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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

HONORS: Region 4B All-Region Football Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes, chosen as the 2017 Region 4B All-Region Football Team. Local players are denoted in bold.



QB: K'yMon Pope, Dinwiddie
RB: Job Whalen, Louisa
RB: Zin White, Courtland
RB: Korey Bridy, Monacan
WR: Zach Thomas, Eastern View
WR: Izayah Reeves, Monacan
WR: Jasiah Williams, Dinwiddie
TE: Raquan Jones, Louisa
Center: Jaekob Volbrecht, Courtland
OL: Tony Thurston, Louisa
OL: Kyle Smith, Eastern View
OL: Colin Campbell, Monacan
OL: Shamon Gholson, Dinwiddie
K: Todd Anspach, Dinwiddie
KR: D'Ago Hunter, Eastern View
Utility: Malik Bell, Louisa


DE: Blake Williams, Dinwiddie
DE: Devin McGhee, Louisa
DL: Jeff Stallings, Eastern View
DL: Tony Thurston, Louisa
DL: Cody Mills, Dinwiddie
LB: Brandon Smith, Louisa
LB: Job Whalen, Louisa
LB: K'Vaughan Pope, Dinwiddie
LB: Joseph Tyree, Dinwiddie
DB: D'Ago Hunter, Eastern View
DB: Jasiah Williams, Dinwiddie
DB: Cameron Spangler, Eastern View
DB: Shyheem Lewis, Courtland
P: Shyheem Lewis, Courtland
PR: D'Ago Hunter, Eastern View
Utility: Kyle Mullins, Dinwiddie




QB: Syour Fludd, Monacan
RB: Zyan Sturdivant, Dinwiddie
RB: Trey Holmes, Eastern View
RB: Joseph Tyree, Dinwiddie
WR: D'Ago Hunter, Eastern View
WR: Kevin Gayles, Huguenot
WR: Terrance Oxendine, Patrick Henry
TE: Taylor Green, Monacan
Center: Kenneth Grandison, Dinwiddie
OL: Dustin Matney, Louisa
OL: Adam Lillard, Eastern View
OL: Jeff Stallings, Eastern View
OL: Brandon Harris, Dinwiddie
KR: Jasiah Williams, Dinwiddie
Utility: D'Ago Hunter, Eastern View


DE: Marteise Phipps, Monacan
DE: Omar Tyson, Dinwiddie
DL: David Leavell, Eastern View
DL: Adrian Williams, Courtland
DL: Michael Harris, Patrick Henry
LB: Alex Andros, Courtland
LB: Cody Howard, Eastern View
LB: Hunter Hart, Patrick Henry
LB: Tanner Addams, Monacan
DB: Izayah Reeves, Monacan
DB: Brandon Sullivan, Patrick Henry
DB: Arturo Mendoza, Monacan
DB: Malik Bell, Louisa
P: Michael Roland, Huguenot
PR: Ernest Kelly, Huguenot
Utility: Coen King, Eastern View

HONORS: Region 5B All-Region Football Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the 2017 Region 5B All-Region Football Team.



QB: Lawrence Chambers, Henrico
RB: C.J. Donaldson, L.C. Bird
RB: Devin Flowers, Glen Allen
RB: Josh Rice, Lee-Davis
WR: Jahad Carter, Henrico
WR: Ali Jennings III, Hermitage
WR: Billy Kemp, Highland Springs
TE: Jalen Hargrove, Lee-Davis
Center: Justin Carey, Highland Springs
OL: Alim Hunter, Henrico
OL: Jeb Boswell, Lee-Davis
OL: Marquise Jones, Hermitage
OL: Andy Matthews, Varina
K: Alex Burton, Hermitage
KR: Tremayne Talbert, Highland Springs
Utility: Stephen Richardson, Varina


DE: Jahmol Robinson, Hermitage
DE: Lamar Teal, Henrico
DL: Javon Burrell, Henrico
DL: Jordan Jackson, Hermitage
DL: Andy Matthews, Varina
DL: Landon Jones, Hermitage
DL: Daymonte Felder, Highland Springs
LB: Jaekwon Reeves, Henrico
LB: Mateo Jackson, Hermitage
LB: Shammond Fox, Hermitage
LB: Christian White, Highland Springs
DB: Billy Kemp, Highland Springs
DB: Tremayne Talbert, Highland Springs
DB: Shammond Fox, Hermitage
DB: Jahad Carter, Henrico
P: Tyler Warren, Atlee
Utility: Immanual Hickman, Matoaca

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Lawrence Chambers, Henrico
DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Mateo Jackson, Hermitage
COACH OF THE YEAR: Patrick Kane, Hermitage



QB: D'Vonte Waller, Highland Springs
RB: C.J. Jackson, Hermitage
RB: Kyonte Thompson, J.R. Tucker
RB: Tyrelle Ellison, Henrico
WR: Stephen Richardson, Varina
WR: Cameron Foreman, Atlee
WR: Johnathan Carey, Highland Springs
TE: Samond Pinchback, Varina
Center: Justin Sowell, Varina
OL: Justin Meade, J.R. Tucker
OL: Sam Harrison, Hermitage
OL: Caleb Hamlett, Prince George
OL: Chauncy Lynch, L.C. Bird
K: Shane Barrett, Varina
KR: Stephen Richardson, Varina
Utility: K.J. McNeil, Meadowbrook


DE: Immanual Hickman, Matoaca
DE: Keeron Henderson, Highland Springs
DL: Deitrich Tolar, L.C. Bird
DL: Hosea Cofield, L.C. Bird
DL: Jalen Hargrove, Lee-Davis
LB: Ned Anthony, Lee-Davis
LB: Brett Hall, Meadowbrook
LB: Justin Stafford, Varina
LB: Demonte Blowe, L.C. Bird
DB: Jaden Dowe, L.C. Bird
DB: Sam McRoberts, Mills Godwin
DB: Jabril Murray, Hermitage
DB: Josh Rice, Lee-Davis
P: Alex Burton, Hermitage
Utility: Jabril Murray, Hermitage



QB: Jay Carney, Hermitage
RB: Webster Hill, Hermitage
RB: Shy'rie McKeiver, Highland Springs
RB: R.J. Coles, Varina
WR: Rasheed Jackson, Henrico
WR: Percy Mayers, Hermitage
WR: Robert Jones III, Highland Springs
TE: Justin Goode, J.R. Tucker
Center: Javonte Tuppince, L.C. Bird
OL: Robbie Adelstein, Atlee
OL: Justin Page, Henrico
OL: Ryan Walker, Matoaca
OL: Hakeem Beamon, L.C. Bird
K: Joseph Hudnall, Lee-Davis
KR: Christian Quirley, Henrico
Utility: Tyrelle Ellison, Henrico


DE: Ty Mills, Lee-Davis
DE: Jace Depriest, Varina
DE: Kamron Wallace-Goodman, Hermitage
DL: Justin Page, Henrico
DL: Austin Hicks, Matoaca
DL: Evan Robinson, Highland Springs
DL: Issac Abel, Atlee
LB: Zach Green, Lee-Davis
LB: Ned Mize, Douglas Freeman
LB: Kendrick Jones, Highland Springs
LB: Brian Carrol, Mills Godwin
LB: Hayden Moore, Atlee
DB: R.J. Coles, Varina
DB: Malcom Green, Highland Springs
DB: Daijahn Anthony, Henrico
DB: Jaelen Adkins, Henrico
P: Johnathan Coleman, Matoaca
Utility: Jaden Dowe, L.C. Bird

HONORS: Region 6B All-Region Football Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the 2017 Region 6B All-Region Football Team. Local players are in bold.



QB: Brendon Clark, Manchester
RB: Chris Tyree, Thomas Dale
RB: Isaiah Todd, Manchester
RB: Brian Melara, Riverbend
WR: Collin Harding, Manchester
WR: Josh Sarratt, Colonial Forge
WR: Johnathan Rose, Manchester
TE: Mitchell Shinskie, Colonial Forge
Center: Ayden Jilson, Colonial Forge
OL: Will Carroll, Colonial Forge
OL: Talvis Robinson, Thomas Dale
OL: Tyler Jones, Manchester
OL: Teagan McDonald, Riverbend
K: Jadon Redding, Colonial Forge
KR: Chris Tyree, Thomas Dale
All-Purpose: Kaleb Smith, Franklin County


DL: Mitchell Shinskie, Colonial Forge
DL: Christian Williams, Manchester
DL: Zach Jacobs, Thomas Dale
DE: Trevor Morris, James River
DE: Dusan Stjepanovic, Thomas Dale
LB: Oliejah Louissaint, Colonial Forge
LB: Johnathan Rose, Manchester
LB: Liam Kauthen, Colonial Forge
LB: Maceo Christmas, Riverbend
DB: Josh Sarratt, Colonial Forge
DB: Chris Tyree, Thomas Dale
DB: Kwame Dehaney, Manchester
P: Garrett Graves, Thomas Dale
PR: Josh Sarratt, Colonial Forge
All-Purpose: Rick D'Abreu, Thomas Dale



QB: Ethan Garwood, Colonial Forge
RB: Elijah Burns, Thomas Dale
RB: Ernesto Bowen, Colonial Forge
RB: Ed Clark, Cosby
WR: Zach Kindel, Colonial Forge
WR: DJ Dennis, Colonial Forge
WR: Ethan West, Cosby
TE: Zach Jones, Thomas Dale
Center: Nick Hawkins, Manchester
OL: Will Pritchard, Manchester
OL: Max Wilson, James River
OL: Dan Masta, Cosby
K: Jake Lero, Manchester
KR: Josh Sarratt, Colonial Forge
All-Purpose: Graham Scholl, James River


DL: Jordan Rice, Riverbend
DL: Zachery Lynch, Colonial Forge
DL: TJ Howard, Cosby
DE: Andre Crawley, Manchester
DE: Tyler Lamberton, Riverbend
LB: Nigel Riddick, Colonial Forge
LB: Trea Smith, Thomas Dale
LB: Ben Skinner, Riverbend
LB: Alston Robinson, Manchester
DB: Johnnie Walker, Colonial Forge
DB: Mike Bailey, Thomas Dale
DB: Val West, Manchester
DB: Daquan Battle, Riverbend
P: Jake Lero, Manchester
PR: Jamarkus Wilson, Thomas Dale
All-Purpose: Tim Hamilton, Manchester

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Brendon Clark, Manchester
DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Josh Sarratt, Colonial Forge

Wednesday Schedule/Scores


Rebel Invitational (At Douglas Freeman HS):

Matoaca 53, Atlee 45
Douglas Freeman 43, J.R. Tucker 32

#4 Hopewell 68, Central Virginia 44
#5 L.C. Bird 89, Manchester 68
St. Christopher's 70, Bishop Sullivan 68
Maggie Walker GS 55, Appomattox Regional GS 26
James River 61, Midlothian 40
Mills Godwin 71, Hanover 38
Tabb 78, New Kent 59


#1 Monacan 79, Hermitage 41
Mills Godwin 57, #10 Hanover 37
Maggie Walker GS 44, Appomattox Regional GS 31
Thomas Jefferson 48, Atlee 45
Powhatan 38, Goochland 27
Colonial Heights 53, Bluestone 34
Glen Allen 53, Henrico 35


Monacan 48, Manchester 30
Monacan 42, Amelia 36

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday Night Schedule/Scores


Rebel Invitational (at J.R. Tucker HS):

Douglas Freeman 48, Atlee 46
Matoaca 61, J.R. Tucker 55

#7 Highland Springs 93, Thomas Jefferson 62
#9 Hermitage 69, Lee-Davis 55
Virginia Episcopal 70, #10 Millwood 65
Meadowbrook 68, Prince George 55
Henrico 65, Patrick Henry 36
Carmel School 87, Veritas School 54
Caroline 70, Stafford 66


#2 Cosby 75, Huguenot 35
#4 L.C. Bird 59, Manchester 26
#6 Hopewell 69, Matoaca 50
#8 James River 51, Midlothian 31
Clover Hill 39, George Wythe 22
Meadowbrook 55, Prince George 45
Hermitage 52, Lee-Davis 39
Atlee 57, Douglas Freeman 43
Patrick Henry 49, Henrico 28
Tabb 51, New Kent 26
Collegiate 50, Veritas School 26


Chesterfield County Meet Team Results: 

Cosby 1,008
Monacan 616
James River 547.5
Clover Hill 244.5
Midlothian 206
Matoaca 176
Thomas Dale 172
L.C. Bird 78
Manchester 52

Hanover 225, Patrick Henry 112

Monday, November 27, 2017

Opening Night Basketball


Mills Godwin 32, #8 James River 29
Midlothian 63, Dinwiddie 53
Maggie Walker GS 49, King William 28
Patrick Henry 61, Louisa 59 (OT)
Matoaca 45, Deep Run 33
Manchester 38, Colonial Heights 27
Caroline 38, Spotsylvania 23


King William 35, Maggie Walker GS 33
Huguenot 66, Cosby 60
Midlothian 66, Dinwiddie 51
Monacan 73, Powhatan 54

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Preseason Top 10 Basketball Polls

As originally released on Sunday's "Central Region Now!" Podcast found at the top of our website, here are the first Top 10 Boys and Girls Basketball Polls.


1) Monacan
2) Cosby
3) Highland Springs
4) L.C. Bird
5) Trinity Episcopal
6) Hopewell
7) St. Catherine's
8) James River
9) Varina
10) Hanover

Also Receiving Consideration: Midlothian, Prince George, Deep Run, Mills Godwin


1) Trinity Episcopal (1-1)
2) Varina
3) John Marshall
4) Hopewell
5) L.C. Bird
6) George Wythe
7) Highland Springs
8) Collegiate
9) Hermitage
10) Millwood

Also Receiving Consideration: Henrico, Monacan, Glen Allen, Benedictine

Friday, November 24, 2017



Colonial Forge 48, Manchester 27, FINAL


Highland Springs 24, Hermitage 14, FINAL

CLASS 5 STATE SEMIFINAL: Nansemond River at Highland Springs, Saturday 12/2, 4pm


Louisa 37, Dinwiddie 28, FINAL 

CLASS 4 STATE SEMIFINAL: Lafayette at Louisa, Saturday 12/2, 2pm


Hopewell 34, York 6, FINAL

CLASS 3 STATE SEMIFINAL: James Monroe at Hopewell, Saturday 12/2, 1:30pm

Poquoson 21, Goochland 10, FINAL


Essex 23, Sussex Central 22, FINAL

CLASS 1 STATE SEMIFINAL: Riverheads vs. Essex, Saturday 12/2, 1:30pm at Middlesex HS

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


In the latest reclassification of the Virginia High School League (VHSL), eliminating conferences and creating four regions per classification (or "Class"), up from two, that means region championship trophies are on the line on Thanksgiving weekend, a week earlier than previous seasons.

Here's the schedule, with games, dates, times, locations and our live Twitter coverage! Expect ticket prices to be anywhere from $8 to $10. All ticket prices go to $10 next week when all games fall under the auspices of the VHSL. Rankings noted are from region standings.



#2 Manchester (11-1) at #1 Colonial Forge (11-0), Friday, 7pm. TWITTER: @cfieldsports

This is where the road ended for the Lancers last year, via a 27-19 loss to the Eagles in the former "6A South Region" semifinal. Manchester prefers not to finish 11-2 again and come off an impressive second half performance last week with a 34-0 run to eliminate Thomas Dale 41-7. There are over forty players on this year's team who know how it feels to have a season end at the hand of the Eagles. They're ready to right that wrong, and move to their first Class 6 State Semifinal. Colonial Forge struggled with Riverbend last week before earning a 24-14 win after enjoying a bye week in the first round. If Manchester wins, they would host Oscar Smith should they upset unbeaten Landstown in Region 6A. If Landstown wins, the Lancers would travel east on December 2nd.

(Region 6A Championship: #3 Oscar Smith at #1 Landstown, Friday, 7pm)


#2 Highland Springs (11-1) at #1 Hermitage (11-1), Friday, 7pm  TWITTER: @henricosports 

They meet again. And, as we've discussed this season with Marc Davis on the "On The Sidelines Wednesday Playbook" and "On The Sidelines Extra" on Friday nights on Facebook Live, this is why Hermitage dropped John Marshall and added Thomas Dale to their regular season schedule. Two years ago, the Panthers went to Highland Springs on opening night and won. They finished 10-0, but a 9-1 Springer team outpointed them in the VHSL rankings thanks to strength of schedule, primarily due to the weakness of the Colonial District and the strength of the Capital District in 2015. Now, the head-to-head win matters, and Chester Fritz Stadium is the site of yet another showdown between these two powers. Recently, it's been an "August-November" relationship, playing each other to start the season the last three years counting 2017, and the teams splitting two playoff games, most notably the Springers' 42-35 thriller in the 5A South Semifinals two Thanksgiving Saturdays ago with a touchdown in the final seconds. Conventional wisdom says it's yet another defensive battle, but that's not what happened two Novembers ago, and it may not happen again. Someone needs an unexpected big play, whether an interception, a blocked extra point, a forced fumble, a safety, something that helps turn the tide in your favor. Recent history favors Highland Springs, two-time defending state champions. This fall's history favors the Panthers, winning in August head-to-head, and enjoying home field. The winner here hosts the Region 5A champion in a Class 5 State Semifinal December 2nd.

(Region 5A Championship: #4 Nansemond River at #2 Salem-VB, Friday, 7pm)


#3 Louisa (12-0) at #1 Dinwiddie (12-0), Friday, 7pm  TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet 

Possibly the best thing to happen to Dinwiddie so far this season in their quest to return to Williamsburg in December has been Eastern View. The 11-0 Cyclones came from Culpeper and engaged in a 15-round heavyweight fight with the Generals, with Todd Anspach firing the final punch with a game-winning field goal in the final seconds for the 40-37 win. That win should toughen Dinwiddie as they prepare for yet another titanic battle, this time with an emotionally-charged Louisa Lions squad, who exacted revenge for their second round playoff loss to Monacan in 2016 with an impressive second half performance for a 35-28 win at Monacan last Friday, extending the final season of head coach Mark Fischer, who has battled cancer multiple times and will step down when this season is over to continue his fight. His team doesn't want that to happen until they get a shot at the state crown December 9th, again in Williamsburg. Malik Bell is a rushing beast and has proven time and time again this season his penchant for the big play. But so has the Dinwiddie offense. So, the big question entering this game is which defense will make enough big plays to propel their team to a December 2nd showdown with the Region 4A champion? The winner of this game hosts the Region 4A champion in a Class 4 State Semifinal next Saturday.

(Region 4A Championship: #2 Lafayette at #1 King's Fork, Friday, 7pm)


#4 Hopewell (8-4) at #3 York (9-3), Saturday, 2pm, Bailey Field  TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet 

Perhaps the shocker of this year's postseason thus far occurred at Darling Stadium last Saturday, as Hopewell, benefiting from a missed extra point just like they did fifteen years earlier in the old Group AAA, Division 5 Region Championship, used a stifling defensive performance to eliminate previously unbeaten #1 seed Phoebus 7-6, the same score they defeated Patrick Henry by in 2002 on a cold, windy night at Merner Field. Now, the Blue Devils hit the road to face York, who eliminated Lakeland in the second round. They'll likely need much more than seven points on this occasion, and getting off to a good start, like they did at Darling last week, will be key. The winner of this game will host a Class 3 State Semifinal next Saturday, regardless of who wins in Region 3B.

(Region 3B Championship: #5 Culpeper at #3 James Monroe, Saturday, 2pm, Maury Stadium)


#2 Poquoson (9-3) at #1 Goochland (12-0), Friday, 7pm  TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet 

Goochland gets the home field thanks to late season stumbles by Poquoson that helped the Bulldogs catch and surpass them in the standings. The Bulldogs have a simple formula that is known worldwide, so Poquoson knows what to expect. The question is whether they have a plan to stop it. If Goochland wins, they would host the Region 2B Champion in state semifinal action next week.

(Region 2B Championship: #4 Luray at #3 Robert E. Lee-Staunton, Friday, 7pm)


#2 Sussex Central (10-2) at #1 Essex (11-1), Saturday, 1pm  TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet 

The Trojans lost their season Sussex Central by an 8-0 score. Since then, Essex has pulled off eleven straight wins, scoring more than 30 points in ten of those games, and more than 50 points in each of their last three wins, including two playoff blowouts. Saturday in Tappahannock promises to be much closer, but, as is in the case of Hermitage/Highland Springs, Saturday's rematch likely won't resemble opening night back in August, but both teams have worn out tape of the first game, and recent opponent games as well. If Essex wins, they will host the Region 1B Champion next Saturday.

(Region 1B Championship: #2 William Campbell at #1 Riverheads, Friday, 7pm)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

LISTEN LIVE: Trinity Episcopal at Varina

It's a special preseason benefit game between two teams certainly in the discussion for our RVA Sports Network Preseason Boys Basketball Top 10 releasing Sunday as Armando Bacot, Jason Wade and the defending VISAA Division I State Champions Trinity Episcopal battle Samond Pinchback, Tyrese Jenkins and the Varina Blue Devils! Listen at 7pm on the player below!

Friday, November 17, 2017



#2 Manchester 41, #3 Thomas Dale 7
#1 Colonial Forge 24, #5 Riverbend 14

Championship: #2 Manchester at #1 Colonial Forge, Friday, 7pm


#1 Hermitage 21, #5 Varina 7
#2 Highland Springs 28, #3 Henrico 14

Championship: #2 Highland Springs at #1 Hermitage, Friday, 7pm


#1 Dinwiddie 40, #4 Eastern View 37
#3 Louisa 35, #2 Monacan 28

Championship: #3 Louisa at #1 Dinwiddie, Friday, 7pm


#4 Hopewell 7, #1 Phoebus 6

Championship: #4 Hopewell at #3 York, Saturday, 2pm


#5 Culpeper 14, #1 Thomas Jefferson 7


#1 Goochland 41, #5 Amelia 20
#2 Poquoson 49, #3 Greensville 0

Championship: #2 Poquoson at #1 Goochland, Friday, 7pm


#1 Essex 56, #5 Northumberland 14
#2 Sussex Central 44, #6 Washington & Lee 20

Championship: #2 Sussex Central at #1 Essex, Saturday, 1pm



GAME OF THE WEEK: Henrico at Highland Springs

Listen live to all the action of the Region 5B Semifinal between the 9-2 Warriors and 10-1 Springers tonight at 6:30pm only on RVA Sports Network on the YouTube player below!

Monday, November 13, 2017

TOURNAMENT CENTRAL: Region Football and State Volleyball

All in one location, here are the brackets for this week's State Tournaments in volleyball involving RVA teams and all the Football Region Semifinal information!

NOTE: We will broadcast Henrico at Highland Springs LIVE on Friday at 6:30 exclusively on our YouTube Channel. An embedded player will be at the top of our website to listen on Friday!)

Tickets for state volleyball games are $10 both for semifinals and the championships. Semifinals are at school sites, title games are at Siegel Center downtown.

Tickets for Region Semifinal football games are $8.



CLASS 1-4 STATE SEMIFINALS (Tuesday 11/14):

Patrick Henry 3, Lakeland 0
Midlothian 3, Heritage-Newport News 0

CHAMPIONSHIP (Thursday 11/16):

Patrick Henry 3, Midlothian 0


Indian River 3, Douglas Freeman 0
Deep Run 3, Princess Anne 1

CHAMPIONSHIP (Thursday 11/16):

Deep Run 3, Indian River 1


Frank W. Cox 3, James River 0
Cosby 3, Oscar Smith 0

CHAMPIONSHIP (Thursday 11/16):

Cosby 3, Frank W. Cox 1



Wilson Memorial 3, Goochland 1


Princess Anne 3, Atlee 0




#5 Riverbend (5-6) at #1 Colonial Forge (10-0), 7pm
#3 Thomas Dale (9-2) at #2 Manchester (10-1), 7pm (TWITTER: @Cameron9408 & @cfieldsports)

(Region 6A Semis: #4 Woodside at #1 Landstown, #3 Oscar Smith at #2 Ocean Lakes)


#5 Varina (8-3) at #1 Hermitage (10-1), 7pm (TWITTER: @Noah9700, @kip_vehorn, @henricosports)
#3 Henrico (9-2) at #2 Highland Springs (10-1), 7pm (LISTEN LIVE BY CLICKING HERE at 6:30pm on our YouTube Channel, Twitter updates on @henricosports!)

(Region 5A Semis: #4 Nansemond River at #1 Indian River, #3 Hampton at #2 Salem/VB)


#4 Eastern View (11-0) at #1 Dinwiddie (11-0), 7pm (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet)
#3 Louisa (11-0) at #2 Monacan (11-0), 7:30pm (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet, @cfieldsports)

(Region 4A Semis: #4 Smithfield at #1 King's Fork, #3 Deep Creek at #2 Lafayette)


#4 Hopewell (7-4) at #1 Phoebus (11-0), Saturday, 2pm, Darling Stadium, Hampton (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet)
#3 York (8-3) at #7 Lakeland (5-6), 7pm


#5 Culpeper (5-6) at #1 Thomas Jefferson (8-3), Friday, 7pm, Huguenot HS (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet) 
#3 James Monroe (5-6) at #2 Warren County (7-4), 7pm


#5 Amelia (8-3) at #1 Goochland (11-0), 7pm (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet)
#3 Greensville (9-2) at #2 Poquoson (8-3), Time TBA

(Region 2B Semis: #4 Luray at #1 Clarke Co., #3 RE Lee-Staunton at #2 Central-Woodstock)


#5 Northumberland (6-5) at #1 Essex (10-1), 7pm
#6 Washington & Lee (8-3) at #2 Sussex Central (9-2), 7pm

(Region 1B Semis: #4 Altavista at #1 Riverheads, #3 Central-Lunenburg at #2 Wm. Campbell)


#3 Collegiate School at #1 Flint Hill, Saturday, 1pm (TWITTER: @henricosports)

Friday, November 10, 2017


#2 Manchester 50, #7 Clover Hill 10
#3 Thomas Dale 50, #6 Franklin County 0
#5 Riverbend 48, #4 James River 7

#5 Riverbend at #1 Colonial Forge
#3 Thomas Dale at #2 Manchester

#1 Hermitage 35, #8 Meadowbrook 6
#2 Highland Springs 21, #7 Mills Godwin 0
#3 Henrico 45, #6 Lee-Davis 31
#5 Varina 33, #4 L.C. Bird 7

#5 Varina at #1 Hermitage
#3 Henrico at #2 Highland Springs

#1 Dinwiddie 54, #8 Huguenot 20
#2 Monacan 26, #7 Midlothian 0
#3 Louisa 35, #6 Courtland 13
#4 Eastern View 54, #5 Patrick Henry 6

#4 Eastern View at #1 Dinwiddie
#3 Louisa at #2 Monacan

#4 Hopewell 45, #5 Southampton 13

#4 Hopewell at #1 Phoebus, Saturday, 2pm

#1 Thomas Jefferson 13, #8 Armstrong 12

#5 Culpeper at #1 Thomas Jefferson

#1 Goochland 42, #8 Brunswick 8
#4 Amelia 18, #5 Nottoway 14

SEMIS NEXT FRIDAY: #4 Amelia at #1 Goochland

#1 Essex 56, #8 Northampton 2
#5 Northumberland at #1 Essex

Sunday, November 5, 2017




QUARTERFINALS (Tuesday 11/7):

First Colonial 13, Cosby 0



QUARTERFINALS (Tuesday 11/7):

Gloucester 3, Prince George 1
Deep Run 2, Hickory 1 (OT)
Potomac Falls 3, Albemarle 2
Mountain View 7, Stone Bridge 0

SEMIFINALS (Friday 11/10, National Training Center, Va. Beach):

Deep Run 3, Gloucester 2 (OT)
Mountain View 6, Potomac Falls 1

CHAMPIONSHIP (Saturday 11/11, National Training Center, Va. Beach):

Mountain View 2, Deep Run 0



QUARTERFINALS (Tuesday 11/7):

Smithfield 4, Powhatan 0


CLASS 1-3:

QUARTERFINALS (Tuesday 11/7):

Tabb 5, George Mason 0
Maggie Walker GS 8, Colonial Heights 0
Jamestown 7, York 0
Poquoson 5, Culpeper County 2

SEMIFINALS (Friday 11/10, National Training Center, Va. Beach):

Tabb 5, Maggie Walker GS 0



SEMIFINALS (Tuesday November 14th):

Lakeland at Patrick Henry, 6pm
Midlothian at Heritage-Newport News, 6pm

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Thursday November 16th, Siegel Center, Richmond):

Semifinal Winners, 1pm


SEMIFINALS (Tuesday November 14th):

Princess Anne at Deep Run, 7pm
Douglas Freeman at Indian River, 6pm

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Thursday November 16th, Siegel Center, Richmond):

Semifinal Winners, 3pm


SEMIFINALS (Tuesday November 14th):

Oscar Smith at Cosby, 7pm
James River at Cox winner, 5pm

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Thursday November 16th, Siegel Center, Richmond):

Semifinal Winners, 5pm




QUARTERFINALS (Saturday November 11th):

Goochland 3, Luray 1
Wilson Memorial 3, Poquoson 0

SEMIFINALS (Tuesday November 14th):

Wilson Memorial at Goochland, time TBA


QUARTERFINALS (Saturday November 11th):

Grafton 3, Hanover 0
Jamestown 3, Midlothian 0


QUARTERFINALS (Saturday November 11th):

Atlee 3, Hickory 2
Princess Anne 3, Matoaca 0

SEMIFINALS (Tuesday November 14th):

Atlee at Princess Anne, time TBA


QUARTERFINALS (Saturday November 11th):

Floyd Kellam 3, Cosby 1

Friday, November 3, 2017


#1 Dinwiddie 57, Colonial Heights 10
#2 Highland Springs 28, #9 Varina 7
#3 Monacan 35, Huguenot 13
#4 Manchester 67, George Wythe 14
#6 Thomas Dale 49, Prince George 14
#7 Henrico 62, Armstrong 0
#8 L.C. Bird 55, Cosby 3
#10 Louisa 53, Fluvanna 6
#11 Goochland 42, Amelia 28
#12 Collegiate at St. Christopher's, Saturday, 1pm

Meadowbrook 13, Hopewell 6
Mills Godwin 17, Deep Run 0
Patrick Henry 15, Lee-Davis 14
Atlee 36, Hanover 28
James River 48, Midlothian 33
Matoaca 38, Petersburg 22
James Monroe 56, Caroline 16
Orange 49, Powhatan 41
Thomas Jefferson 27, John Marshall 20



#1 Colonial Forge (BYE)
#7 Clover Hill at #2 Manchester, 7pm
#6 Franklin County at #3 Thomas Dale, 7pm
#5 Riverbend at #4 James River, 7pm


#8 Meadowbrook at #1 Hermitage, 7pm
#7 Mills Godwin at #2 Highland Springs, 7pm
#6 Lee-Davis at #3 Henrico, 7pm
#5 Varina at #4 L.C. Bird, 7pm


#8 Huguenot at #1 Dinwiddie, 7pm
#7 Midlothian at #2 Monacan, 7:30pm
#6 Courtland at #3 Louisa, 7:30pm
#5 Patrick Henry at #4 Eastern View, 7pm


#8 Booker T. Washington at #1 Phoebus, Saturday, 2pm
#7 Lakeland at #2 I.C. Norcom, 7pm
#6 Park View-SH at #3 York, 7pm
#5 Southampton at #4 Hopewell, 7pm


#8 Armstrong at #1 Thomas Jefferson, Saturday, 2pm
#7 Skyline at #2 Warren County, 7pm
#6 Brentsville District at #3 James Monroe, 7pm
#5 Culpeper County at #4 Spotsylvania, 7pm


#8 Brunswick at #1 Goochland, 7pm
#7 Bruton at #2 Poquoson, 7pm
#6 King William at #3 Greensville, 7pm
#5 Amelia at #4 Nottoway, 7pm


#8 Northampton at #1 Essex
#7 Middlesex at #2 Sussex Central, 7pm
#6 Washington & Lee at #3 Colonial Beach
#5 Northumberland at #4 West Point



Semifinals (Saturday November 11th):

#3 Collegiate at #2 St. Christopher's, 1:30pm
#4 Benedictine at #1 Flint Hill, 1pm

Thursday, November 2, 2017

WEEK 11 FOOTBALL PRIMER: All About The Playoffs

November is here! Nineteen VHSL teams know they are headed to the postseason next week, while several others play Friday to extend their seasons and keep their championship dream alive. Here's a look at the big games coming up in Week 11 primarily through the lens of playoff implications:

GAME OF THE WEEK: The 59th Tomato Bowl: Patrick Henry (5-4) at Lee-Davis (6-3), 7pm (Airtime 6:30pm on WHAN Radio, 102.9 FM/1430 AM, online by CLICKING HERE, on @TuneIn Radio App on "Radiall")

Both the Patriots and Confederates are playoff bound. The question is where to. For Patrick Henry, they begin the night sixth in Region 4B, where the top four teams are all 9-0 and headed for home games in the first round. Patrick Henry, with a win and a Midlothian loss to James River, would likely be heading to Culpeper to battle Eastern View in the first round if the four unbeatens (Dinwiddie, Monacan, Louisa and Eastern View) all prevail Friday night. But first, they must win the Tomato Bowl for the first time since 2014 and hand Lee-Davis their first county loss since that same year. Lee-Davis has won their last eight meetings against county rivals, and took a tough 14-7 win in Tomato Bowl 58 last November in Ashland. Lee-Davis must win to ensure being no less than a sixth seed in Region 5B, where they begin play tonight. A titanic upset of Cosby beating L.C. Bird could get them to fifth, but no higher. Both teams will need to be road warriors in the postseason. Yes, there is a chance that, with a loss, Lee-Davis could drop to seventh if Deep Run beats Mills Godwin. The difference there? A first round match likely with Henrico as #6, with Highland Springs as #7. (TWITTER: @hanoversports with bonus coverage from @Cameron9408 and @Noah9700)

NBC12 GAME OF THE WEEK: #9 Varina (7-2) at #2 Highland Springs (8-1), 7pm:

Highland Springs is locked into the second seed in Region 5B, meaning they can host the first two rounds at Kreiter Stadium. But even though the Springers can't change their playoff seeding, that doesn't mean there's not plenty to play for in this, their biggest rivalry game every year. And, for the first time since the dawn of the decade, Varina comes in with enough weapons to truly give Highland Springs their best shot. Logan, Richardson, Jones and company have the athleticism and speed to at least keep up. A big night from Devonte Waller for Highland Springs, and a big Senior Night for Billy Kemp, could go a long way for the Springers to end the regular season on a nine-game winning streak. For Varina, a win ensures a home game next Friday in the first round. A loss, coupled with an L.C. Bird win over Cosby, likely means Varina at L.C. Bird in the 4/5 game in Region 5B next Friday. (TWITTER: @henricosports and @MattNBC12 )

Colonial Heights (3-6) at #1 Dinwiddie (9-0), 7pm

The Generals look to clinch the top seed in Region 4B with a win over the Colonials, who after a 3-0 start in non-district play have struggled in the always tough Central District. Colonial Heights must win for playoff hopes to be alive and well come Saturday morning. Dinwiddie needs a win to make sure the Road to Williamsburg again runs through Navy Nation. (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet )

#3 Monacan (9-0) at Huguenot (5-4), 7pm 

The Chiefs look to complete the first 10-0 season in school history, a history which dates back nearly 40 years. Even with that accomplishment, they look to fend off red-hot Louisa for the second seed in Region 4B to assure home games in the first two rounds. Tonight is all about winning, and staying healthy, as is the case for the many teams who have already clinched postseason bids. The night looms much bigger for Huguenot, who begin in the eighth and final Region 4B playoff spot, the #8 seed. A loss, coupled with an upset win by #9 King George over unbeaten fourth-seed Eastern View, could spell the sudden end to a promising season for the Falcons. But if Eastern View wins, Huguenot should be in the playoffs no matter what they do tonight. The bad news? Finishing eighth means a trip to Dinwiddie in the first round. But even if that is their lot, the Falcons have a lot to be proud of under head coach Bryan Jennings. (TWITTER: @cfieldsports and @TheRVASportsNet )

George Wythe (0-9) at #4 Manchester (8-1), 7:30pm

This should be an easy night for the Lancers, who will likely let starters see some action, then pull them to avoid injury issues heading into the playoffs. However, with a big upset, the Bulldogs could sneak into the Region 3B playoffs in the #8 slot, even at 1-9. But that's a big if. Manchester is in the #2 spot in Region 6B with a win, but they can't catch #1 Colonial Forge. Thus, an L.C. Bird win over Cosby tonight would eliminate the Titans from the #7 seed, and Clover Hill, who is idle this week, would come to Manchester for a Region 6B First Round game next Friday. (TWITTER: @cfieldsports and @TheRVASportsNet )

#5 Hermitage (9-1) is idle

#6 Thomas Dale (7-2) at Prince George (4-5), 7pm

The Knights are favored, and know they will likely begin as the #3 seed in Region 6B, unless George Wythe (above) does the unthinkable. But Thomas Dale will be getting a desperate Royals team tonight. Prince George, though they are #12 in Region 5B, can possibly leap over four teams and squeak into the Region 5B playoffs as the eighth and final seed with an upset win. They begin play just ten points behind #8 Mills Godwin. If they lose to Deep Run, Glen Allen knocks off J.R. Tucker and Hopewell defeats Meadowbrook, a Prince George win, and some help, might allow the miracle to happen. But if Thomas Dale takes care of business on the road, the season is over for the Royals. (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet and @cfieldsports)

Armstrong (2-7) at #7 Henrico (7-2), 7pm

Senior Night at Chappell Stadium, and a night for celebration for the Warriors, who know they'll have a home game in the first round of Region 5B next week, and they know they won't face Hermitage in that first round for the fourth consecutive year. The Warriors, with a win, lock up the #3 seed no matter what happens at Highland Springs. It's possible that Henrico would turn around and host Lee-Davis for the second time in 15 days in the first round next Friday. As for Armstrong, they're clinging to life as the #8 seed in Region 3B and hope to stay in that position even if they lose, which could happen. That would mean a date with Thomas Jefferson in the first round, the first time two Richmond City schools have met in the postseason in decades, not counting the "consoldiated" era of the 1980's. (TWITTER: @henricosports & @TheRVASportsNet)

Cosby (1-8) at #8 L.C. Bird (6-3), 7pm

A game featuring two teams who haven't met their usual standards in 2017. For Cosby, it's simple: they must win to leap over idle Clover Hill for the seventh and final playoff seed in Region 6B. For L.C. Bird, a win, coupled with a Highland Springs victory over Varina, should set up the Skyhawks to host the Blue Devils in a rematch of a 2016 5A South First Round game won by L.C. Bird 49-9. Should Varina win, the Skyhawks have to hit the road over 895 to Varina next Friday. (TWITTER: @cfieldsports)

#10 Louisa (9-0) at Fluvanna (2-7), 7:30pm

The Lions continue to roll over opponents with strong first half offensive play. Louisa fans now know to be in their seats before kickoff, otherwise they might miss two touchdowns. Louisa hopes for a Huguenot win over Monacan tonight, which would allow them to slip up from #3 to #2 in Region 4B, and, if both teams win in the first round, Monacan would have to make the trip up to Louisa, where the Lions enjoy one of the best home-field advantages in the Commonwealth. But first, the Lions must take care of Fluvanna to finish off the 10-0 regular season for retiring head coach Mark Fischer. (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet )

Amelia (7-2) at #11 Goochland (9-0), 7pm

The shine of this game is a bit less thanks to Nottoway's upset win over the Raiders last Friday. The Bulldogs are playing for the #1 seed in Region 2A, but that can only happen with a win and a Poquoson loss to Class 3 York. But another 10-0 season is in the grasp of the Bulldogs, and with it, no matter the seed, momentum into the postseason. For all the talk of Hermitage, L.C. Bird, Highland Springs and Dinwiddie over this decade, no conversation about consistency in winning can be complete without a thorough examination of head coach Joe Fowler's Goochland Bulldogs. (TWITTER: TheRVASportsNet)

#12 Collegiate (7-1) at St. Christopher's (6-2), Saturday, 1pm

As of now, both teams occupy spots in the top four in Division I of the VISAA. The Cougars are likely in no matter the result, and need a win for any hope to grab the top seed from Flint Hill. The Saints are in the uncomfortable position of having Benedictine and the Potomac School right behind them for the fourth and final playoff spot. A win over their archrivals would end playoff hopes for those two. (TWITTER: @henricosports and @TheRVASportsNet)

Deep Run (5-4) at Mills Godwin (5-4), 7pm

Our first actual "playoff" game of 2017, in that, at least, the victor knows they are playoff bound in Region 5B. Here are the scenarios:

WILDCATS: Clinch playoff bid with a win. Move from #7 seed to #6 with win, Lee-Davis loss to Patrick Henry and a J.R. Tucker win over Glen Allen so long as Henrico defeats Armstrong. If Armstrong wins, Atlee must beat Hanover for Deep Run to move to #6. If Lee-Davis wins, Deep Run is locked at #7.

EAGLES: Clinch playoff bid with a win and a loss by either Meadowbrook to Hopewell or Prince George to Thomas Dale.

Now, the loser of this game still has a prayer to back into the postseason as the #8 seed (Deep Run enters 7th tonight, Mills Godwin 8th by two points over J.R. Tucker, six over Meadowbrook and ten over Prince George) provided that the Tigers, Monarchs and Royals all lose. But the biggest threat to a 5-5 Godwin would come from Meadowbrook even with a loss to Hopewell, but only if Colonial Heights upsets Dinwiddie. The Wildcats' cushion is bigger, and if Tucker, Meadowbrook and Prince George all lost, a 5-5 Wildcat team is likely the #8 seed, getting a trip to Hermitage next Friday.

(SPECIAL TWITTER COVERAGE: @RobbieWitham and @henricosports)

J.R. Tucker (4-5) at Glen Allen (2-7), 7pm

Senior Night for the Jaguars, and they would love nothing better than to deny their biggest football rival, J.R. Tucker, their first playoff bid in a quarter-century. The Tigers have to contain Devin Flowers, an assignment blown by many defenses, especially in the last month of the season. For J.R. Tucker, it's simple: they must win for any postseason hope, and they need Meadowbrook and Prince George to both lose. It's the easiest path to the playoffs. The Tigers really need Deep Run to beat Mills Godwin to make the path even easier, and a Caroline win over James Monroe wouldn't hurt. (TWITTER: @henricosports)

Thomas Jefferson (6-3) at John Marshall (1-8), 4pm

This game was cancelled for about two hours late Thursday before Richmond Public Schools announced the game would go on, but at 4pm instead of at 7pm. The Vikings are already set in the #1 seed in Region 3B, while the Justices must win to hope to slide ahead of Armstrong or Skyline and grab a bottom playoff bid. A TJ win would possibly mean a first round game with the Wildcats and they are guaranteed home field through the region finals should they advance.

Hopewell (6-3) at Meadowbrook (3-6), 7pm

A collective gasp went up in Monarch Nation last Friday after Meadowbrook let a game they needed to win get away from them against Petersburg. Their playoff chances in Region 5B would be a lot stronger had that happened. Instead, on Senior Night, they need their best performance of the year to lock up a win against a Hopewell team that needs a win to ensure the #3 seed in Region 3A which would mean a home game next week at Merner Field, and, staying out of Phoebus' side of the region bracket. The Phantoms are undefeated. Meadowbrook must win, have Glen Allen beat J.R. Tucker, and Thomas Dale beat Prince George to make the playoffs, and the easier path is having Deep Run beat Mills Godwin. A Hopewell loss, coupled with a York win over Poquoson, could drop the Blue Devils to the #4 seed. (TWITTER: @TheRVASportsNet and @cfieldsports )

James River (5-4) at Midlothian (5-4), 7pm

The Coal Bowl has huge implications for both teams, a statement that may never have been previously said. The reason? Midlothian hasn't been a playoff team in 31 years. James River opened 23 years ago. For the visiting Rapids, they must win to ensure that their Region 6B First Round game against Riverbend is at The Swamp. James River and Riverbend will finish fourth or fifth, and nowhere else. Well, it would take a miraculous series of events, but, mathematically, Franklin County could catch Riverbend for fifth should the Bears lose and the Comets beat Tunstall. So, the Rapids play for home-field advantage. The Trojans cannot host next week, thanks to being in a region with four 9-0 teams. They need a win for the best possible first round matchup, which would be at Eastern View in the 4/5 bracket in Region 4B. A loss, and say, a Patrick Henry win in the Tomato Bowl, could slip Midlothian to sixth, and a date at red-hot Louisa, or, if Courtland wins, too, possibly seventh and a return date with Monacan. The winner here helps themselves in postseason positioning, but there is much more on the line tonight for Midlothian than there is James River. Whether at The Swamp or at Riverbend, the two teams played in August, with the Bears prevailing. James River wants that second chance, preferably at home, but in reality, any way they can. (TWITTER: @cfieldsports)

Atlee (2-7) at Hanover (2-7), 7pm

For the first time in over a decade, this game has no bearing on the postseason, as the Raiders and Hawks both have suffered through disappointing seasons. Atlee's best win was at home over Patrick Henry, while Hanover's best was a road win at surging Mills Godwin. Now, it's all about bragging rights in what has been the hottest rivalry in Hanover County this decade (we know, we see Twitter) until this year. Disappointing seasons, coupled with a tragic event at Atlee last weekend have muted this matchup, but both teams really want to go out of 2017 with a win to build on for next season. TWITTER: @Andy_Loce15 and @hanoversports )


Petersburg at Matoaca, 7pm
Powhatan at Orange, 7pm