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Friday, April 22, 2016

VHSL News: Several Changes On Docket at May Executive Committee

The Virginia High School League (VHSL) has released its schedule for their Executive Committee meeting set for May 5th at their offices in Charlottesville. Items listed below in italics are quoted from the Executive Committee Agenda.

Among the highlights on issues on the docket:


1) There could be changes to State Championship sites beginning this December. The current list of proposed state final sites note two changes from the past several years.

1A--2A: Salem Stadium, Salem
3A--4A: Zable Stadium, The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg
5A--6A: Armstrong Stadium, Hampton University

In past years, 1A and 2A games have been at Salem Stadium, but 3A and 4A game were at Liberty University, 5A and 6A games at the University of Virginia. The new sites must be approved at the May 5th meeting.

2) Expansion of game suspensions due to fighting and other on-field actions (NOTE: The VHSL Staff has recommended the following proposal be withdrawn. The proposal must receive a two-thirds majority vote of the committee to pass):

27‐11‐6 Ejection of Player and/or Coach – Players and coaches who are ejected from a contest, scrimmage, jamboree or benefit game for unsportsmanlike conduct are ineligible for the team’s next scheduled contest must be reported to the VHSL office on the form provided on the VHSL website.  For engaging in fighting, (including throwing punches as an instigator, in retaliation, or intentionally kicking or stomping an opponent) biting, aggressive physical contact shall result in a three‐game suspension (a player shall be ineligible for the team’s next two three scheduled contests) and a coach for a minimum of the team’s next two three scheduled contests.  Profanity directed at a game official will result in a two‐game suspension. Student/athletes guilty of multiple instances of fighting or profanity directed at a game official will be suspended from all VHSL activities for the remainder of the school year.  Student/athletes who leave   the bench area and become actively involved in an altercation will result in a two‐game suspension. Coaches ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct….          

30‐5‐1 SPECIFIC PENALTIES   (14) Effective beginning with the 2013 Fall Season, a player or coach who is ejected    for fighting (including throwing punches as an instigator, in retaliation, or intentionally kicking or stomping an opponent), biting, aggressive physical contact shall result in a three‐game suspension.  For using/directing or uses/directs profanity toward a contest official, a student athlete shall be ineligible for the teams" next two contests.  Student/athletes guilty of second instances of fighting or profanity directed      at a game official will be suspended from all VHSL activities for the remainder of the school year. Student/athletes who leave the bench area and become actively involved in an altercation will result in a two‐game suspension. The first time a player is ejected for fighting, he/she must show proof of completion      of the NFHS online “Sportsmanship” Course. The player will be ineligible to participate in any contest until      the proof of completion is received. A subsequent ejection of any player from the same team for any of the      noted offenses listed above will result in the need to show proof of their completion of the NFHS online “Teaching and Modeling Behavior Course.”  

Rationale:  Serious incidents surrounding VHSL events continue to rise. Expanding the penalties is the first step in an attempt to send an appropriate message and solicit an appropriate response.

3) A change to the current Football Rating Scale: This change would eliminate receiving one bonus point per classification for any out of district games, making it two bonus points per classification no matter the opponent, district or out of district (VHSL opponents only). Staff currently recommends approval.


A "Thirty-Point Rule" will be voted upon. Much like the "running clock" in football games where the lead reaches 35 points or more, the rule provides that if, at any time during the fourth quarter of a regular season game, one team is ahead by 30 or more points, the clock will continue to run except during timeouts, injury, or technical fouls. The rule can be expanded to the entire second half only by mutual agreement of both coaches at a particular game. If, at any time, the lead goes under 30 points, regular clock regulations return to effect.

An exception is allowed that, prior to the start of the season, a District Council may elect not to use the rule for regular season and district tournament games. Staff has recommended approving this new rule.


The 5A North Region has proposed, at the 5A Group Board meeting, to have its own 5A State Gymnastics Championship, separate from Group 6A, since they meet requirements, including a 32-team threshold. Tuscarora High School has offered to host a 5A State Meet if finding a site for 2017 is an issue. Staff recommendation is pending on this issue.

Here is the list of proposed State Championship sites, some sports just for 2016-17, others over the next two or three years. All sites must be approved by Executive Committee. Locations will hold 1A-6A finals unless otherwise noted:

Competition Cheer: Siegel Center (2016 and 2017)

Cross Country: Great Meadow Park (2016 and 2017)

Field Hockey: National Training Center, Virginia Beach (2016 and 2017)
                        Stafford Area Schools to host (2018)


Golf (2016-17 only):
1A-2A: Heritage Oaks, Harrisonburg
3A-4A: Williamsburg National, Williamsburg
5A-6A: Magnolia Green, Chesterfield
Girls Open: International Country Club, Fairfax

Volleyball: Siegel Center, VCU (2016 and 2017)

Basketball: (NOTE: Current proposal moves state semifinals from central site, such as the Siegel Center last March, to "supersites", leaving only state championship games at VCU.

Supersites for Quarterfinals AND Semifinals (2017 and 2018):
Ted Constant Convocation Center, Old Dominion University, Norfolk
Siegel Center, VCU, Richmond
Convocation Center, James Madison University, Harrisonburg
Salem Civic Center, Salem
Virginia High School, Bristol (2017 only)
UVA-Wise, Wise (2018 only)

Championships: Siegel Center, VCU (2017 and 2018)


Indoor Track:
2A-4A: Liberty University (2017 only)
5A-6A: Boo Williams Sportsplex, Hampton (2017 and 2018)

2A: Christiansburg Aquatic Center (2017 only)
3A-4A: Collegiate School Aquatic Center, Chesterfield (2017 only)
5A-6A: George Mason University, Fairfax (2017 only)

1A-3A: Salem Civic Center, Salem (2017 and 2018)
4A-6A: Norfolk Scope (2017 and 2018)

Tennis (all for 2017 and 2018):
1A: Radford University
2A: Virginia Tech
3A-4A: Salem
5A: Huntington Park, Newport News
6A: George Mason University, Fairfax

Outdoor Track (all for 2017 and 2018)
1A-2A: Harrisonburg High School, Harrisonburg
3A-4A: Sports Backers Stadium, Richmond
5A-6A: Hampton University, Hampton

Spring Jubilee (Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse for 2017 and 2018):
1A-2A: Radford University
3A-4A: Salem
5A-6A: Undetermined site in Northern Virginia (6A North school(s) to host)

NOTE: To see entire Executive Committee schedule and docket, CLICK HERE.

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