. Norcom 22.714 (5-2, vs. Booker T. Washington Friday)
5) York 21.333 (4-2, vs. Jamestown Friday)
6) Hopewell 20.833 (3-3, vs. Thomas Dale Friday)
7) Southampton 20.667 (4-2, at Greensville County Thursday)
8) New Kent 20.5 (3-3, vs. Grafton Friday)
9T) Petersburg 20.0 (4-2, at Dinwiddie Friday)
       Colonial Heights 20.0 (3-3, vs. Meadowbrook Friday)
11) Booker T. Washington 16.667 (2-4, at I.C. Norcom Friday)
12) Lakeland 1-6
13) Tabb 0-6

ANALYSIS: For local teams, it begins with Hopewell, whose schedule doesn't get any easier with unbeaten Thomas Dale coming to Merner Field Friday. A victory goes a long way in helping the Blue Devils in their quest to move up to at least #4, and, with it, a first round home contest. But, lurking behind them are Southampton, New Kent, and Central District rivals Petersburg and Colonial Heights, all less than a point behind. The good news for Hopewell is they hold victories over both the Crimson Wave and Colonials.


1) Brentsville District 22.714 (6-1, vs. William Monroe Friday)
2) Skyline 19.571 (4-3, vs. Central Woodstock Friday)
3) Armstrong 17.857 (3-4, vs. Patrick Henry Thursday)
4) Warren County 16.714 (3-4, bye week)
5) Culpeper County 16.5 (2-4, vs. James Monroe Thursday)
6) James Monroe 16.0 (1-5, at Culpeper County Thursday)
7) Caroline 14.667 (1-5, vs. Courtland Friday)
8) Goochland 14.333 (2-4, vs. Monticello Friday)
9) Meridian 14.0 (0-7, at Clarke County Friday)
10) William Monroe 13.667 (1-5, at Brentsville District Friday)

ANALYSIS: Goochland continues to struggle, not scoring offensively in their 7-6 win over Charlottesville Friday, but they do crack the top eight as they prepare to host 1-5 Monticello Friday. A win there, and a Caroline loss to Courtland, and the Bulldogs will move up to #7. Let's give big credit to Armstrong! Three big victories thus far, and can give Patrick Henry a hard time when they host the Patriots on Thursday night. The Wildcats will need at least one win in their last three games (PH, Atlee, Mechanicsville) to realistically expect a home game in the first round November 11th.


1) Thomas Jefferson 24.667 (6-0, at J.R. Tucker Friday)
2) Poquoson 22.333 (5-1, vs. Warhill Friday)
3) Greensville County 20.333 (5-1, vs. Southampton Friday)
4) King William 20.0 (4-2, at Lafayette Friday)
5) Bruton 18.286 (5-2, bye week)
6) Nandua 17.333 (4-2, at Colonel Richardson Friday)
7) Prince Edward 17.0 (4-2, at Central Lunenburg Friday)
8) Amelia County 16.333 (3-3, at Cumberland Thursday)
9) Randolph-Henry 15.5 (3-3, vs. Arcadia Friday)
10) Brunswick 14.429 (3-4, at Franklin Thursday)
11) Nottoway 14.333 (2-4, vs. Buckingham Thursday)
12) John Marshall 1-6

ANALYSIS: Thomas Jefferson has its destiny, and the number one seed in this region, in its hands. The Vikings can go a long way towards clinching that top spot with a win at J.R. Tucker Friday, then a home win a week from Saturday against a surging Glen Allen. Two wins over Class 5 opponents would put them in excellent position. King William hopes to put more separation between themselves and the rest of the field behind them with a win at Lafayette, as, again the #4 seed does get a first round home game. Amelia really needed Friday's victory over Nottoway, and will be scoreboard watching regarding both Prince Edward ahead of them and Randolph-Henry behind them while they're home Friday night.

CLASS 1, REGION A: (Standings prior to Essex's victory over Northumberland and Charles City's loss to John Marshall on Monday)

1) Essex 24.0 (5-0, vs. Colonial Beach Friday)
2) Westmoreland 18.0 (3-2, at Northumberland Friday)
3) Northumberland 17.75 (3-1, vs. Westmoreland Friday)
4) King & Queen Central 16.5 (5-1, at West Point Friday)
5) West Point 16.286 (5-2, vs. King & Queen Central Friday)
6) Rappahannock 14.333 (3-3, at Lancaster Friday)
7) Northampton 11.8 (2-3, at Portsmouth Christian Friday)
8) Middlesex 10.0 (2-4, at Charles City Friday)
9) Lancaster 9.667 (1-5, vs. Rappahannock Friday)
10) Colonial Beach 8.667 (0-6, at Essex Friday)
11) Charles City 7.5 (0-5, vs. Middlesex Friday)

ANALYSIS: One of the best things about this region is, down the stretch, you'll get a bunch of games involving teams within the region, which isn't always the case with regular seasons still by and large dominated by "district play" when districts have not had any other relevance for nearly a decade. Essex's large lead will only grow when their Monday win over Northumberland is added into the equation. Northumberland can bounce back, and stay in the race for the #2 seed, with a win Friday against current #2 seed Westmoreland. King & Queen Central needs to beat West Point Friday to draw a step closer to at least clinching one home game in the playoffs.

NOTE: In Class 1, Region B, Central-Lunenburg leads by 1.4286 points over Riverheads. Franklin is fourth at 16.0 followed by Sussex Central at 14.0. Cumberland is the odd man out in this nine-team region, but less than a point behind #8 Altavista.

SUPER 7 POLLS: Field Hockey and Volleyball

Here are the latest RVA Sports Network Super 7 Field Hockey and Volleyball polls as the race to the postseason hits its final weeks! (VHSL member schools only eligible for these polls).


1) Midlothian 
2) Deep Run
3) Cosby
4) Atlee (was #5)
5) Mills Godwin (was #6)
6) Patrick Henry (was #7)
7) Powhatan (NEW)

Dropping Out: Glen Allen


1) Glen Allen
2) James River
3) Patrick Henry
4) Thomas Dale
5) Maggie Walker GS
6) Cosby
7) Douglas Freeman


1) Deep Run
2) Midlothian (was #4)
3) Hanover
4) Atlee (was #7)
5) James River (was #2)
6) Mills Godwin (was #5)
7) Glen Allen (was #6)

Sunday, October 9, 2022


Some changes in the bottom half of this week's poll, including a new, well-deserving member. Let's break it down:

1) Highland Springs (7-0, was #1): The Springers keep rolling, this time taking care of a young but talented Patrick Henry squad. On Twitter Saturday, we noted that, since their 26-20 nail biting win in their opening game at Julius Chambers in Charlotte, North Carolina, Highland Springs has won their last six contests by a combined score of 310-13. That's one touchdown (Manchester) and two field goals (Martinsburg, Patrick Henry). Every win has been by 31 points or more. Tenth-ranked Hanover comes in for Highland Springs' Homecoming on Friday.

2) Varina (6-0, was #2): The Blue Devils stayed perfect by defeating Armstrong, the second of four road trips over a five-game period. Their lone home game in the span comes this Friday, hosting an Atlee Raider team in desperation mode coming off their bye week at 2-4 in the rugged Region 4B. Then it's off to rival Henrico, and Patrick Henry, before the big one at home November 3rd (that's a Thursday!) hosting #1 Highland Springs.

3) Trinity Episcopal (6-0, was #3): We've been very high on the Titans all season. They are loaded with talent, and it's not easy going back to back in VISAA. They rolled Saturday at Homecoming, next they must take care of Fork Union, who fell Saturday at home to St. Christopher's. We are very impressed by the work of head coach Sam Mickens and his staff down on the banks of the James River.

4) Thomas Dale (6-0, was #4): The Knights took care of business at Henrico as expected on Friday night. They now enter a most interesting part of their season, first Friday night with a trip to Merner Field as Knights quarterback Ethan Minter duels with Hopewell's Mason Cumbie. Hopewell, coming off a home loss to Dinwiddie that got away from them in the final quarter, needs a signature win to try to climb back into the race for a first round home game in Region 3A, so expect them to give Thomas Dale everything and more. Then, the Knights host Petersburg, who have struggled with Thomas Dale lately but took them to the last play in Chester back in 2018. Trips to L.C. Bird and Dinwiddie follow to wrap up the season as the Knights battle Oscar Smith for the top spot in Region 6A.

5) Dinwiddie (6-0, was #5): The Generals enter a weaker portion of their schedule through the end of October with Petersburg this Friday, then trips to Prince George and Meadowbrook, two teams struggling in Region 5C. Will it be 9-0 Dinwiddie hosting 9-0 Thomas Dale on Friday November 4th? Only time will tell, but Harry Dalton and company will do everything they can to hold up their end of the bargain.

6) Douglas Freeman (6-0, was #6): It can be argued that the Mavericks haven't played the toughest schedule in town, but, as the old adage goes, you play who is on your schedule. And let's give head coach George Bland and his crew proper credit. They have become an incredibly consistent winner in a West End group of six teams that see to play an in-season round robin tournament to determine which teams are in the Region 5C playoffs, and which are not. Their biggest game so far is Friday with a trip to Hermitage on "High School Football Friday Night" on Rejoice 101.3 FM and 990 AM and here on the RVA Sports Network. The good news for the Mavericks is their last three games are home, including what could be a great game hosting surging Glen Allen in the regular season finale November 4th. Douglas Freeman will look for revenge at Chester Fritz for a 28-20 Hermitage road win at William E. Long Stadium 52 weeks ago.

7) Midlothian (6-0, was #8): Hey, guess who has given up only thirteen points all season? That's right, the Trojans. However, we will be surprised if they hold Manchester to less than ten points this Friday on the road. The Lancers are coming off a last minute heartstopping comeback 23-22 win over L.C. Bird. This will be the Trojans' biggest test so far, and, with a win, it would be another statement victory as they try to build a wall of consistent winning after decades of futility.

8) Louisa (7-0, was #9): After rolling over Region 4D leader Orange last Friday to stay unbeaten, the Lions are in position for a big finish, all at home. Western Albemarle comes in Friday, then, two weeks later, it's the Albemarle Patriots. The Lions close the regular season with struggling Goochland. 10-0, and a #1 seed on the other side of the bracket from other Richmond area schools is definitely attainable. And it's very hard to win in "The Jungle". 

9) Manchester (6-0, was #10): At one time Friday against L.C. Bird, freshmen quarterback Landen Abernethy was five-of-fourteen through the air. Then, with the game on the line, he showed nerves of steel, firing the Lancers down the field, capping it off with a 15-yard touchdown pass with 32 seconds left. Now, Manchester gets ready to host #7 Midlothian in one of two games featuring two ranked teams this week (Hanover at Highland Springs). A win here will help Manchester stay alive in the race for the top four seeds in Region 6A, battling Thomas Dale, Oscar Smith, Western Branch, and, just behind the Lancers, Franklin County and Kellam. This is also their best chance for a quality win, as Cosby, Huguenot and Monacan, all with under .500 records, finish their regular season schedule.

10) Hanover (5-1, was #12): So, the Hawks with Heart have to make the trip to the new Kreiter Stadium and try to put a dent in the Highland Springs armor. Having seen Sam Rogers' Hawks three times this year, they'll bring in a good game plan, and they will play hard for 48 minutes. But the Springers are so fast on the corners, and so deep at the skilled positions. Win or lose, playing Highland Springs will only improve Hanover as they next head to a huge rivalry game against Patrick Henry with major Region 4B playoff implications.

11) Benedictine (4-2, was #7): After falling behind 14-0 at Georgetown Prep Friday, the Cadets battled to tie it at 14-14 at halftime, but couldn't find the end zone after that, falling 20-14. Now Benedictine returns home Friday afternoon to battle rival Collegiate, coming off a brutal last-minute home loss to Woodberry Forest. The Cougars will be in desperate mode for their postseason hopes. This game, which kicks at 4pm, will be a great one.

12) Thomas Jefferson (6-0, NEW): It's time to give credit to where credit is due. We know that their schedule is not as strong as others in the Super 12. However, they've won six games straight to begin a season for the first time since, well, a lot of us were born. Some people may argue that this team only defeated Deep Run last Monday 14-9. But they've easily handled the teams that matter most on their schedule, fellow members of Class 2, Region A. A trip to J.R. Tucker will test the Vikings again this Friday, then, a critical home game Saturday 10/22 against a Glen Allen team that bears no resemblance to the team that lost at Matoaca on opening night. The Vikings are playing for the #1 seed in Region 2A, and we'll find out early this week if Poquoson was able to pull closer to them from the #2 position.

Dropping Out: Patrick Henry (was #11)

On The Cusp: Patrick Henry, St. Christopher's, L.C. Bird, Hermitage, Glen Allen

Friday, October 7, 2022



Due to illness which has had me down since Tuesday, we will not be able to bring you "High School Football Friday Night" this week on Rejoice 101.3 FM and 990 AM and here online. I look forward to returning to the action next Friday, October 14th, and will announce our game as soon as possible here on our website as well as across our Twitter network and on Facebook.

We will bring you updates on games Friday night on Twitter. "The Final Word" on Facebook Live will return next Friday at 11:30pm.


Rob Witham

WEEK 7 (OCTOBER 6--10):


New Kent 14, York 7


Woodberry Forest 21, Collegiate 20 
#6 Douglas Freeman 49, Deep Run 0 
Glen Allen 54, J.R. Tucker 6
Lake Taylor 28, Hermitage 27
#2 Varina 60, Armstrong 12
#12 Hanover 39, Mechanicsville 12 
#4 Thomas Dale 35, Henrico 14
#1 Highland Springs 48, #11 Patrick Henry 3 
Clover Hill 38, George Wythe 24
Cosby 28, Monacan 21
#10 Manchester 23, L.C. Bird 22
#7 Midlothian 49, Huguenot 0 
#5 Dinwiddie 41, Hopewell 13
Colonial Heights 16, Prince George 6
Matoaca 24, Petersburg 20
Georgetown Prep 20, #8 Benedictine 14
Powhatan 35, James River 14
Goochland 7, Charlottesville 6
King George 49, Caroline 0
#9 Louisa 49, Orange 7
Amelia 15, Nottoway 14 
I.C. Norcom 28, King William 7 
Courtland 29, Chancellor 0

Essex at Northumberland, POSTPONED TO MONDAY
Spotsylvania 20, Culpeper 7
Eastern View 55, James Monroe 6
Buckingham 41, Randolph-Henry 0
Central-Lunenburg 69, Cumberland 7
Greensville 22, Prince Edward 20


#3 Trinity Episcopal 55, St. Michael The Archangel 7
St. Christopher's 28, Fork Union 7


Essex 61, Northumberland 6
John Marshall at Charles City, 7pm

Monday, October 3, 2022


HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FRIDAY NIGHT: #1 Highland Springs 56, Colonial Forge 0

Presented by Virginia Family Dentistry, A Team Approaching to Dental Care (Click here to visit their website!)

WEEK 6 (September 29/30/October 1 AND 3)


#2 Varina 21, #12 Hanover 12
#8 Midlothian 36, Cosby 0

Hopewell 46, Colonial Heights 0
#4 Thomas Dale 55, Prince George 0 
#5 Dinwiddie 42, Matoaca 0
Armstrong 52, Park View (Sterling) 3
#10 Manchester 42, Clover Hill 0
Powhatan 51, Monacan 0
Petersburg 28, Meadowbrook 0
L.C. Bird 35, Huguenot 0
West Point 20, Colonial Beach 8
King & Queen Central 61, John Marshall 6
Amelia 39, Randolph-Henry 0
Bruton 42, Charles City 0
Lafayette 35, New Kent 0
Central-Lunenburg 47, Nottoway 0

#9 Louisa 49, Monticello 14
Southampton 28, Sussex Central 8


Collegiate 16, Episcopal 10
Trinity Episcopal 20, St. Mary's Ryken (MD) 16
Goochland 21, Fluvanna 0
King George at Culpeper, POSTPONED
Eastern View 54, Caroline 23
Our Lady of Good Counsel (MD) 36, Life Christian Academy 7


James River at George Wythe, POSTPONED to October 31st, time TBA
#11 Patrick Henry 43, Henrico 9
#7 Benedictine 26, St. Christopher's 10
Atlee 38, Mechanicsville 21


#1 Highland Springs 56, Colonial Forge 0
Glen Allen 39, Mills Godwin 0
Thomas Jefferson 14, Deep Run 9
Hermitage 35, J.R. Tucker 8
Prince Edward 47, Cumberland 6
Courtland 65, James Monroe 13