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Thursday, November 4, 2021

FOOTBALL: VHSL Region Standings: Week 11 Presented By Luck Chevrolet

We've made it to the final week of the regular season in high school football, a season filled with twists and turns, and we're sure more to come. Let's take a deep dive into the latest standings, find out who's in, who needs to win this week and more, all presented by our friends at Luck Chevrolet in Ashland! Remember, the top eight teams in each region reach the playoffs, and teams who have clinched postseason berths are noted with an asterisk (*). Also of note, when we get to State Semifinal Saturday on December 4th, Region A and Region B champions will face each other, while Region C and D champions will square off. 


1) Oscar Smith* (33.5, 7-1, vs Phoebus, 9-0)
2) Thomas Dale* (30.0, 7-1, vs Dinwiddie, 7-0)
3) Western Branch* (29.8, 8-2, regular season complete)
4) Manchester* (29.25, 6-2, vs Monacan, 5-4)
5) Ocean Lakes* (27.625, 5-3, vs Bayside, 5-4)
6) James River* (26.556, 5-4, vs Midlothian, 7-1)
7) Franklin County* (25.444, 4-5, vs Northside, 4-5)
8) Cosby (23.444, 3-6, vs Powhatan, 6-3)
9) Floyd Kellam (22.556, 3-6, vs Kempsville, 6-1)

BREAKDOWN: Only one playoff spot remains open, and will go to either Cosby or Floyd Kellam. They both have tough opponents, and, if both should lose, the advantage stays with the Titans. Oscar Smith has clinched the #1 seed regardless of Friday's result with Phoebus, who, too, have clinched their region, Class 3, Region A. Western Branch is idle, but could retake the #2 seed if Dinwiddie defeats Thomas Dale. Manchester could move as high as #2 should Thomas Dale fall as well, depending upon several other game results. If the Lancers lose to Monacan, who must win to have a shot to make the Class 4, Region B postseason, it could cost them a first round home game should Ocean Lakes win and results of other games in the 757. James River is mathematically alive for the #4 seed, but it's highly unlikely. A loss to Midlothian could send them to #7, but they can't slide any further. Whether Cosby or Floyd Kellam make it, they'll be the #8 seed and head to Oscar Smith next Friday.


Region 6B: 1) Battlefield 34.444, 2) Patriot 30.889, 3) Freedom-PW 30.4
Region 6C: 1) Robinson 33.333, 2) South County 32.889, 3) Fairfax 31.889
Region 6D: 1) James Madison 34.111, 2) Centreville 30.556, 3) Westfield 28.0


1) Highland Springs* (30.556, 7-2, vs Varina, 7-1)
2) Midlothian* (28.75, 7-1, vs James River, 5-4)
3) Hermitage* (27.667, 7-2, vs Deep Run, 0-9)
4) Douglas Freeman* (26.667, 7-2, vs Glen Allen, 4-4)
5) L.C. Bird* (26.143, 4-3, vs Clover Hill, 2-7)
6) Glen Allen* (24.125, 4-4, vs Douglas Freeman, 7-2)
7) Prince George (22.125, 2-6, vs Hopewell, 4-3)
8) Mills Godwin (22.0, 3-6, vs Thomas Jefferson, 6-2)
9) J.R. Tucker (21.75, 4-4, game canceled)
10) Clover Hill (20.222, 2-7, vs L.C. Bird, 4-3)

BREAKDOWN: Highland Springs and Midlothian will be the top two seeds here. The question is, in what order. Both have big rivals, with the Highland Springs/Varina showdown set for 2:30 Saturday, and Midlothian heading to face James River in the Coal Bowl. Hermitage is hampered in its quest to climb higher by facing a winless opponent in Week 11 (Deep Run), while they'll need a Patrick Henry win over Mechanicsville in the Tomato Bowl and a Hanover win over Atlee to help make sure Douglas Freeman doesn't catch them for third place should the Mavericks defeat Glen Allen. The Jaguars look to move up, but an L.C. Bird win over Clover Hill could nix that. If the Jaguars and Skyhawks win, it's possible each move up and Glen Allen would travel to L.C. Bird in the quarterfinal round next week. The fun begins at #7, where three teams battle for two slots. Because J.R. Tucker's game with John Marshall was canceled, and the Tigers were unable to find a new opponent, they must sit and watch their future unfold. If Prince George and Mills Godwin both win, they are in, and the Tigers watch another would-be playoff bid go by the boards. Clover Hill is mathematically alive, but they need, for example, I.C. Norcom to beat Lake Taylor. Possible, but unlikely.


Region 5A: 1) Green Run 32.444, 2) Kempsville 31.286, 3) Salem-VB 28.375
Region 5B: 1) Maury 30.0, 2) Woodside 26.875, 3) Norview 24.875
Region 5D: 1) Stone Bridge 35.111, 2) Mountain View 31.111, 3) Massaponax 29.857


1) Dinwiddie* (30.286, 7-0, vs Thomas Dale, 7-1)
2) King George* (30.25, 8-0, vs Courtland, 4-5)
3) Matoaca* (29.0, 8-1, vs Meadowbrook, 0-7)
4) Varina* (28.125, 7-1, vs Highland Springs, 7-2)
5) Patrick Henry* (26.667, 7-2, vs Mechanicsville, 2-7)
6) Powhatan (25.222, 6-3, vs Cosby, 3-6)
7) Chancellor (24.875, 5-3, vs James Monroe, 4-5)
8) Hanover (23.125, 4-4, vs Atlee, 5-4)
9) Monacan (23.111, 5-4, vs Manchester, 6-2)
10) Spotsylvania (22.889, 5-4, vs Caroline, 0-8)
11) Atlee (22.444, 5-4, vs Hanover, 4-4)
12) Courtland (21.556, 4-5, vs King George, 8-0)

ELSEWHERE: We told you back in August that this would be the rough, rugged, crazy, and most competitive region in our area. We'll argue it's the best region in Virginia. The top five teams are in, and Powhatan is on the cusp of getting their first trip to the playoffs since 2016. If the Indians win, it's down to two spots and six teams. First, our "High School Football Friday Night" showdown on Rejoice 101.3 FM/990 AM and here on our website between Hanover and Atlee is not mathematically a "win and get in" scenario. Here's how wacky it is: Hanover would gain two points should Monacan knock off Manchester, but would rather Manchester win, because, with a Hawk victory over the Raiders and a Lancers win, Hanover would move forward to next week. It's mathematically possible for Monacan to move as high as #6, should Cosby upset Powhatan and James Monroe upset Chancellor. James Monroe is playing for a home playoff game in Region 3B, so they have serious motivation. Spotsylvania is a victim of a bad final opponent: winless Caroline. They'll need a win, Hanover and Monacan losses, and some upsets including Fluvanna over Albemarle, for a chance. Atlee and Courtland actually have higher ceilings than Spotsylvania. And if Courtland hands King George their first loss of the season? All bets are off. 


Region 4A: 1) King's Fork 28.625, 2) Hampton 28.333, 3) Warhill 26.889
Region 4C: 1) Broad Run 29.222, 2) Kettle Run 28.889, 3) Heritage-LC 28.667
Region 4D: 1) GW-Danville 29.5, 2) Salem 29.222, 3) E.C. Glass 28.556


1) Phoebus* (31.333, 9-0, vs Oscar Smith, 7-1)
2) York* (26.556, 8-1, vs Bruton, 3-6)
3) Lafayette* (26.375, 7-1, vs Warhill, 8-1)
4) Lake Taylor* (23.667, 5-4, vs I.C. Norcom, 1-5)
5) Booker T. Washington* (22.5, 5-3, vs Manor, 3-3)
6) Hopewell* (22.0, 4-3, vs Prince George, 2-6)
7) Southampton (20.375, 5-3, vs Franklin, 2-7)
8) Tabb (20.333, 4-5, vs Jamestown, 1-8)
9) New Kent (19.222, 4-5, vs Smithfield, 3-5)
10) Petersburg (18.625, 3-5, vs Colonial Heights, 3-6)
11) Colonial Heights (18.222, 3-6, vs Petersburg, 3-5)

BREAKDOWN: Phoebus is in and the top seed and will get a great test with Oscar Smith to only prime them for what they hope is a deep postseason run. With a win, Lafayette moves to #2 regardless of York's result. Lake Taylor looks to hold onto the #4 seed (that's the highest they can go), while Booker T. Washington hopes I.C. Norcom pulls off an upset so that, if they have a rematch with the Titans next weekend, it's a home game. Hopewell, with a win and a Bookers loss, could be the ones headed to Lake Taylor instead, and, if the Titans and Bookers both fall, Hopewell may slide up to #4, but they'll need to win over a Prince George team who clinches a Region 5C berth with a victory. The final two bids are open, but none of the five teams in contention are playing a team currently .500 or better. New Kent needs a Jamestown win over Tabb and a Franklin upset of Southampton to make it, while the winner of Petersburg/Colonial Heights needs those two things to happen and a New Kent loss to Smithfield. Petersburg has a long shot, Colonial Heights' is even longer.


1) Meridian* (24.333, 7-2, vs William Monroe, 2-6)
2) Brentsville District* (23.889, 7-2, vs Manassas Park, 0-9)
3) Goochland* (20.889, 5-4, vs Louisa, 7-2)
4) James Monroe* (20.0, 4-5, vs. Chancellor, 5-3)
5) Culpeper County* (18.9, 4-6, regular season complete)
6) Skyline (16.875, 2-6, vs Warren County, 3-6)
7) Warren County (16-778, 3-6, vs Skyline, 2-6)
8) Armstrong (14.875, 1-7, vs Park View-Sterling, 2-7)
9) William Monroe (14.625, 2-6, vs Meridian, 7-2)

BREAKDOWN: The good news for Goochland is they cannot be caught for fourth place no matter what. A win over Louisa, however, clinches the #3 seed. The top two teams are likely to win, but what if William Monroe shocks the region and beats Meridian? Brentsville, with a win, moves to the top. The winner of Skyline/Warren County clinches a berth, leaving the loser with Armstrong and William Monroe. Three teams fighting for two positions. Could the Wildcats finally get a win and claim their own destiny? They'll go to Northern Virginia to find out.


Region 3C: 1) Liberty Christian 30.5, 2) Heritage-Lynchburg 26.778, 3) Brookville 24.375
Region 3D: 1) Christiansburg 29.556, 2) Abingdon 26.0, 3) Bassett 24.778


1) Nottoway* (26.25, 8-0, vs Bluestone, 0-7)
2) King William* (23.875, 7-1, vs King & Queen Central, 8-0)
3) Thomas Jefferson* (21.5, 6-2, vs Mills Godwin, 3-6)
4) Greensville* (20.857, 5-2, vs Brunswick, 4-2)
5) Amelia County* (20.778, 7-2, vs Central-Lunenburg, 6-2)
6) Poquoson* (20.75, 4-4, vs Grafton, 1-8)
7) Brunswick (19.667, 4-2, vs Greensville, 5-2)
8) Randolph-Henry (17.0, 4-4, vs Prince Edward, 2-7)
9) Bruton (15.0, 3-6, vs York, 8-1)

BREAKDOWN: The advantage to the Cougars as Nottoway plays winless Bluestone while King William has their annual showdown with King and Queen Central, looking to go unbeaten and clinch the Region 1A's top seed. Thomas Jefferson, even with a win over Mills Godwin, looks to stay in the #3 slot, but if they lose, and Greensville beats Brunswick and Amelia County knocks off Central-Lunenburg, the Vikings could drop to #5 and hit the road next week, or even #6 should Poquoson win and some other results go against TJ. If Bruton wins, they could swipe the final bid from Randolph-Henry. If they don't, Randolph-Henry takes the final berth and heads to Nottoway, where they lost earlier this season.


Region 2B: 1) Stuarts Draft 25.375, 2) Clarke County 24.111, 3) Strasburg 23.778
Region 2C: 1) Glenvar 25.222, 2) Appomattox 23.889, 3) Radford 20.889
Region 2D: 1) Graham 28.0, 2) Virginia 23.778, 3) Union 22.0


1) King & Queen Central* (20.5, 8-0, vs King William, 7-1)
2) Essex* (19.2, 4-1, vs Rappahannock, 4-4)
3) Northampton* (19.111, 7-2, vs Arcadia, 0-8)
4) Washington & Lee* (18.714, 4-3, vs Colonial Beach, 5-3)
5) West Point* (18.5, 5-3, vs Nandua, 2-6)
6) Colonial Beach* (17.0, 5-3, vs Washington & Lee, 4-3)
7) Northumberland (15.571, 5-2, vs Lancaster, 1-8)
8) Rappahannock (14.5, 4-4, vs Essex, 4-1)
9) Middlesex (14.0, 3-3, vs Mathews, 0-8)

BREAKDOWN: The Royals take the top seed with a win over archrival King William, who has been on a roll lately, especially offensively. A Cavalier win opens the door for Essex, despite only playing six games. If Rappahannock beats the Trojans, Northampton can slide up to #2, but will need Nandua, Cumberland, Bruton, Washington & Lee, and Portsmouth Christian all to win in order to tie King & Queen Central for first. Washington & Lee needs to win, get losses above them, and have Lancaster and Brunswick win to suddenly fight for the top. Yes, four teams are mathematically alive for the top seed this week. That's how topsy turvy this region has been thanks to several things, including COVID, and the horrible shooting incident that marred, and suspended, the King & Queen/Essex showdown September 24th. This region looks much different if that game finishes. Instead, it's a no contest. Middlesex must win, and get at least an Essex win over Rappahannock, and maybe a Lancaster upset of Northumberland, to crack the top eight.


Region 1B: 1) Riverheads 27.778, 2) Buffalo Gap 20.889, 3) Central-Lunenburg 19.125
Region 1C: 1) Galax 22.75, 2) Giles 21.714, 3) Parry McCluer 18.778
Region 1D: 1) Holston 23.556, 2) Twin Springs 21.875, 3) Patrick Henry-Glade Spring 20.0

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