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Friday, November 3, 2023


Take a deep breath! And away we go! Who's in, who's out, what's left to be done, and more in our deepest dive of the season into the Virginia High School League (VHSL) football region rankings!

(X--clinched playoff berth)
(Z--clinched #1 seed in region)



1) X-Thomas Dale          35.556 (9-0, at Petersburg (3-6) Friday)
2) X-Highland Springs  35.0 (8-1, at Hanover (6-3) Friday
3) X-Manchester             32.444 (8-1, at Cosby (4-5) Friday)
4) X-Glen Allen                30.667 (7-2, at Mills Godwin (6-3) Friday)
5) X-Oscar Smith            29.667 (6-3, vs. Western Branch (4-5) Friday)
6) X-Landstown              27.000 (5-4, vs. Green Run (9-0) Thursday)
7) Western Branch        25.667 (4-5, at Oscar Smith (6-3) Friday)
8) Cosby                            25.111 (4-5, vs. Manchester (8-1) Friday)
9) Grassfield                    23.444 (3-6, vs. Indian River (6-3) Friday)
10) Meadowbrook        22.7 (3-7, regular season complete)

ANALYSIS: The biggest question we are getting, and it isn't even close, is "If Thomas Dale and Highland Springs both win Friday, who gets the number one seed??

The first answer is, if it were just head to head, Highland Springs would just barely eclipse Thomas Dale. However, almost as important as winning in Week 11 is having the teams that were on your schedule also win. Between the Springers and Knights, there are twelve (yes, 12!) games also being played that will affect the final standings. Both teams share two of them: Cosby/Manchester and Patrick Henry/Varina. The Knights are rooting for Cosby and Patrick Henry to pull upsets. The Springers want Manchester and, yes, Varina to win. You get two bonus points for every win by a team you have defeated in the regular season, one bonus points if a team you lose to wins (i.e., Maury for Highland Springs). 

If you are a Knights fan, you're also rooting for L.C. Bird and Glen Allen, too. If you are a part of Springer Nation, you need I.C. Norcom, Riverbend, Henrico and Hermitage to emerge victorious, and a win from Miramar (FL) wouldn't hurt. We'll know who is #1 and who is #2 at approximately 9:30 Friday night.

Manchester cannot catch either team ahead of them, and with a win over Cosby, would clinch the #3 seed. If Cosby continues their late season hot streak, however, it would, barely, keep the door ajar for Glen Allen, should they defeat Mills Godwin, and several other things go the Jaguars' way. Glen Allen, though, continues to have Oscar Smith breathing down their neck. The Tigers are fighting, uncharacteristically, for just one home game, currently fifth, meaning if the standings hold, they'll come to Glen Allen next Friday. A Mills Godwin win, however, and the Tigers and Jags could flip-flop, forcing Glen Allen to make the trip to Chesapeake. The top two are on their own tier, then the next three.

Cosby needs to beat Manchester to ensure a playoff bid. A defeat, coupled with a Grassfield win over 6-3 Indian River, could make the Titans the odd team out. It will, again, come down to other results. And, though they have been eliminated, a shout out to the Meadowbrook Monarchs, who took a giant step forward in their rebuild this season! They're closer to making the postseason in the immediate future than people think.

OTHER CLASS 6 REGIONS (State Semifinal Pairings are 6B champion vs. 6D champion, and 6A champion vs. 6C champion. ALL other regions are A vs. B, C vs. D)

REGION 6B: 1) Freedom-PW 34.5, 2) Mountain View 34.444, 3) Colonial Forge 32.333, 4) Battlefield 32.222
REGION 6C: 1) South County 31.667, 2) Lake Braddock 31.444, 3) West Springfield 30.444, 4) Thomas Edison 28.778
REGION 6D: 1) James Madison 34.333, 2) Washington-Liberty 33.0, 3) South Lakes 32.667, 4) McLean 31.222



1) X-PH-Roanoke           30.889 (8-1, at Hidden Valley (1-8) Friday)
2) X-Louisa                       30.111 (8-1, at Goochland (3-6) Friday)
3) X-Matoaca                   30.0 (7-2, vs. Dinwiddie (6-3) Friday)
4) Hermitage                   27.111 (5-4, at J.R. Tucker (2-7) Friday)
5) Douglas Freeman    27.0 (7-3, regular season complete)
6) Mills Godwin              26.667 (6-3, vs. Glen Allen (7-2) Friday)
7) L.C. Bird                       25.667 (5-4, at Midlothian (5-4) Friday)
8) William Fleming       25.222 (5-4, at Staunton River (3-6) Friday)
9) Franklin County        24.444 (4-5, vs. Lord Botetourt (7-2) Friday)
10) James River             24.2 (5-5, d. Clover Hill 35-6 Thursday)
11) Midlothian                24.111 (5-4, vs. L.C. Bird (5-4) Friday)
12) Albemarle                 23.667 (4-5, vs. Western Albemarle (1-8) Friday)

ANALYSIS: Remember when the region in Class 5 here in the area was a cozy, Richmond-only group of schools? Yeah, we do, too. Now, it looks likely that the road to the Class 5 state semifinals could go through....Roanoke. But, as we enter Friday, there are mathematically three teams still alive for the top seed. What would turn everything upside down is a Matoaca victory on Senior Night over the Dinwiddie Generals. If PH-Roanoke, Louisa, and Matoaca all win, it, again, comes down to results of many other games as to how they would shake out and who would get home field through Thanksgiving weekend. Nobody else can enter the top three.

Now here is where it gets crazy. Hermitage plays in the Cat Bowl. If they win, Douglas Freeman, who is idle this week, needs a host of things to happen to flip the standings and get a home game next Friday. 

*Mills Godwin has entered the chat*.....

The Eagles host Glen Allen and, with a win, could enter the #4 seed conversation. But be careful Eagles! Four teams mathematically could catch you if you lose, and you may awaken Saturday morning on the outside looking in. Mills Godwin and L.C. Bird fans are rooting for William Fleming to be upset by Staunton River and for Lord Botetourt to, hopefully, in their eyes, eliminate Franklin County. 

Then there's Midlothian! They host a Skyhawks team seemingly in free fall. But the Trojans are in the same position, both teams having lost three straight. Now, one is guaranteed to be eliminated Friday, and, depending on other results, both may be out, if William Fleming and Franklin County have their say. Their road to the postseason could be dramatically altered in.....the Roanoke Valley. 

James River's late season charge will likely fall just short, as they'll need many other games to end a certain way to have even a mathematical shot at the #8 seed. But they are certainly building for 2024, which is great to see!


REGION 5A: 1) Green Run 32.0, 2) Frank W. Cox 28.667, 3) Indian River 27.111, 4) Salem-Virginia Beach 26.0
REGION 5B: 1) Maury 34.222, 2) King's Fork 33.111, 3) Warwick 29.9, 4) Nansemond River, 29.0
REGION 5D: 1) Briar Woods 29.556, 2) Stone Bridge 28.625, 3) Massaponax 27.444, 4) Riverbend 27.111



1) X-King George           31.556 (9-0, at Chancellor (2-7) Friday)
2) X-Varina                       30.000 (7-2, vs. Patrick Henry (3-6) Friday)
3) X-Huguenot                27.25 (6-2, vs. Monacan (3-6) Friday)
4) X-Dinwiddie               26.778 (6-3, at Matoaca (7-2) Friday)
5) X-Eastern View          26.556 (8-1, at Courtland (7-2) Friday)
6) X-Powhatan               25.889 (6-3, vs. Richmond School For The Arts (0-9) Friday)
7) X-Courtland               25.444 (7-2, vs. Eastern View (8-1) Friday)
8) X-Hanover                  25.333 (6-3, vs. Highland Springs (8-1) Friday)
9) Patrick Henry          22.111 (3-6, at Varina (7-2) Friday)

ANALYSIS: In an astounding turn of events from it usually happens during Week 11 in this region, the eight-team playoff field is set. Patrick Henry, the #9 seed, is mathematically out even with a win over Varina Friday. So, the drama in Region 4B this year will be how the eight teams will be seeded after a trio of critical matchups.

First, #5 Eastern View, with a win over 7-2 #7 Courtland, could catapult to as high as the #2 seed, though, more likely to the #3 or #4 spot, even with wins by Huguenot and Dinwiddie Friday. King George simply needs a win at 2-7 Chancellor for the top spot. Varina knows all too well how hard it is to play there. The Blue Devils, with a victory over Patrick Henry, and wins by Indian River, Hermitage, and Glen Allen, would be enough to block the Cyclones for the second seed. 

Courtland, however, sets their sights higher than seventh. Defeating Eastern View and a Matoaca win over Dinwiddie could send Courtland as high as fifth. Ironically, they cannot mathematically catch Eastern View even with a win. A Courtland loss opens the door for Hanover to move up if they can pull off the titanic upset over Highland Springs. 

Matoaca hosting Dinwiddie is huge for both teams in their respective regions. Dinwiddie wants to be home at least one Friday. Huguenot wants one, too, but first, a win over Monacan, then see how everything shakes out.

But what we do know for sure is which eight teams will move on to November 10th, and beyond.


REGION 4A: 1) Phoebus 32.889, 2) Warhill 31.333, 3) Churchland 27.111, 4) Hampton 24.6
REGION 4C: 1) Tuscarora 29.778, 2) John Champe 29.222, 3) Loudoun Valley 23.889, 4) Loudoun County 23.556
REGION 4D: 1) Jefferson Forest 30.0, 2) Salem 29.556, 3) Millbrook 26.222, 4) E.C. Glass 25.889



1) X-Hopewell             26.222 (6-3, vs. Prince George (2-7) Friday)
2) X-Lafayette              24.444 (7-2, vs. Poquoson (7-2) Friday)
3) Heritage (NN)         22.7 (5-5, d. Woodside 42-7 Thursday)
4) Colonial Heights   22.444 (6-3, vs. Thomas Jefferson (8-0) Friday)
5) Grafton                     22.111 (5-4, at York (3-6) Friday)
6) Lake Taylor             21.889 (4-5, vs. Norview (2-6) Friday)
7) B.T. Washington    21.778 (5-4, at I.C. Norcom (3-6) Friday)
*** I.C. Norcom, in eighth place, is ineligible for postseason play***
8) Tabb                          21.555 (5-4, at Smithfield (4-5) Friday)
9) Petersburg             20.0 (3-6, vs. Thomas Dale (9-0) Friday)

ANALYSIS: First, there's the I.C. Norcom situation, which sends a lifeline to Petersburg, now considered in ninth place instead of tenth. But if they don't defeat Thomas Dale Friday, their season is likely over.

Hopewell, on the other hand, with a win over Prince George, clinches the top seed regardless of the Lafayette/Poquoson result. Colonial Heights, with a win over unbeaten Thomas Jefferson Friday, could launch as high as #2, should Poquoson win over Lafayette. The surprise here is the struggle that has been for Lake Taylor this year. They'll make the playoffs, but nowhere near the powerhouse they have been.



1) X-Thomas Jefferson   30.75 (8-0, at Colonial Heights (6-3) Friday)
2) X-Kettle Run                  28.889 (9-0, vs. Brentsville District (8-1) Friday)
3) X-Brentsville District  26.889 (8-1, at Kettle Run (9-0) Friday)
4) X-Armstrong                  21.7 (7-3, d. Mechanicsville 44-7 Thursday)
5) William Monroe           19.556 (4-5, vs. Rockbridge Co. (0-9) Friday)
6) Meridian                         19.444 (4-5, at Fauquier (1-8) Friday)
7) Skyline                            18.333 (3-6, at Warren Co. (1-8) Friday)
8) Goochland                    18.0 (3-6, vs. Louisa (8-1) Friday)
9) James Monroe            17.556 (2-7, vs. Caroline (3-6) Friday)
10) Culpeper Co.             17.222 (2-7, at Spotsylvania (3-6) Friday)

ANALYSIS: The race for #1 is down to three teams, two of whom will face off Friday. Thomas Jefferson wins the #1 seed with a victory over Colonial Heights. If they lose, it's a foot race to the finish. Armstrong's Monday win over Manassas Park clinches the #4 seed and a home game in the regional quarterfinal round on November 10th. Goochland is behind the eight-ball, having to face an 8-1 Louisa squad playing for the top seed in Class 5, Region C, while lurking behind them are James Monroe and Culpeper, both of whom have 3-6 Battlefield District opponents. However, Caroline is better than their record.


REGION 3C: 1) Liberty Christian 30.0, 2) Turner Ashby 28.222, 3) Rustburg 25.667, 4) Spotswood 25.222
REGION 3D: 1) Magna Vista 27.778, 2) William Byrd 26.556, 3) Lord Botetourt 25.111, 4) Christiansburg 24.6



1) X-Poquoson                    24.222 (7-2, vs. Lafayette (7-2) Friday)
2) X-Central-Lunenburg  22.5 (8-2, regular season complete)
3) X-Amelia                           22.111 (7-2, at Buckingham (8-1) Friday)
4) X-Bruton                           21.556 (5-4, vs. New Kent (1-8) Friday)
5) X-King William               20.9 (5-5, d. King & Queen Central 44-0 Thursday)
6) X-Greensville                  19.5 (5-3, vs. Brunswick (7-2) Friday)
7) X-Southampton            17.667 (4-5, at Franklin (4-5) Friday)
8) Nandua                            17.0 (4-5, at Northampton (5-4) Friday)
9) Arcadia                            15.3 (5-5, regular season complete)        

ANALYSIS: Poquoson has all but wrapped up the top seed. While Central-Lunenburg cannot catch them, mathematically, Amelia could with a win over 8-1 Buckingham and a Poquoson loss to Lafayette. But several other game results must go a certain way for the Raiders to have any hope. Just below Amelia are Bruton, who could take #3 away from the Raiders. King William, at #5, roots for a New Kent upset of Bruton so, with a win Thursday at King and Queen Central, the Cavaliers could leapfrog and take the #4 seed to get a home game in the region quarterfinal round. The top five cannot be caught by the others, so it's Greensville, Southampton and Nandua fighting for seeds 6-8. Arcadia is only alive mathematically and can only tie Nandua for eighth. However, they need Charles City to upset West Point to have a shot.


REGION 2B: 1) Central-Woodstock 27.333, 2) Riverheads 26.111, 3) Strasburg 23.625, 4) Fort Defiance 23.444
REGION 2C: 1) Radford 27.4, 2) Gretna 23.778, 3) Glenvar 22.444, 4) Appomattox 20.556
REGION 2D: 1) Union 27.222, 2) Graham 25.778, 3T) Tazewell and Gate City 20.889



1) Z-Essex                             24.4 (10-0, vs. Westmoreland FORFEITED to Essex)
2) X-Northumberland     18.778 (7-2, vs. Rappahannock (5-3) Friday)
3) X- West Point                  18.0 (6-3, at Charles City (0-8) Friday)
4) X-Rappahannock         17.125 (5-3, at Northumberland (7-2) Friday) 
5) X-Lancaster                    17.111 (5-4, vs. Colonial Beach (2-6) Friday)
6) X-Northampton            16.778 (5-4, vs. Nandua (4-5) Friday)
7) Westmoreland              14.1 (2-8, at Essex FORFEITED)
8) Colonial Beach             13.125 (2-6, at Lancaster (5-4) Friday)
9) King & Queen Central  12.4 (3-7, lost to King William 44-0 Thursday)

ANALYSIS: Essex has steamrolled to the top seed, but will have to wait to celebrate Senior Night until the region quarterfinal after Westmoreland opted to forfeit their final regular season game to the Tigers. Now King & Queen Central must beat rival King William Thursday to keep hope alive of making the playoffs. We do not know whether Westmoreland forfeited just one game or if they are shutting down their season. We have inquired with their athletic department for clarification. With a win by King William, Colonial Beach, with a win over Lancaster, could overtake Westmoreland for seventh place. The Northumberland/Rappahannock result will shake out the #2, #3, #4 situation, especially with West Point facing a winless Charles City. But here, the road to State Semifinal Saturday definitely runs through, again, Essex.


REGION 1B: 1) Sussex Central 23.444, 2) Altavista 21.222, 3) Brunswick 20.889, 4) William Campbell 16.333
REGION 1C: 1) Grayson County 22.0, 2) Bath County 20.889, 3) George Wythe-W 20.444, 4) Narrows 20.333
REGION 1D: 1) Honaker 24.889, 2) Rye Cove 20.556, 3) Twin Springs 19.556, 4) Patrick Henry-Glade Spring 19.111

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